P-pop’s Newest Girl Group? Belle Mariano, AC Bonifacio, And Maris Racal

When's their debut?

The universe aligned when Belle Mariano, AC Bonifacio, and Maris Racal shared the stage to perform Nadine Lustre’s Paligoy-Ligoy.

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We hoped for a lot of things when the New Year began. But what we didn’t expect when 2023 kicked off was that Nadine Lustre’s nearly decade-old bop, Paligoy-Ligoy, would come back from the dead on TikTok courtesy of the chore of NewJeans’ Hype Boy. 2.1 million video uses on TikToK later, and Paligoy-Ligoy has once again entered the pop culture conversation with a viral dance challenge. And this moment is a gift that continues to keep on giving as we were blessed with a performance of the track from the A-list lineup of Belle Mariano, AC Bonifacio, and Maris Racal.


Belle Mariano, AC Bonifacio, and Maris Racal ASAP

On the February 19, 2023 episode of ASAP, some of our new-gen P-pop princesses, Maris Racal, Belle Mariano, and AC Bonifacio, came together for their take on the Paligoy-Ligoy dance challenge. Belle, AC, and Maris on the same stage performing a Nadine Lustre song? We stay winning. While any one of the girls performing the song would have been more than ok in our book, the fact that they did it together is further proof that manifestation is real. ASAP knew exactly what they were doing with this stage, and we thank them for it.

While the girls technically didn’t do the Hype Boy choreography during Paligoy-Ligoy’s chorus, they did give the song justice with their vocals and dance moves. Like the song, the performance was so wholesome while their ‘fits, from Maris’ headband to the crocheted tops and skirts, gave Y2K chic. Seeing the three of them together was like a soft launch of ASAP’s next girl group, which we would be more than ready to support. The vocals, dance moves, and charisma, they all have it. All we need now is for Nadine to join them one of these days to complete this fantasy.

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