HORI7ON Gets Out Of The Gate Swinging With Their First Music Video, ‘Dash’

Winning potential

Note, this is just HORI7ON’s pre-debut single.

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While much was said about what kind of group Dream Maker would produce before its airing, it became increasingly clear that the show was set to assemble a talented group of young men who would carry the mantle of P-pop to the world. And so far, HORI7ON has not been disappointing as they work and train their way toward their eventual debut. Already, the group has been attracting sizable crowds with their mall shows around the country. And now that their contracts with ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment have been signed, it’s time for HORI7ON to reach their next horizon. That manifested in the release of the first music video of their career, Dash.


Serving as their pre-debut single, Dash is a pop and EDM number laced with confidence and self-assurance. The explosive track has been teased to fans for quite a while now, often being performed in the group’s mall and TV performances. But we finally get to see it in all its glory with the release of the official music video. Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston come together to flex their pop potential to the world. As their first-ever music video, the members shine with finesse and bundles of energy, both in the group shots and in each member’s solo parts.

HORI7ON definitely had a budget for their pre-debut music video as they step out of the set for all outdoor locations. From a shipping yard to a hangar, and even a rooftop with a helipad, the varied locations add a sense of grandeur. And let’s not forget the costumes the boys sported throughout the music video. From their black and white looks with red detailing to their black and white ‘fits, it gave the next global boy group worth stanning.

If HORI7ON had something to prove with the Dash music video, they succeed in doing so. Those two days of shooting were worth it to achieve this milestone. As seen by the comments from fans all over the world, the hype is real. And with the boys set to travel to Korea soon to further train and make their official group, we can’t wait to see the full potential of this global P-pop group.

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