7 Heartfelt Tracks From K-Pop Groups That Express Love and Gratitude To Their Fans

Cue the tears (and for some, the dance moves).

Does someone have tissues? Because these songs from BTS, SEVENTEEN, ITZY, and more express a gratitude unique to the connection between artist and fan.

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One of the best things about music is the connection it fosters between artists and their fans. These songs carry with them plenty of emotion and mean a lot to the idols who sang them and the fans who listen to them. Often termed “fan songs,” these are the kind of tracks that are specifically dedicated to fans, as the artists wish to express their thanks to the people that have supported them all the way.

Fan songs range from being goodbye songs like 2NE1’s Goodbye or I.O.I’s Downpour to hopeful, strength-giving songs like BTS’ Magic Shop or EXO’s Lucky. While the meaning of songs can be subjective, these songs delve into the gratitude the groups have for their passionate fans and how they’ve kept going because of them. Upbeat, heartwarming, or downright sob-inducing, these seven tracks prove that there’s nothing like the bond between artist and fan.


BTS’ discography boasts plenty of beautiful songs dedicated to ARMYs. From 2! 3! to Mikrokosmos, these seven artists always show how grateful they are for the support that has gotten them to where they are. We Are Bulletproof : the Eternal is the final installment of their We Are Bulletproof trilogy of songs, a chronicle of their journey together and the love that has carried them forward as they sing “we were only seven / but we have you all now.”


SEVENTEEN loves their CARATs so much, they dedicated an entire title track to them in the form of Thanks, from their special album Director’s Cut (2018), which also happens to be an entire album dedicated to their fans. Thanks is set apart from their other emotional fan songs like Us, Again or Smile Flower as an EDM title track that’s upbeat and danceable.

365 – LOONA

LOONA and their fans have gone through so much in the last few years, but the love and support between them is forever encapsulated in music. 365 is a sweet ballad all about how thankful the group was for the Orbits that have waited for them—and now, to those that will continue to wait for them and support them in all their endeavors.


This song is strikingly emotional as GOT7 sings about giving all they have to the people that love them, apologizing for not reciprocating as much love as their fans do. Written and co-composed by member Jinyoung, the band expresses their sincere affection to their beloved IGOT7s.


TXT sings about the magic between them and their MOAs in this extremely fun song from their album The Chaos Chapter: FIGHT OR ESCAPE. MOA Diary is a summer-ready fan song that assures their fans that they’ll be shining together ’til the end.


When ITZY says to trust them, you trust them. The lovely Trust Me (MIDZY) is the girl group’s love letter to their fans MIDZYs (which is a play on the Korean word for “trust”). It’s about how precious they are to the girls and that the trust MIDZYs give to ITZY . It also has an English version that the group performed live!


In music, love is made immortal. ASTRO’s You & Me (Thanks AROHA) was released six years ago, but the joyful, personal song and music video is an everlasting reminder of the artist-fan bond—how they go through life supporting each other through the music and the love shared between them.

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