The Hugot Was Real In The Philippines According To Spotify Wrapped 2022

A lot to unwrap.

The numbers are in. Spotify Wrapped reveals that artists like Taylor Swift, Zack Tabudlo, and BTS were undeniable favorites among Filipinos.

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One of our favorite holiday traditions is finally here, and we aren’t talking about Christmas shopping. Spotify Wrapped 2022 is upon us as the music streaming service shows what songs, artists, albums, and podcasts its 456 million listeners turned to on Spotify. This crazy and hectic year’s edition gets a little more personal as Spotify included special messages from over 40,000 artists thanking fans for making them one of their most streamed artists. They even added their version of MBTI that shows what kind of listener you are, which is unique.

Globally, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny takes the top spot for both the most-streamed artist and album on Spotify this 2022. Harry Styles, meanwhile, goes number one with As It Was being the most streamed song on Spotify globally this year. And as for the Philippines, the situation is a bit different as it seems Pinoy Spotify users really went through it with their top artists and songs. From a young OPM hitmaker to an Anti-Hero, here’s who topped Spotify Philippines’ year-end lists.


Taylor Swift

The chokehold Taylor Swift has on Filipinos is a phenomenon that should be studied by scientists. And with the release of Midnights back in October, her grip has only gotten tighter. It’s no surprise then that Ms. Swift was named the country’s top artist on Spotify this 2022. She also bagged two spots in the most streamed albums in the Philippines on Spotify with Red (Taylor’s Version) and Midnights taking the third and fifth spots respectively. Close behind Taylor at number two is perpetually K-pop fave BTS who also scored the most streamed album in the country with their anthology collection, Proof. They were also the Philippines’ top group and top K-pop group.

At number three is Zack Tabudlo, whose meteoric rise in the industry shows no signs of slowing down. Not only was Zack the most streamed male artist in the country, but he also had the second most streamed album of the year (Episodes) and fourth most streamed song of the year (Pano). At fourth was Ben&Ben, who was also the second top group and the second most-streamed local act in the country. And rounding up the top five is Justin Bieber, the second most-streamed male artist in the Philippines on Spotify this 2022.

Zack Tabudlo

Moira dela Torre, meanwhile, continues her reign as the OPM queen as she was named the most streamed local female artist in the Philippines yet again. Fellow Filipina Olivia Rodrigo joins Moira on the list as the fourth most streamed female on Philippine Spotify with her Sour album also taking up the fourth spot in the most streamed albums. Other artists who saw major love from Filipinos this year include Ariana Grande, NIKI, Arthur Nery, The Weeknd, Adie, BLACKPINK, and TWICE. All in all, Filipinos took five of the top ten spots in this year’s Top Artists list.


If Filipinos were looking for something on Spotify this 2022, it seems that a majority of them chose feels, vibes, and hugot, because the five most streamed songs in the country this year were all hugot-filled bangers. The most streamed song this 2022? NOBITA’s 2020 single Ikaw Lang with over 123 million streams.

“We are truly honored to be part of Spotify’s Wrapped Top Lists this year and be recognized alongside other great Pinoy artists,” said Jaeson, Mark, Roman, Sam, and Richmond of NOBITA. “Undeniably, our fans had been a huge part of this but we’re also grateful for Spotify’s untiring support of our music and its clear vision for their artists. Like most artists, we’re also eager to see our band’s Wrapped and see what we have done throughout 2022 as musicians.”

Arthur Nery then comes in second with two of the top five spots with Pagsamo and Isa Lang at second and fourth. Rounding out the list is Adie, who is also the fifth most streamed male artist and local musician this year, with Paraluman at the third spot and Zack Tabudlo’s Pano at fourth.

If you want to know just how popular OPM was this year, the top five most streamed songs, locally and in general, were all by Filipinos. Listeners were feeling all the hugot this year as following the five Pinoy love songs was Troye Sivan’s breakout hit Angel Baby at sixth. The seventh to eleventh most streamed songs (Zack Tabudlo’s Habang Buhay, Adie’s Mahika and Tahanan, NIKI’s Every Summertime, and Justin Bieber’s Ghost) also have elements of hugot to them. Needless to say, 2022 was a good year for the genre and as per Kossy Ng, Head of Music, Spotify Asia, OPM saw an almost 50% increase in streams this 2022.


The hugot and feels wasn’t just limited to songs though. It could also be seen in the podcasts Filipinos were listening to. Love & Relationships was the top podcast genre in the Philippines and the top podcasts of the year reflected that. At number one is Barangay Love Stories followed by Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s skypodcast. Dear MOR: The Podcast (#3), Hugot Marcelo (#4), and Punchline with Alex Calleja! (#5) complete the list.

Slater Young and Kryz Uy

“Our Spotify Exclusive skypodcast is our first collaboration together as a couple, and it had been truly amazing to receive overwhelming support from our #skyfam. Podcasting has enabled us to talk in-depth about intimate topics. It’s even been a real help for our relationship as we’re able to spend time together and discuss things we normally wouldn’t. Being part of Spotify’s Wrapped Top Lists inspires us to keep growing as individuals so we can keep sharing new ideas with our listeners,” shared Kryz Uy.

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