Need Some Therapy? See How Nadine Lustre Spends Her Chill Weekends

A chill weekend with Nadine.

Nadine Lustre offers you a soothing escape with her weekend vlog that is peaceful, therapeutic, and inspiring all at once.

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In an era where influencer culture is synonymous to heavily capitalistic motives and content creators that are wont to incite jealousy and unrealistic expectations, it is easy to get drowned in all this senseless noise online. Today, the suffocating and saturated digital world’s mantra is to just get your clicks and earn the fastest way possible. So, if you’re someone who’s looking for inspiration and well, serenity, for when you need to take a breather from the harsh realities of life, the virtual arena can be a tough and tricky place. 

Thankfully, there are those rare gems who break from the rotten mold of online creation and produce content that offers an escape that is as peaceful as it is inspiring. One of them is the vlogging newbie, our president, Nadine Lustre. Akin to the silent vlogging and slow living trend that became popular during the pandemic, Nadine’s latest weekend vlog does away with the blaring spectacle of most YouTubers and instead embraces the soothing simplicity of the mundane. Here are some of the elements from Nadine’s latest therapeutic entry that will leave you feeling ready to make your own beautiful day.


Nadine Lustre vlog

Challenged by her team to film her weekend, Nadine Lustre goes old school, armed with a nostalgic video camera to capture her moments. A stark contrast to the usual fancy vlogging equipment other creators use, there’s just something comforting and captivating about the videocam’s raw, stripped back visuals. Straightforward and honest, the vlog lets us focus on the now and appreciate life’s little moments as if we’re with Nadine herself.


a shot from Nadine Lustre vlog

If you’ve been consuming YouTube vlogs for some time now, you’d know how most creators are often, well, loud. With a somewhat desperate aim to reel you in, they’ll bombard you with their catchy slogans, with some overbearing sound and obtrusive effects. Yet, here’s Nadine Lustre enveloping us with a calming aural landscape. With just the diegetic sounds of cooking food, a movie on the telly, an egg breaking, and those little chitchats in between, Nadine’s vlog makes for a naturally immersive experience.


Nadine Lustre vlog

Perhaps the highlight of Nadine’s weekend film is that part where she’s arranging flowers (and slaying it). Evoking order and tranquility, that two-minute clip not only provides us peace and aesthetic inspiration, but also allows us to know more about Nadine even in its quietude. Also, it makes us wanna check on our pots and plants and tend to their needs. The Nadine effect, we call it.


Nadine Lustre vlog
Nadine Lustre with Bretman Rock

By now, we as netizens are aware and wary of the pretense and trickery of most online content that’s designed to be nothing more than clickbait. So, it’s refreshing to see vlogs like Nadine’s, which has that genuine and spontaneous energy. Far from self-conscious, Nadine offers us some time to chill with her on a weekend.


a shot from Nadine Lustre vlog

Nadine Lustre has always proven herself to be a trailblazing creative be it in fashion, music, or acting. And if there’s anything that this seemingly simple and serene weekend vlog tells us, it’s that Nadine also has a flair for visual storytelling. From shots of the cityscape to that dinner to her endearing moments with Bretman Rock at the art museum to the way she weaves that shot of the fireworks into the end, Nadine sure knows how to capture our attention and make it all worth it.

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