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Netflix Presents Judy Ann Santos In A Special Role: As Santa With Noche Buena Baskets To Give

The name is Santa, Judy Ann Santa.

As the gift that keeps on giving, Netflix and Judy Ann Santos team up to bring your favorite shows to your tables with the special (and completely free) Noche Buena baskets themed after some of the biggest titles of Netflix.

You better watch out. You better not cry, better not pout, because Santa is coming to town. The list is made and twice checked, but unlike the jolly fellow with beard as white as snow and a bellied laughter, our Christmas is going to be made even more special with one of the greatest living Filipino actresses of our time taking on the role. The name? Santa, Judy Ann Santa.

With the days making a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fast break for the blur that will be December, Judy Ann Santa, err, Judy Ann Santos and Netflix Philippines are coming together to spruce up your Christmas spreads tudum-style. Busy at work in their version of the North Pole workshop, the forces of entertainment are packing and wrapping the limited edition Noche Buena baskets that are up for grabs starting today.

Inspired by the biggest hits of Netflix over the past year, the cleverly christened Noche Buena baskets are set to complete your holiday feasts with a basket full of the good stuff, in theme of course. Celebrate Christmas the Netflix way with The Gganbu (Squid Game), The I Louvre (Emily In Paris), The Bentesingko (Trese), The Merry Christmas [As A Friend] (My Amanda), The Bili Ciao (Money Heist), and The Most Wanted (Red Notice), which are staggered for sign ups over the next 12 days…of Christmas, naturally.

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Netflix Presents: Judy Ann Santos

A self-confessed binge-watcher herself, Judy Ann Santos is no stranger to stacking up hours on Netflix, especially when there is enough time for her to do so. Recently, she reveals to having finished Baking Impossible and Squid Game, as well as counting other favorites on the streaming platform such as Seaspiracy, the David Attenborough documentaries, and The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow. So, when the opportunity to partner with Netflix Philippines to make the season merrier came, she did not hesitate.

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Coming on board for this special project for the season, it is but natural to wonder if Judy Ann Santos will have a Netflix Original, what would she want to do? Combining her love for food and anything Filipino, the award-winning actress and trained chef imagines a cooking show that will not only feature, but also go in-depth and personal with the flavors of the Philippines. Here, she envisions going around the country and hero the food culture of the country from the sources no less. Sure, the nomadic version of Judy Ann’s Kitchen is just a pipe dream as of now, but we all can dream together right? After all, it is Christmas; wishes are woven into the context of the holidays.

The Binge Before Christmas

As a gift that keeps on giving, the limited edition Noche Buena baskets are free (yes, you read that right) until supplies last. So, while Judy Ann Santa and Netflix are hard at work making sure the carriers are ready to find homes this Christmas, you can head on over to the official Ambien website (netflixnochebuena.com) from November 25 until December 6 at exactly 1:00 PM through 6:00 PM and cherry pick the themed package you will want to turn your table into a Netflix special. There is a lot to go through and the cut-off is strict, so you better skip the naughty bit and play nice with time.

judy ann santos netflix

Now, while we wait for Noche Buena to roll around, how about we wait it out with a Netflix binge session? Ready when you are, Judy Ann Santa.

(By the way, it is criminal that there are not nearly enough Judy Ann Santos flicks filed on Netflix. But as it is a time for forgiving, we will let this pass…for now.)

Again, the Netflix Noche Buena basket sign-ups are available from 1:00 PM-6:00 PM from November 25-December 6 on their official website. Happy clicking, friends.