QUIZ: Which Of These Filipino Boy Groups Or Girl Groups Sang This Lyric?

You better sing it!

How well-versed are you in the Filipino girl group and boy group music scene? Could you recognize who sang these lyrics? Take this quiz to find out!

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While the current Filipino music scene is a melting pot of influence and culture, it is distinctly our own. The rise of P-pop and global musical groups is paired with great music, artistry, performances, and of course, lyrics. From SB19 to BINI, KAIA to VXON, explore the Filipino-made music scene by putting your lyrical memory to the test. The entire world would recognize GENTO, but if you love your Filipino groups, you’d be able to recognize the music of the rest of your faves just as quickly.

Besides the melody and the performances, lyrics are a part of music that really fosters the bond between artist and fan (or even casual listener). They’re genius, heartfelt, emotionally-charged—and the best of them stick with you.

Lyrics from Filipino girl or boy groups will he shown, and you have to guess which artist in the choices sang the song. Not to worry if you don’t know—at least now you have a slew of new music to check out! There will be 10 questions total. Are you ready? If you think you are, test out your P-pop knowledge with this quiz below!



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