What These Artists and Creators at NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party Are Manifesting In Their Futures

Future's looking bright.

Your favorite stars and creators at NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party are manifesting everything from flying cars to world peace, future successes to immortality. What are you manifesting for your future?

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The year 3000 is a long ways ahead, and while plenty of our guests acknowledge that they won’t see what it would be like, they generally carry with them a hope for the future. From Arshie Larga to Sofia Pablo, Niana Guerrero to BGYO, our guests shared with NYLON Manila what they wanted the future to be like.

The future looks different to everyone. It’s different to the Jonas Brothers, it’s different to people back in 1923, and it’s different to each star, creator, and artist. There’s nothing wrong in trying to manifest for things to be cooler, easier, and better. We asked our guests at our Halloween Kick-Off party what they’re manifesting for in the Year 3000 (or in the future in general), and let’s just say if we all manifest these hopes and dreams and wishes together, we’re in for a bright future ahead.


@nylonmanila We asked @Jayda for her manifestations for the future. Here’s her answer 👀 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila We’re with @Arshie Larga, @Evan Tan, and @KYO QUIJANO on their manifestations. 🙌🏻 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

Pharmacist and content creator Arshie Larga did not skip a beat when he said he wanted a cure for cancer and other incurable diseases by the year 3000. Like our guests said, by the year 3000, surely we’d progress as a society and have technology that would actually make our lives easier and better, right? Like maybe flying cars?

Kidding aside, our guests do want to see a better world. More accessible, as Jayda said, and easier to navigate. Maybe teleportation, as content creator Zoie Garcia wishes. Although immortality, which BGYO’s Nate and NAIA Black wished for, might be a little harder to manifest, we stand by them. See you in the year 3000.


@nylonmanila Celebs like #SofiaPablo and #AllenAnsay dish on their future manifestations. 🛸 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila Social media free free from toxicity? Flying cars? More tours? We’re all in for the same vision! ✨ #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

There’s an eternal kindness in the way people answer world peace—or similar optimistic manifestations that really shed a light on how kind-hearted people are. Whether it’s for people to change in terms of taking care of the environment or each other, hoping for a better world is something we all share. And that world, according to our guests, include safe spaces, accepting communities, progressive societies, and generally just kinder people. God knows we need more of those.

“Sana ‘di na po toxic sa social media,” Niana Guerrero cheered. Preach.


@nylonmanila #BGYO, #G22, and #YesMyLove partied with us last night, so obviously we had to ask them about their manifestations. 💫 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila
@nylonmanila These content creators kept it 100 with their manifestations 🙌🏻 #NYLONManilaYear3000 ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

Honestly, relatable. Plenty of our guests are manifesting that their career takes off higher, that they become richer or more successful. Others, like Chikana, manifested their own homes, or to be able to buy their families new homes. So many people aspire for stable careers, to be able to live well and provide for their loved ones. Stars—they’re just like us.

The musicians, like Illest Morena, Zack Tabudlo, and Filipino groups Yes My Love and G22, manifested more great songs that would become a hit, and that they’d still be doing and sharing music. “At sana mas marami pang mga opportunities ang makuha ng mga OPM artists,” KZ Tandingan shared.

What about you? What are you manifesting for in your future? Check out our TikTok for more of their answers!

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