A Peek Inside The Gaming World Of Sharlene San Pedro

Just pro streamer things.

Actress, game streamer, and more, Sharlene San Pedro is bringing together the worlds of entertainment, content creation, and gaming.

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You probably know Sharlene San Pedro as a seasoned actress, singer, vlogger, TV host, and more. But aside from her nearly two decades in the entertainment industry, the actress and content creator has also been spending her time in the world of gaming, specifically livestreaming video games like Call Of Duty Mobile. On Facebook alone, the star has amassed a following in the millions thanks to her gaming livestreams that have been going on since the pandemic. But more than just a hobby or side job, Sharlene’s passion for gaming is her latest extension of showcasing entertainment and content creation for the here and now.  


Like many Filipinos, Sharlene San Pedro loves video games, specifically mobile games, with COD Mobile being her go-to favorite. It’s a fact she immortalized when she posed with her phone and a character from CODM in her grad photos when she graduated from AMA University last year. 


Photo courtesy of Tier One Entertainment

But it was only during the early days of the pandemic that Sharlene considered the idea of streaming games. “When the pandemic started and lahat ng trabaho ay huminto, nag-iisip ako ng way to connect with my supporters and dun na po nag start lahat,” she recalls. As much as her acting career pushed her to try on new roles, Sharlene’s desire to try something new pushed her to try gaming livestreams. 

Pretty soon, Sharlene built a strong following online for her gaming content as she charmed many viewers with her killer combination of skills and personality. “Sharlene the gamer/streamer is competitive and fun to hang out with, and relatable.” Watch any of her livestreams, and you know she’s spitting facts. And don’t get us started on her gaming room


While livestreaming games isn’t an inherently difficult task, building, retaining, and growing an audience is. In a world where hundreds, if not thousands, of streamers are vying for audiences’ attention, it takes an extra special charm to stand out from the crowd. But as Sharlene sees it, her success in gaming isn’t a sign that she’s better than the rest, but that she’s doing her job of making people feel good with her content. 

“Never ko naisip or pumasok sa isip ko na standout ako among all video gaming creators out there,” the actress and streamer says matter-of-factly. “I just think na we all have our own unique style because at the end of the day for me hindi talaga mahalaga na stand out ako. Ang mahalaga sa akin is yung mapasaya ko yung viewers ko and magkaroon sila ng kasama sa mga times na makakadaan sila sa livestreams ko.” 



It also does help that she’s had years of experience dealing with all kinds of people, especially online, thanks to showbiz. It’s a skill that she finds particularly useful as she applies it in her livestreaming content. “Malaking bagay na matagal na ako sa industriya ng showbiz because it really made my skin thicker to the point na I know how to turn destructive criticisms to a constructive one.” 

In between all of this, she still juggles multiple hats, from her acting career to her YouTube channel, and more. To some, the pressure, demands, and responsibilities of one job can be overwhelming. But for Sharlene, she sees it as more a walk in the park. “Hindi ako nahihirapan ibalanse yung acting, content creation, and livestreaming because gusto ko yung ginagawa ko. Naniniwala ako na pag totoong gusto mo yung ginagawa mo, hindi ito magiging mahirap sayo.” 


Sharlene isn’t the only celebrity who has tried their hand at gaming livestreams. While her inherent celebrity got heads turning, there’s also the stigma of being seen as another “artista” playing video games. Yet her celebrity roots aren’t a curse for Sharlene, but a bonus. “I feel like it’s a huge help na nanggaling ako sa ibang industry before ako pumasok sa gaming community.” Her time as a game streamer taught Sharlene the valuable lesson of each medium having its own audience. “Nung pumasok ako sa gaming industry, naramdaman ko na back to square one ako because magkaibang magkaiba yung viewers dito sa gaming.” 



The people who loved Sharlene the actress may not watch Sharlene the gamer, and she’s perfectly fine with that. “I remember nung mga first two streams ko, madami talagang nanunuod kasi si Sharlene “the artista” ito eh. Pero habang tumatagal, hindi na nanunuod yung iba dahil I understand na hindi lahat ng taga suporta ko sa showbiz ay into gaming.” She didn’t let her name carry her to the W. Sharlene’s massive gaming platform is a product of her grind and determination. “Lahat ng nanunuod sakin ngayon at sumusuporta sa pagiging gamer ko ay naniniwala akong na-gain ko because of the hardwork na pinuput ko at pag-grind ko nitong mga nakaraang taon at ngayon.” 


Gaming, along with her work in entertainment and content creation, will remain a core part of who Sharlene San Pedro is. The multi-talented star is showing the world that seemingly unrelated fields can come together seamlessly and compliment each other. And her endeavors are about to go even higher now that she’s a signed talent for Tier One Entertainment. “It is such an honor to be lined up in their powerful roster of talents,” she says on being with Tier One. “I know that I’m in good hands at alam ko na they will push me to reach my full potential in terms of gaming and content creation.”



Needless to say, expect to see more of girlboss gamer Sharlene, As she teases, fans can look forward to a lot of new projects. “Expect more relatable content, collaboration with other gaming content creators, and more projects under Tier One Entertainment.” 

More importantly, Sharlene’s continued success in the gaming space serves as yet another reminder that women can and do belong in gaming. Sharlene is kicking ass in gaming, something she hopes other women can do, too. “I know that what I do right now will inspire and break barriers by showing that gaming and as well as content creation are for everyone. I feel like this is a powerful statement telling more women to jump in and own it.”

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