10 Sites Where You Can Analyze Your Music Taste, Aside From Spotify Wrapped

You have taste, wbk.

If you enjoy looking at your Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year, try out these sites to get a glimpse at your music taste (and maybe even get it judged).

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There’s something so satisfying about having your listening habits laid out for you to see—what’s been on repeat, which artists’ discographies are you blazing through, or what your music taste is like compared to others’ are some things we like to learn about and then quickly forget. And since we have the same kind of fun taking random quizzes online as we do when we get our music statistics analyzed, here are some platforms and websites that do just that.

Some of these sites go viral on social media every once in a while as people jump on the bandwagon to learn about their music taste and reveal it to the world for others to judge, laugh or cringe at. From looking at your recent favorites receipt-style to getting roasted by an AI, these sites will let you have a little more fun with your music.


spotify site instafest

Ever wanted to see the perfect music festival lineup? You have your chance with Instafest, which puts the names of your top artists from the last month, last six months, or all time (the standard options offered by most of these sites) in a festival poster lineup that you can customize using three different themes.


spotify stats visualify

Visualize your listening habits and favorite tracks this month, this year, or all time, and share them with others through Visualify!


spotify site zodiac affinity

This one’s simple. Once you log in and select your zodiac sign, Zodiac Affinity will curate a few tracks that most align with your personality. Even though it’s almost always correct considering its pool of selection is already the music you like, it’s still fun to make connections between your own personality and music.


spotify site how bad is music

You think your music’s not basic, huh? Let this AI be the judge of that. How Bad is Your Music or Judge My Spotify is a site that harshly and unapologetically judges the music and artists you listen to. It’s sassy and doesn’t hold back. One time, it told me my music was get-into-fights-on-twitter bad, heavy-eyeliner-avril-stan bad, and romcom-trailer-music bad. Ouch.


spotify site receiptify

One of the more popular sites, Receiptify simply presents your top tracks from the last month, last six months, or all time in a cute little receipt.


spotify site whisperify

Whisperify is very fun. Once you’re logged in, you can analyze your stats, and more excitingly—you can take a quiz to test how well you know your music. The quiz lets you listen to a few seconds of songs from your top played tracks and you then guess the title. You think you’re a music aficionado, huh?


spotify site stats for spotify

Simple and to the point, Stats for Spotify lets you see your top tracks, artists, and genres music chart-style. You can see if any places on the list has changed—for instance if your once-on repeat song has gone down a few ranks lately.


spotify site obscurify

“My music taste isn’t basic,” says the person who listens to The 1975. Kidding aside, Obscurify determines how “obscure” your music taste is compared to others in your country. It also measures the moods of your music—how happy, dance-able, or energetic your taste is.


spotify site chosic

Chosic also analyzes your taste and determines the overall mood of your music, as well as gives you recommendations based on your tastes. The site itself has tons of cool analyzers, lyric finders, and generators you can play with.


spotify site musicsape

Musicscape turns your music listening habits into a colorful image whose elements are determined by your latest Spotify adventures, from the emotions evoked in the music to the average key of the songs you like listening to.

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