19 Fabulous Futuristic ‘Fits At NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Party

Welcome to the future.

NYLON Manila kicked off Halloween weekend with Year 3000, a party that saw stars and creators decked out in their most epic futuristic outfits! Check out some of our favorites here.

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If the future looked like this, then we’re ready to travel in light-years. NYLON Manila’s Year 3000 Halloween Kick-Off was nothing less than a blast, and hundreds of stars, artists, and creators gathered to celebrate. The dress code was futuristic, and everyone understood the assignment as they dressed in silvers, metallics, punk glam street style, retrofuturistic outfits, and modern and innovative styles. The dance floor was a blur of neons and metallics, chunky accessories, and wild, wild hair.

And while our attendees all served, these nineteen guests stood out with their outfits, embodying the futuristic concept in different ways. From all-black sets to metal arm accessories, silvery sequins to face gems, these “costumes” were the epitome of Year 3000.


niana year 3000

Dancer, content creator, and forever winner at life Niana Guerrero channeled her inner Men In Black main character and served chic, sleek futuristic baddie in zippered leather, sunglasses, spiky accessories, and fun nail art.


G22 year 3000

Move over Totally Spies, P-pop’s female alphas G22 are here to save the world in their gorgeous color-matched outfits! AJ, Alfea, and Jaz totally understood the assignment, looking stunning in colored metallics and gemstones.


arshie year 3000

Pharmacist and content creator Arshie Larga never misses with his on-theme and out-of-this-world outfits, and his Year 3000 ‘fit didn’t disappoint! He’s giving Neo Space Age cowboy with the belt, silver corset, and bright green sash.


maxine trinidad year 3000

Maxine Trinidad’s creative accessories and neon green accents on her youthful and futuristic outfit made the room so much brighter. Eyeliner and hair tutorial please!


sofia and allen year 3000

Talk about a power couple! Young stars Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay were very much giving futuristic it-couple of the Class of Year 3000.


zack tabudlo year 3000

Bucky Barnes who? Musician Zack Tabudlo looked absolutely dashing in a black jacket, denim, and a metallic arm accessory.


The lovely Jayda was a vision, decked out in glam and sparkles from head to toe that was fit for the party and the stage. She also slayed the runway, by the way, glittering like the star she is.


turing year 3000

The future better have us all wearing these sleeves, no matter the reason. Turing’s rumba-inspired metallic sleeves from Ha.Mu were stellar, eye-catching as it ruffled with every movement.


yes my love year 3000

The six-member P-pop boy group looked every bit the casually-futuristic boy band of your dreams at the Year 3000 party.


bgyo year 3000

Gelo, Mikki, and Nate from boy group BGYO were casually cool and effortlessly modern as they wore dark pieces and metallics, with chunky accessories and a superstar energy. We’re into it.


minty fresh year 3000

The queen paired her mullet with an all-black ensemble. You can’t go wrong with sheer and leather, and Minty Fresh rocked Year 3000 in this edgy get-up.


illest year 3000

The R&B artist paired her beachy waves with a spunky silver get-up that shone from way across the room.


dia mate year 3000

Dia Maté looked edgy-cool in her shredded top and metallic two-piece peeking through. It’s giving post-apocalyptic, but make it fashion.


lady morgana year 3000

Lady Morgana took Taylor Swift’s mirrorball to heart as she was decked out in a full mirrored one-piece with a beaked headpiece. It was epic and avant-garde and 100% what we’d want everyone to look like in the future.


mitch briones yar 3000

This killer neon pink jacket caging a sequined silver dress with leg warmers was an absolute serve by Mitch Briones.


Neo France Garcia’s two-piece set looked like pure silver as he was walking down the entryway, but when the flash hit it, it transformed into a stellar flash-reflective multicolored look. Gagged us for sure.


Some things about Angel San Buenaventura’s outfit is giving Y2K, like her fun hairdo and makeup, but her black and silver getup is totally perfect for the girl-next-door in the year 3000.

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