Beauty Beat: Recent Drops From Our Favorite Filipino Beauty Brands That Deserve The Hype

Time to update the beauty kit.

Whether you’re a total makeup pro or a beauty beginner taking your first steps into the boundless world of beauty, July has the must-have makeup products just for you.

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Alright, it’s time to get real. We’ve all been there, scrolling through our feeds, bombarded with every beauty brand that hits the scene every month. From those so-called ‘makeup must-haves’ backed by celebs to those under-the-radar finds on TikTok, it’s a jungle out there! Like, it’s a total beauty dilemma to decide which mascaras, lipsticks, and blushes are actually worth buying. Well, worry less because we got you covered.

Girls, gays, and theys, are you ready? July has dropped an array of new releases from our fave local beauty brands, and best believe us, these ones are worth all the hype. We’re talking all about the biggest and boldest collections that will skyrocket your glam game to a whole new stratosphere.

Careline Cosmetics

Eyeliners wield that insane power to totally transform your entire look with just a few strokes. And guess what? The fun begins with the fact that there’s absolutely no one-size-fits-all approach to doing your eyeliner. You can do a messy party-girl look that would rival Maddy Perez, or you can lean into the clean-girl look with a classic cat-eye. Just like sunscreen, it’s time to take your eyeliner game seriously.

For that fool-proof flick, the Careline Graph-Ink liners are your partners in crime. True to their claims, these liners are waterproof, smudge-proof, and long-lasting—they won’t budge, period. But wait, it gets even better with the expanded version of their cult classic Graph-Ink liner. Now you’ve got endless options to slay your eyeliner style. Wing it, stamp it, line it, lash it—go crazy and get creative!

GRWM Cosmetics

Have you heard the talk about GRWM Cosmetics’ latest collection? It’s all the rage right now, and get this—it’s introducing a whopping 126 products! Yeah, you read that right. GRWM Cosmetics really said quality AND quantity. They’ve gone all out with this one, expanding on our all-time faves and introducing fresh, new formulas for every Filipina.

The beauty brand celebrated its second anniversary with one of the largest collections ever witnessed from a local beauty brand. The Mega Collection means business, featuring powerhouses like the All About That Base Makeup Prep Squad, The Radiant Skin Luminous Foundation, and The Shade Shifters. Again, there’s more! They’ve also served some extra love (and shades) to their cult classics like Radiant Tints and the Life-Proof Fixing Spray. As a morena who’s been into makeup at a young age, seeing more than three foundation and concealer shades in the Filipino market feels like a comforting embrace to my inner child.

Vice Cosmetics

Who doesn’t dig a little dupe? I mean, we’re all about those makeup and skincare finds. Whether it’s a similar shade or a spot-on formula, dupes are legit lifesavers for both makeup pros and beginners. If that’s the case, we have spotted an Hourglass Ambiant Lighting palette dupe from the Vice Cosmetics Aura Collection.

If you’re one of the OG Gandolls who were obsessed with the Aura Cheek Collection launched last 2018, well, the stars have aligned for you. Vice Cosmetics just re-launched their Aura Collection! This time around—let’s call it Aura 2.0—a new formula is introduced and there are also new eyeshadow quads thrown into the mix. My personal favorite? The Midsummer Lights tri-palette and Sunset Hues eyeshadow quad. It’s every on-the-go girlies makeup must-have.

Raining In Manila: The Forecast Looks Bright For Lola Amour

They share with NYLON Manila their breakthrough moment.

Lola Amour will be the next OPM artist to take the world by storm after reigning in Manila.

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Lola Amour has made quite a splash with its latest hit, whose ripples have already caught international notice. Raining In Manila flooded the charts practically overnight with its timeless yet timely charm in tune with the local wet season. By now, everyone in the country has likely heard the opening hook “It’s been rainin’ in Manila/Hindi ka ba nilalamig.”

“Actually medyo shocked din kami, ‘cause as we were making the song, though we had good comments about it, hindi talaga kami sure kung papatok siya. Because it’s not really ‘yung pangkaraniwan na pop song. But thankfully it did and now we couldn’t be more happy,” Raymond (bass and backup vocals) tells NYLON Manila.

The wave of support has been overwhelming for them, as they didn’t expect their song to pick up so much traction the way it did on social media. And yes, they’ve seen the TikToks. “For me, natutuwa naman ako. People give you word of their flood stories. Usually pag umuulan o bumabagyo nang malakas, medyo nakakalungkot but people find a way to twist that and make it humorous,” Angelo (trumpet) says of the snippets of floodwaters posted for good vibes.


This outpouring of attention only grew when K-pop idol Jake of global group ENHYPEN gave the track a listen upon a Filo ENGENE’s request. “We’re very speechless having known that he’s from a prominent K-pop band. I know how big they are. So having someone from their group listen or acknowledge our song is already a big milestone and big honor for us,” Angelo relates.

In fact, all the good news came thundering down at once during a big night for the boys. That is, when Lola Amour played for their mid-July celebration show “Celeb-Raining in Manila.” “Thank you guys for coming despite the heavy downpour…so many things happened during this show— We wanted to have a 1-month celebration for the track–but to our surprise, it became the #1 song in the Philippines!!” the band posted afterward. It likewise thanked ENGENEs for their thoughtful boost in time for the Spotify chart-topper.

“It’s always nice to have other musicians give their opinions on our songs. Whether good or bad, it’s always an honor for a fellow musician to receive comments. So kung good, eh di good. Thank you very much,” Raymond processes all the validation they’ve received. Whether it’s internal, with the scores of fans who have come and stayed for the good show, or external, with the curiosity now barreling abroad from Jake’s impact—it’s a lot to take in for the Filipino 7-piece band.


Though it hasn’t always been clear skies for the group of back-to-back hitmakers. The guys admit to being unable to see too far ahead, relying on a compass of purely gut feeling. “As a band, we’ve never really had long-term set goals. More like it’s just playing what’s in front of us,” Raymond acknowledges.

Yet it’s this same tenacity that has kept them afloat all this time—and recently—put them on the global map. The weather somehow always comes through for Lola Amour, which time and again finds itself steering toward the right direction. “It’s more like doing it one day at a time. Or at least one gig at a time. We don’t really go that far, pero we try to do it together and see how it goes,” Angelo muses.

Having produced the likes of Pwede Ba and Maybe Maybe, only to further peak with Fallen, the guys at one point didn’t know anymore how they could keep topping their own work. And the material that has raised the bar again higher for them is none other than Raining In Manila, which was composed by David as the first song he wrote for Lola Amour. Everyone in the band is also pitching in ideas on potential music video plans for the song (on top of its official lyric video with over 7 million views), but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Anyway, the breakout hit is still going steady across the board. And as far as everyone is concerned, there’s no getting “sick” of Raining In Manila – unless you count the last song syndrome. Its continued success has neither daunted nor deterred the group from attempting to overcome its own feat. So they keep creating. “Namely, we’ve been recording songs. We’ve been working hard the past few weeks to try and come up with our first debut album. So you guys can just keep posted on our social media for updates regarding that,” Angelo teases.

As the members venture further toward maturity, their music is only bound to keep evolving. Only one thing’s for sure at this point. There is a big storm coming, named Lola Amour. And it’s in a category of its own.

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Herstory! The Filipinas Just Won Their First Game At The Women’s World Cup


The Filipinas prove once again that they are never to be underestimated as seen in their first win at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Heading into the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Philippine Women’s National Football Team, collectively known as the Filipinas, was already making history. As the first team from the Philippines to ever compete at a World Cup, the Filipinas already secured their spot in the football history books. But the team was aiming for the presence to make an impact. They weren’t just going to show up and bow out, these Filipinas wanted to prove that they deserved their spot at the World Cup. And that they did when they broke through all kinds of barriers to secure their first win in the championship.


Heading into their second match of the competition, the Filipinas were shaking off their first-match jitters following their first loss. Recharged and reenergized, the national team was ready for more, though, they admittedly had their work cut out for them. The Filipinas went up against New Zealand, who is a co-host team of the current Women’s World Cup and ranked World No. 26.

The Kiwis were also fresh from their 1-0 win against Norway and were hoping to be the first team in Group A to make it to the next round. But the Filipinas said, “Not so fast” as the energy at the Wellington Regional Stadium was palpable. The start of the match saw New Zealand play aggressively as they vied for a goal. But the Filipinas proved tenacious and played a strong defense to guard against the home team.


It was during the 23-minute mark that proved to be the opening the Filipinas needed. Plays from Angela Beard and Sara Eggesvik had the ball near New Zealand’s net. It was then a godly header from Sarina Bolden that landed the Filipinas not only their first goal of the competition but the first World Cup goal for the Philippines. The game was 1-0, but it wasn’t over yet as New Zealand looked for redemption in the second half. But their strong offense wasn’t enough for the Filipinas’ impressive defense, with particular props going to goalkeeper Olivia McDaniel and her game-winning saves, for which she was awarded Player of the Game. New Zealand’s goals that were discarded by the referees led to the final score of 1-0.

And just like that, the Filipinas, who are ranked World No. 46, secured their first win of the World Cup, and to no less than a co-host team, and secured another page for themselves in the books. Needless to say, that was a historic game and another W the team can add to their long list. The Filipinas’ next match will be on July 30, 3 PM, against World No. 12 Norway as the national team will vie for another breakthrough upset to move on to the next round.

Congratulations ladies! Go show your support for our team by cheering them on in their next match. And you might even want to cop their jersey kits from adidas.

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This Barbie The Album Listening Party Gathered Barbies And Kens To Disco Night

This Barbie is having a dance party.

The dance party from the Barbie movie was brought to life at the Barbie The Album listening party.

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Dolled up in Barbie and Ken inspired-outfits, with glitters and bursts of hot pink fabrics, attendees danced the night away at Barbie The Album Dance Blowout Party last July 20, Thursday.

Warner Music Philippines, in partnership with The Studio Dance Club, gathered all the Filipino Barbies and Kens for a spectacular celebration to an advance listening party to Barbie the Movie Official Soundtracks, hosted by Sam Alvero in her glittering Barbiecore attire.

Barbie the Album is undoubtedly one of the most eclectic albums of all time as iconic stars Dua Lipa, Nicki Minaj, and Billie Eillish, Indie artists Tame Impala and HAIM, R&B Soul phenomenon Khalid, fresh faces from the Kpop scene FIFTY FIFTY, and other A-lister artists, come together in one album for Barbie The Movie’s official soundtracks.


Inside the venue was a disco-themed motif that gave off the impression of being in a disco ballroom inside a Barbie world, thanks to the pink lighting and glittering disco balls. There goes an Instagram-worthy photo zone created with flashy curtains and vivid led lights in the style of Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night music video for Barbies and Kens to rock their looks and strike the best poses.

The party also served a feast of healthy pica-picas, beverages, and, of course, cocktails—the life of the party in the food world—were provided at the party (and they’re named after Barbie and Ken).


The party’s main highlight is to dance your hearts out to every Barbie track, where six dance instructors lead and rock the dance floor with choreography influenced by disco. Anyone in the venue is welcome to join the instructors at any time and simply follow their dance cues.

Lizzo’s Pink set the tone for the dance party with funky beats, feel-good rhythm, and retro dance moves led by the instructors. Next on the list is Indie singer Tame Impala’s featured song, Journey To The Real World, in the synth-pop genre, but with a Tame Impala flair. The crowd goes wild as the next set of tracks include Barbie The Album representative song, Barbie World (with Aqua) with Rap Queen Nicki Minaj featuring Ice Spice. We can all agree that this is the timeless Barbie song with inspiring raps from Nicki Minaj and Ice Spice that everyone can sing and dance to from the heart. 

What made you think people at the dance party would only move to cheerful songs and vibrant music? Haim’s Home and Billie Eillish’s What Was I Made For? are no exceptions to the dance floor, as the instructors and crowd groove to the mellow rhythm and ballad-ish vibe with sentimental and contemporary dance moves.

Next up are the audience favorites Speed Drive by Charlie XCX and WATATI by KAROL G, one featuring energizing beats and the other being Latin pop performed simultaneously with forceful and energetic steps. Barbie and Ken dancers continue to move with one of the most Barbie-fied songs in the album, FIFTY FIFTY’s Barbie Dreams, featuring Kaliii, a sample of Janet Jackson’s song infused with a youthful K-pop genre. 

A fitting track-ender to close the dance party, participants joined and hyped each other to Dua Lipa’s Dance the Night a track that shouts disco balls, sparkly getups, and retro dance.


Barbie always gets a present and praise for being the finest in every aspect. After every set of tracks, the host asks trivia questions related to Barbie, both the movie and the album, and anyone who answers correctly is given either movie tickets to Barbie the Movie, movie posters, or Barbie journals. But prizes were just the beginning because a mini awards ceremony happened for the Best Dress Barbies and Kens. Drag Queen Lady Gagita, who reigned as the best-dressed Barbie, slayed everyone on the dance floor with her extravagant attire and killer Barbie dance moves as she swayed to Dance The Night.

Truthfully, this album speaks so much volume to listeners. It’s an album of diversity and lyricism that evokes inclusivity and empowerment, and all the living Barbies and Kens who attended the dance party are proof of this claim. They’re full of inspiring, empowering, and confident people hyping each other on the dance floor. Because, after all, what Barbie teaches us is that you can be anything you want to be and you can also be yourself; as long as you feel like you’re Barbie and Kens fulfilling their lives in their worlds, this album is for you.

Barbie The Album is now streaming on your favorite music streaming apps and sites.

Twitter Is Now X: Everything You Need To Know About The Bird App’s Rebranding

RIP birdie.

All we wanted was an edit button for Twitter, and instead, we got an X.

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Another day, another move by Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk to fundamentally change the app from the bottom up. While the past year has seen Twitter do a 180 when it comes to its many features, what has remained the same is its name and the iconic blue bird logo and mascot. Ever since 2006, the stylized bird has come to not just represent what Twitter is, but be a pop culture figure in its own right. The recognizable logo has helped turned tweeting into an actual verb, and has become part and parcel of the modern lexicon. But those days seem to be numbered after Elon’s latest and one of his biggest moves to Twitter yet.


Recently, the billionaire announced that Twitter was being rebranded to X, and the logo of the blue and white bird was being replaced with a stylized X. Already, Twitter, or should we say X, has been seeing changes reflecting the move, from the bird logo and icon being replaced by the X, Elon telling employees that a tweet is to now be called x, and even changing the logo in their San Francisco headquarters (which was stopped by authorities for lacking proper permits to do so).

So, why did Elon decide to rename Twitter to the 24th letter of the Latin alphabet? It’s because he has shown a fondness for the letter since he began his career. He named his second start-up, which was eventually renamed PayPal. There is, of course, SpaceX, his child with Grimes often being referred to as X, and Elon has used X in the names of some Tesla car models. Also, his recent A.I. start-up is called xAI.

The X branding just speaks to him, and more importantly, is his next step in turning Twitter into a super-app. ICYDK, Elon has plans on turning the platform into a place for more than just social media, he envisions Twitter as an all-in-one experience where you can do other things like banking and shopping, akin to something like WeChat. Whether Elon succeeds in that remains to be seen given the backlash and mixed reaction to the renaming, not to mention the legal issues involved in the move.

As for the core Twitter experience, it probably won’t be affected significantly, so regular Twitter users can, for now, expect to see less blue and more X in black and white Still, we’re gonna miss that blue bird, you brought us some memories. RIP king, it was a fun ride.  

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7 Beloved Highlights From Belle Mariano’s First In-Person Concert

She was glowing.

Belle Mariano exuded that pop star beauty, confidence, energy and grace at her concert.

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Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate the latest milestone of Belle Mariano. Following her successful Daylight digital concert back in January 2022, Belle achieved her latest W yet by holding her very first live and in-person solo concert. Titled Beloved, the sold-out concert brought together her fans, friends, and family at the New Frontier Theater where she unleashed her inner pop star once more and lived that dream she has always dreamt for herself. She was in her bag the night of July 22 and owned that stage. Here are just some moments from the concert we’re still thinking about.


Why slay alone when you can slay with your friend? That’s what Belle did when she invited her special guest of the evening, Darren Espanto, to join her for their cover of Dati.


Why it took this long for Belle to cover this Selena Gomez classic, we don’t know. But we’re happy she did. The vibe of the track fits her so well. And bonus points to Donny for hyping Belle up during her performance.


If the most supportive partner award was to be voted on today, we have a feeling Donny Panalingan might take it home with how supportive he was of Belle during her big night. Not only was he seated near the front, but he also went on stage during the finale to give Belle her flowers, literally. We can just imagine how proud he was of seeing Belle in the spotlight.


A pop star concert can’t happen without some pop star looks. And Belle delivered on that as she and her stylist Adrianne Concepcion, worked together to come up with the four looks of the evening. Custom made by Joseph Palma, each look served, from the pink catsuit and chiffon coat to the finale of the black catsuit that was covered in thousands of Swarovski crystals that would make Dua Lipa proud.


If it hasn’t been said enough, then we’ll say it again, Belle Mariano has an amazing voice. The Gen Z actress and rising musician has the vocal chops to back up her talent. And that was on display during the Beloved concert. From upbeat tracks to acoustic sessions, she weaved through each song.


@donbelletoast @Esnyr as your supportive friend 😭 #esnyr #bellemariano #belovedconcert #donnypangilinan #fyp ♬ original sound – ♡

If our friends aren’t as supportive of us as Esnyr was during Belle’s concert, then we don’t want it.


Tita Kat must have felt like the proudest of mothers seeing her daughter live her dreams. 

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HUGO is finally in the Philippines: Here’s what you can expect at their flagship store

For the here and now.

Calling all rule-breakers and trendsetters: HUGO has officially arrived.

Inspired by and created for the daring and defiant, HUGO is finally here in the Philippines to make a statement. Launching its first store at Power Plant Mall, the iconic HUGO red makes its entrance where you can’t miss it.

The brand new store, much like the HUGO Spring/Summer 2023 menswear collection, screams raw rebellion and power. Peppered with the sleekly reimagined logo, oversized silhouettes, and contemporary designs, walking into the room feels like a parkour playground for all the proud style rule-breakers and trend-defiers of this generation. HUGO presents us with all the elements we need – from jeans, sweaters, and accessories, to shoes and printed trousers – all while pushing us full swing into any vibe and any identity we want.

That’s what it means to #HugoYourWay after all – to take everything we can get, and add a lil bit of our own spice.

Fully embracing the Filipino spirit, a HUGO-themed sorbetes cart by FIC was the centerpiece no one expected during opening day – a sweet reward for customers who knew exactly what they were doing by being first in line.

#HUGOYourWay, the Filipino Way

Fashion influencers Craig Uy and Blue Zoleta were among those who called first dibs on the selection last June 10, and we sat down with them to chat about what the brand’s latest campaign, #HUGOYourWay, means to a pair of distinct personalities with unapologetic style.

“When I hear #HugoYourWay, it automatically tells me [about] my own personal style,” says Craig Uy on HUGO’s latest collection. With pieces that speak to the styles and sensibilities of the new generation, Craig was right at home with HUGO Your Way. “What I really like about this collection is that it’s very street, and I really like how bold their pieces are. It really speaks to me because I try to be as unique as I can.”

As for his favorite piece of the collection, he goes for the classic sweater that marries stylishness and practicality. “It’s very classic, it’s something I can wear multiple times.” 

More so than looking the part, HUGO’s latest collection allows you to march to the beat of your own drum, something Blue Zoleta embodies. “#HugoYourWay means free-flowing, being myself, and just going with whatever happens in life, which is kind of like my style. I just wear whatever I want to wear, I don’t fit with whatever is in the trends, I just do me.”

While you can never go wrong with all-black, a pop of color will always elevate the look, which is why Blue gravitated towards a stylish button-down. “I really love loud colors so wearing something all black with a touch of color always catches my eye.”


Familiar faces embellish the store’s walls as well, and we bet you already know who we’re talking about.

Headlining the HUGO Spring/Summer 2023 campaign are three iconic personalities from this generation – American model, actor, and skateboarder Evan Mock, American singer, dancer, and actress Tinashe, and Filipino-born American singer and TikTok superstar Bella Poarch. They have claimed the spotlight for themselves without succumbing to conventions, embodying the HUGO philosophy in every way. 

Get inspired by Evan’s playful charm, Tinashe’s bold rebellion, or Bella’s strikingly calm confidence when you walk into the HUGO flagship store, and in no time you’ll find yourself strutting out with a fresh bold look and reverberating conviction to match.

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In the Philippines, HUGO is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc., and is located at R1 Level, Power Plant Mall, Makati. Visit, subscribe to our SSI LIFE YouTube Channel, and follow @ssilifeph on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

Life Lessons We’re Taking From The Barbie Movie

I am Kenough.

Equal parts comedy and social satire, the Barbie movie is much more than just a story about a blonde doll and her dream house.

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Spoilers for the Barbie movie ahead.

If you told us that Greta Gerwig’s Barbie movie would become a reflective body of work about the human self, we might have just believed you. We always knew that the Barbie film would deal with some form of introspection given its narrative on Stereotypical Barbie having an identity crisis, causing her to travel to the real world to fix her flat feet and cellulite.

But Barbie’s journey to perfection proved to be an emotional one as the movie delved into the complex nature of being a woman in today’s world (as seen in America Ferrera’s *chef’s kiss* monologue). More than just about plastic dolls in their plastic world, the Barbie movie was a nearly two-hour exploration of finding your purpose, no doubt leaving many eyes runny with the emotional message. Greta Gerwig, the filmmaker that you are. Here are a few life lessons we took from the campy blockbuster.


While Margot Robbie’s Barbie is the star of the film, America Ferrera and Ariana Greenblatt’s mother-daughter duo of Gloria and Sasha may just be the MVP of the movie. It is their relationship that proves to be the beating heart of the movie and where we get the poignant reminder of the bond moms and daughters have. As Gloria so graciously puts it, “We mothers stand still so our daughters can look back and see how far they have come.” While the two started the film with a fraught relationship, they eventually rekindle the bond that was lost and reestablished just how important of a role moms have in helping their daughters face the world.  


In Barbieland, every Barbie is depicted as having a special job. From a doctor, president, Supreme Court justice, and more, the Barbies live the dream life. But what this movie shows us is that the end goal of life doesn’t have to be the picture-perfect fantasy. Even Barbie herself realizes that her initial mission to become perfect again was misguided. Society often pressures people into attaining extraordinary lives, which is especially true in Asian households, with some parents deeming their children as failures if they don’t become doctors or lawyers. And there is nothing wrong with wanting more for yourself or aiming for higher goals, but at the same time, there should be no shame in the ordinary.

What makes people unique is not their job title or salary, but who they are as a person. At the end of the day, we will be remembered for how we acted as human beings, not for the titles on our names. Barbie can be anything, and that includes being normal.


The finale of the Barbie movie was that emotional gut punch we needed. Stereotypical Barbie is just that, a stereotype of how Barbie is supposed to look and act. For all her life, that is what Barbie thought she was destined for. But her introspection soon led her to see that her life isn’t just all that. She can become so much more. The poignant ending with Barbie holding the hand of her creator brings home the point that our purpose in life isn’t deemed by who we were at birth or where we came from. It’s up to us how we live our lives.

Ruth told Barbie that she didn’t need to ask permission to become human, she just needed to feel. The Barbies and Kens realize by the end that their world shouldn’t be dictated by certain pillars and are free to go beyond what they were made for. And in the same way, life doesn’t have to be set in stone. Your calling is out there, you just have to look for it.


At the start of the movie, Ken’s purpose is established as being of service to Barbie. If Barbie isn’t there, Ken is nothing. When Barbie and Ken travel to the real world, his exposure to gender imbalance gives him his first taste of being respected as a man, which leads him to the wrong conclusion that men deserve to rule over women. He brings misogyny and patriarchy to Barbieland for the Kens to assert their dominance.

But they soon learn that patriarchy is not the answer to their problems. Ken feels that his life has no meaning without Barbie, but she (and with the help of the best song and dance number in the movie) makes him realize that his calling is out there. Ken has a purpose without Barbie, he just needs to find it on his own. The Kens aren’t meaningless without their Barbies. They are enough for who they are. So, remember that you are Kenough.

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These Couples Fired It Up On The 2023 GMA Gala Red Carpet

Good things totally come in twos.

From power couples to picture-perfect pairs, these Gen Z duos definitely ruled the red carpet.

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Good things come in twos—even at the recently held GMA Gala. We already knew the Thanksgiving event was going to feature its fair share of Gen Z duos. And as expected, they delivered, with stylish pairs complementing each other’s looks in classic colors while some added that pop of color. Talk about slaying the scene! Scroll down for some of our fave duos of practically turned the red carpet into their own catwalk.

Althea Ablan and Prince Clemente

Can we just talk about Althea Ablan and Prince Clemente for a sec? Cut-out dresses were clearly EVERYTHING at the GMA Gala, but nobody pulled off the trend quite like Althea Ablan. The AraBella actress wore an Arsen Flores gown embellished with flowers and sequins. With a literal prince by her side, Prince Clemente served no less than a spectacle with a double breasted tuxedo by Jay Magda.

Ashley Sarmiento and Marco Masa

We’re still feeling kilig with AshCo! After THE cutest date proposal on Instagram, Ashley Sarmiento and Marco Masa were one of the most awaited couples on the red carpet, and they didn’t dissapoint. Ashley totally serves a youthful glow in her baby pink Brenda Mingao gown—marking a beautiful beginning as a Sparkle Teen. And can we just take a moment for Marco? It was his first time strutting down the red carpet, and he looked like the true gentleman he is in a stylish suit.

Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos

This picture-perfect couple has been turning heads wherever they go, and the GMA Gala was no exception. Gabbi Garcia was serving a little siren fantasy with a daring two-piece ensemble by Martin M. Bautista. Her partner, Khalil Ramos, was no sartorial slouch either. Dapper doesn’t even begin to describe it. The upper half of his ensemble—an all-white Ziggy Savella suit, a camellia brooch, and a black bow tie, was everything.

Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay

On Instagram, Sofia Pablo captions her pre-gala photoshoot with ‘just the two of us.’ Well, it’s truly just Sofia and Allen Ansay straight out of a fairytale. While we’re all here for the magical moment, the Prima Donnas actress is blooming in a muted pink gown adorned with fresh-water pearls and an orchid-inspired cape by AJ Javier. Allen, meanwhile, looked like a real leading man with a sparkling suit by Francis Libiran.

Klea Pineda and Katrice Kierulf

Klea Pineda and Katrice Kierulf delivered a joint slay in black. Arriving hand-in-hand as a power couple, they brought their A-game in an all-black ensemble that totally owned the monochromatic moment. But let’s not forget to give credit to their individual looks! Klea looked absolutely stunning in that sparkling Andrea Mari evening gown, paired with sleek black pumps. And Katrice? She was simply perfection in a Micha Ochosa two-piece dress.

Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi

Kyline Alcantara and Mavy Legaspi were totally serving summer getaway realness. While they had this Italy-inspired pre-party play shoot for the GMA Gala, they brought the sweet life moment to the main event. They were both decked out in Jacquemus, with Kyline as a visual in her white mermaid gown and Mavy adding that perfect pop of yellow.

Mikee Quintos and Paul Salas

Can we just take a moment to appreciate Mikee Quintos and Paul Salas serving us some major Valentine’s Day vibes in July? The Encantadia actress is absolutely spicing things up in that all-red Anthony Ramirez mermaid gown, while Paul Salas looks all sorts of sweet in that all-pink suit by Filipino fashion designer Ryan Chris.

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Ana Cruz Kayne Wearing Terno Balintawak at Barbie Premieres

Hello, Barbie! ICYDK Fil-AM Actress Ana Cruz Kayne Brings Terno to Barbie Premieres

This Barbie is a Filipina.

As the whole world turns pink, Fil-Am actress Ana Cruz Kayne, is no exception.

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For the release of this summer’s most anticipated movie, Barbie, the whole world is turning pink. The Greta Gerwig-directed masterpiece and the star-studded cast, featuring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Simu Liu, and many more — totally worth all the attention. Guess what? Among all the Barbies in the spotlight, Filipino fans are totally fixated on one: Supreme Court Justice Barbie.

Portrayed by the talented Filipino-American actress, Ana Cruz Kayne, she reimagined the aesthetic and represented Filipinas on the pink premiere carpets. In case you didn’t know, this Barbie is a Bulaqueña! Wait, it gets better. Not only did she slay in a Filipiniana-inspired dress in the film, but Anna also hauled the butterfly sleeves and Terno straight to Hollywood. Here’s everything you should know.

This Barbie is Embracing Her Heritage and Representing the Philippines

While leading actress Margot Robbie has been recreating iconic Barbie outfits, her co-stars have taken more experimental routes. Of course, Ana Cruz Kayne killed it — no exceptions! The actress paid homage to the Philippines with modern iterations of the traditional Filipino dress aka the Terno. These matching sets are characterized by butterfly sleeves, and Ana has proudly worn them twice during Barbie’s pink premieres. “I wanted to represent where my mom is from and where I spent so much of my life in the Philippines, so this is our Barbie. This is mixed-Asian Barbie, and she’s here,” the actress says in the film’s Hollywood Premiere.

@gma Actress #AnaCruzKayne on representation in the new #Barbie ♬ original sound – Good Morning America

Come On, Barbie! Let’s Turn Heads in Hollywood

At Barbie’s pink premiere in Los Angeles, Ana Cruz Kayne flaunted her heritage, strutting in an all-pink ensemble. The outfit was next-level with a beaded Terno top and a glamorous floor-length fringe skirt, earning enthusiastic praise as the “dreamiest Balintawak.” The Terno bodice was created by none other than the FIlipiniana fashion designer Dennis Lustico. Adding a touch of Filipino pride, Dennis revealed that the actress specifically requested to wear “something Filipino” for this much-awaited event.

Continuing her tribute to Filipino fashion, the Little Women actress turned heads once again at the London premiere of Barbie. In another custom piece by Dennis Lustico, Ana served an East-meets-West Balintawak top with blush pink appliqués. Seriously, she’s not just representing Filipino fashion—she’s owning it.

All About Supreme Court Justice Barbie

Just when we thought we couldn’t get enough of Barbies, the film serves its fans with Supreme Court Justice Barbie. Fun fact: Ana Cruz Kayne has always taken on legal-savvy roles. Before portraying Supreme Court Justice Barbie in the film, she appeared in a Netflix legal drama, Partner Track, as an attorney. And guess what? In her upcoming series Painkiller, the talented actress also stars as a young lawyer. But wait, here’s the real tea about Ana: she proudly wears her heritage on her sleeves—literally! Collaborating with the award-winning costume designer Jacqueline Durran, Ana infused her personal style and identity throughout the Barbie movie. Talk about a powerful statement! In a special scene, the actress honors her family by having Supreme Court Justice Barbie donning the iconic butterfly sleeves. Can you believe it? We are finally witnessing representation on the big screens

@hellareya #greenscreen i’m so happy for the filipino community because we will FINALLY have the representation we deserve in the upcoming Barbie movie. Make sure to see Filipina Jewish Actress, Ana Cruz Kayne, in BARBIE starting July 21st!! 💕 🇵🇭#anacruzkayne #barbie #barbiegirl #barbiethemovie #filipino #filipinorepresentation #filipinoamerican #filam #foryou #fyp #filipinocommunity ♬ Barbie World (with Aqua) [From Barbie The Album] – Nicki Minaj & Ice Spice & Aqua

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the sheer awesomeness of the Barbie movie hitting those pink premieres all over the world. This film goes beyond cinematic charms; it’s all about celebrating cultural diversity and embracing heritage. All thanks to Ana Cruz Kayne for healing every Filipina’s inner child.