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11 New P-pop Groups To Keep On Your Stan Radar

P-pop rises again.

Another year, another batch of rookie P-pop groups entering the scene to watch out for.

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While some may say that the new generation of P-pop is just a fad, it has proven to be a more than robust moment in OPM. The success of SB19, the continued growth of established bands like BGYO, BINI, and Alamat, and the 2nd edition of PPOPCON show the new era of P-pop is here to stay. With further room to grow, the genre continues to thrive as more P-pop groups hit the scene. The roster of active P-pop groups continues to get bigger, and honestly, the more, the merrier. Check out these rookie and soon-to-be debuting groups that may just become the next big thing.


Since 2018, the girls of YGIG have been training for their debut under SBTalent Camp. And now, their time has come. Composed of members Alexei, Jewel, JM, Maeg, Hazelyn, and Vien, YGIG (which stands for You Go, I Go), made their debut last November with the insanely catchy Shaba Shaba. While SBTown Philippines’ first girl group is down one member, that isn’t stopping their momentum with a new song, debut album, and national tour currently in the works.


ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment’s special competition show, Dream Maker, promised to deliver a global male pop group. And that’s what we got when the finale episode formed HORI7ON, a seven-member group composed of finalists Jeromy, Marcus, Kyler, Vinci, Reyster, Kim, and Winston. Though they’ve only been active for a few weeks, the group has a lot of exciting career moves coming. For starters, they are set to have events and other activities in the country in March. Then, they’re flying to South Korea for further training under MLD before debuting in the country sometime in June. The horizon looks bright for the boys.


This four-member party initially started as a pre-debut group from ShowBT Philippines. However, Rocher, Angelou, Christa, and Kim decided to strike out on their own and rebrand as YARA and competed in POPinoy, a P-pop competition show that aired on TV5 in 2021. Their talent was apparent from the jump and ended up being one of the two overall winners of the show. Since then, they’ve been slowly building themselves and growing their fanbase. This March is set to be a big one for the girls with the release of their debut single, ADDA, on the 3rd.


After hitting the mark with VXON and G22, Cornerstone Entertainment looks to deliver P-pop gold once more with their latest P-pop boy group, Yes My Love. Touching upon a more romantic concept, Yes My Love is composed of six members; Brian, RZ, Niko, Jeff, Eli, and Joshua. If the boys look familiar, that’s because four of them competed in Top Class with Jeff even winning the whole thing alongside four other finalists. So far, they’ve just dropped dance and song covers, but those demonstrate their potential. 


There’s a buzzing sound in the P-pop air as HYV is coming our way. Composed of members Kali, Jules, Sora, and Lee-An, the boys are set to make their official debut with ALAWKULAY (Sick of Hue) this March 17. You can also catch them as part of PPOPCON’s mall shows.   


This six-member group from BC Entertainment Productions is made up of members Wiji, Pen, Jai, Sevi, Saki, and Drew. While they have yet to make their official debut, they have treated their fans, called ENSENSE, to a few pre-debut tracks such as 6oodBoy and Hindi Na.



While the group’s name is an acronym for the first letter of the members’ first names, the fact that it also sounds very similar to Aja!, the Korean term meaning Fighting, feels quite appropriate. Composed of members Ash, JC, Axel, and Alex, the four-member rookie group comes from Cornerstone Entertainment. AJAA looks to deliver quality performances made for the stage with their mix of vocals, visuals, and rap.


Like with Yara, VER5US won POPinoy as the top boy group. Since then, Khenne, Joerell, Gab, Ken H., and Josh G. have been entertaining their Allies (fandom name) and slowly building a name for themselves in the P-pop scene.


From BLVCK Entertainment comes this girl group composed of members Ya-Ra, Candance, Po-La, Krys-Tin, and Shanice. While their activities haven’t been much since their formation, the group has already made a splash thanks to their performance at BLVCK Entertainment’s Valentine’s concert, the group’s first-ever concert performance.


If you follow the SBTalent Camp trainees, then you’d be familiar with the male trainees who frequent their posts. But this March, those six guys will go from trainees to official P-pop idols with the official launch of SBTown’s next boy group, PLUUS, coming this March. Combining the words Plus and Us, PLUUS, is ready to show the world their talents.


Remember Top Class? The P-pop reality show that brought together top Pinoy talents to form the next top P-pop boy group? Well, that’s YAMA or at least part of it. Following the show’s finale, it was revealed that some of the finalists decided to go their separate ways as the rest of the remaining members fell under the management of kumu. Since then, they’ve added more members which give us the current lineup of Gilly, Lex, Dean, Clyde, Gab, Rave, and Joshuel. It’s been a ride for this P-pop group, but hopefully, their careers won’t be as bumpy.

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