OPM, K-pop, And Heartbreak Take Centerstage In Spotify Wrapped 2021

Don't be ashamed if you streamed Butter 100 times.

If you had Ben&Ben, Zack Tabudlo, BTS, or Olivia Rodrigo in your top artists section for your Spotify Wrapped, you are not alone.

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It’s that time of the year again. No, not Christmas just yet. It’s the arrival of Spotify Wrapped, Spotify’s annual list where users get to see the songs and artists they listened to throughout the year. For Spotify Wrapped 2021, the streaming company included a host of new features for the yearly list, but it seems as if Spotify did not understand the assignment. While there’s nothing wrong with adding extras, this year’s Spotify Wrapped felt a little too much “yas queen, slay the house down boots, you did that, spill the tea, we stan.” And as for those fonts for top genres and the two truths, one lie segment, let’s just leave that alone next year. But regardless of the criticisms online, the 2021 Spotify Wrapped gave an insight into how people reacted to 2021 through music.

With the arrival of vaccines in the country, people are now trying to restart, repair, and reshape their lives. From January 2021 to December 2021, there was rarely a moment of silence with something always happening. So, when it came to music, what kind of tunes did Filipinos listen to soundtrack or block out the world? According to Spotify, most Filipino users turned to the upbeat tunes of K-pop, the locals sounds of OPM, and quite a few people were in their feels with how many emotional and heartbreak anthems made it on the year-end list.


Out of all the local acts in the country, Ben&Ben came away as the biggest winner in Spotify PH. For the second year in a row, they were the most streamed OPM act on Spotify. They were also the fourth most streamed artists on Spotify PH overall and second to BTS as the most-streamed group in the country. They racked up nearly 300 million streams in 170 countries, a new record for the band. While this year saw them drop their Pebble House album, their 2019 LP LIMAWASA STREET was the fourth most streamed local album of the year.


While Ben&Ben had a great 2021 career-wise, a couple of OPM artists had breakthroughs this year. Zack Tabudlo rocketed in popularity thanks to his song Binibini and that was seen in the year-end charts. Binibini has the distinction of being the most streamed local song (his song Nangangamba is number two) as well as the most-streamed song in Spotify PH this 2021, beating out BTS and Olivia Rodrigo. Overall, he was the fourth most streamed OPM act in the country.

Arthur Nery had the best year of his career so far this 2021. Pagsamo became the biggest hit of his career so far and he also has the distinction of having the most streamed local album of the year with his 2019 release, Letters Never Sent. He also lands at the fifth spot on the most steamed local acts in Spotify PH this 2021 list. Other notable OPM acts that made it on the year-end lists include Moira Dela Torre and Skusta Clee who finish as the most-streamed female and male OPM acts of the year on Spotify PH.


2021 saw Olivia Rodrigo go from Disney actress to one of the hottest musicians of the year. When she dropped drivers license in January of this year, it broke records and got everyone reliving their heartaches, fighting with their non-existent ex. Her debut album, SOUR, was a near-perfect heartbreak album from the POV of a Gen Z and a lot of people ate it up. It seems that a lot of people were going through it this year because SOUR is the most streamed album in the country and in the world.

drivers license is also the most-streamed song in the world with over 1.1 billion streams and ranks as the third most streamed song in the country. good 4 u was ranked as the fourth most streamed song on Spotify this year. Overall, Olivia was the ninth most streamed artist in the world and the sixth most streamed artist in the country. A truly impressive feat for her debut era.

Followed close behind Olivia is her friend and idol Taylor Swift who finishes the year as the second most streamed artist in the Philippines. Her album, Fearless (Taylor’s Version) charts as the third most-streamed album in the country. No doubt if Red (Taylor’s Version) was released at an earlier date, it would have been on the list as well.


Unsurprisingly, BTS was the country’s most-streamed artist according to Spotify Wrapped 2021. They were also the third most streamed artists in the world, behind Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny. Their BE album was the fourth most-streamed album in the country while their chart-topping hit Butter was the second most stream song in the country. The group also has the distinction of being the most-streamed k-pop act and having the most-streamed K-pop song in the world on Spotify.

Speaking of K-pop, TWICE, who is the seventh most streamed artist in the country, BLACKPINK, SEVENTEEN, and IU all round out the list of the most-streamed K-pop acts in the Philippines this year on Spotify. BLACKPINK’s inclusion on the list is impressive considering that they released no new music this year. When it comes to fourth gen groups, TXT comes out on top as the most-streamed fourth gen act in the country.

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