It’s Barbie SZN: Seven Things You Can Do To Live The Barbie Fantasy

So this is what it means to be a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.

Happy Barbie season!

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Well, the day has finally come. It seemed like it was only yesterday that we first heard that a live-action Barbie movie was in development. And now, it’s finally out in cinemas. It almost felt as if this moment wouldn’t come when there was a chance that the MTRCB would ban the film because of the nine-dash line. But that drama was all for not, and now, fans finally have the chance to enter the Barbie Dream House and catch Greta Gerwig’s take on the iconic doll.

To say that the film has been hyped is an understatement. In the lead-up to the release of one of 2023’s most anticipated films, brands all over the world got in on the hype train with capsule collections and experiences, and that includes in the Philippines. But you know what, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little, or a lot, of pink in your life and getting in with the season. If Barbie World is where you want to be, we’ve rounded up a few things you can see, do, and buy that can help you live the fantasy.


The color pink and food is a combo we rarely see, except when it’s on desserts. In that case, consider us sold. And timed with the release of the film, Krispy Kreme is out with their two Barbie donut variants, the pink glazed and the bubblegum-flavored donut with a hard shell, both of which cost 70 pesos a piece. Oh, and if that wasn’t enough, they also have their Cotton Candy chiller to complete the perfect Barbie dessert.


If Babrie’s Malibu Dream House on Airbnb has got you feeling FOMO, don’t worry, because you can also feel like you’re living in Barbie’s abode in Manila. From now until July 23, Okada Manila is running their Funtabulous Daycation package, which will have guests cooling in Cove Manila’s indoor pool and luxury cabanas that were decorated to look as if they were taken straight from Barbieland. Barbie’s Dream Rest Day can be yours for as low as 900 pesos, with bookings only possible between Thursday to Sunday.


What’s a Barbie ‘fit without some bling? Luckily, Tala by Kayla is here to make sure our necks and wrists don’t go barren with their Barbie-themed jewelry collection. Cop a necklace with charms on the Barbie B initials, a flower, or her iconic heel, or you can get iced out with the collection’s earrings and bracelets. They even have keychains because there is no such thing as being too extra for Barbie.


Have nothing to wear when you watch the Barbie movie? Then you may want to head on over to Forever 21 and cop a piece or two of their recently released Barbie collection. With the number of items they have on offer, you’ll feel like an actual mix-and-match Barbie who’s playing dress-up. And if you and your friends are going to hang out after the movie, you may want to get the Barbie UNO Cards and play a round or two (yes, it exists).


One of the most memorable outfits from the film is Barbie and Ken skating in their neon looks on the beach. But those yellow and pink skates weren’t custom-made for the film. Those are actual skates you can buy, and they are called Barbie Inline Skates, which you can get from Impala Skate. Now all we need now are purple and pink ensembles to complete the look.  


No Barbie look is complete without a pair of pink heels. After all, one of the most viral moments from the movie’s trailer is Barbie’s impeccable arch that stays on even after she takes off her heels. And if you want a pair of those, Aldo is here to satisfy the urge with their Barbie movie capsule collection. Those pink heels have us wanting to add-to-cart ASAP. But if a more sensible shoe is what you’re after, Superga has their Barbie collection which uses the 2750 silhouette, while Crocs‘s collection even comes with its own rivets that you can buy separately.


You won’t need to travel far and wide to find Barbieland. It’s right here in Pasay. Aside from the Barbie box photo spots in malls around the country, SM Mall of Asia is home to the Barbie Land Experience. Located at the Atrium, the space has everything any Barbie fan would enjoy, from a two-story Barbie’s Dream House, the doll’s vanity room to a pool, closet, and much more. While you’re jamming out to the Barbie movie’s OST, you can also check out some toys and merch and grab a bite or two of the Krispy Kreme Barbie donuts. The space will only be up until July 21 though, so better visit soon.

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