7 Times Sharlene San Pedro Proved She’s A Girlboss Gamer

Top-tier gamer things.

From winning a tournament to taking down trashtalkers, Sharlene San Pedro is a gamer not to be messed with.

In her almost two decades in the showbiz industry, it seems that Sharlene San Pedro has done it all. From being a child star, actress, former VJ, host, recording artist, and content creator, Sharlene is a versatile talent, for sure. And with her movie comeback in Prime Video’s historic offering Ten Little Mistresses, alongside entertainment greats, the young multihyphenate is set to once again captivate us with her distinct charisma and allure. 

But one thing that also makes Sharlene San Pedro stand out is the fact that apart from her abovementioned skills, she is a gamer, too—and a really good one at that. If you’ve been a stan for quite some time now, you’d know that she’s an ace Call of Duty: Mobile player, who livestreams her gaming sessions, wins tournaments, and even takes down trashtalkers with emotional violence. Not convinced yet? Below are some of the proof that Sharlene is that girlboss gamer you all should respect.

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It’s not all just video games for Sharlene San Pedro. She’s also a degree holder (majoring in psychology) and graduated early last year from AMA University. And in her grad photos, Sharlene can’t help but express her gamer-girl side, posing with her phone and a character from CODM.

In a tweet, she happily says that she’s about to “slide jump” to graduation, referencing a maneuver from her favorite video game. And this came after she successfully defended her thesis about online bashing months earlier. Sharlene gives everyone proof that you can balance your gaming and student lives.


Yes, there’s some sort of a bar in Sharlene San Pedro’s gaming room where she stores her favorite drinks. That’s how cool she is. Oh, and have we mentioned that Sharlene is a certified BLINK? In her gaming room tour vlog, you’d notice that apart from her gaming equipment, there’s also a dedicated space for her BLACKPINK merch; multi-version lightsticks and a vinyl album included.


Sharlene San Pedro is not your ordinary video game streamer, because for your information, she’s also a champion. In Tier One Entertainment’s Operation: Friendly Fire tournament series last year, Sharlene squadded up with Tier One talents Doc Z, Crush Gaming, Andrea Hiz, and Nabi to form Team Sharlene and outsmarted seven other teams in the competitive event. A good game well played indeed.


Showing us all some top-tier gaming skills, here’s Sharlene San Pedro with guns blazing, wiping other squads on CODM so casually it’s like what she does for breakfast. In another Youtube short, even when seemingly outnumbered by opponents, Sharlene still manages to lead her teammates to a clutch victory with just her sheer gaming prowess.


When you decide to take on a master gamer like Sharlene, please be sure to keep quiet and respectful until the brawl ends. Or else you’ll suffer the same fate of this trashtalker who couldn’t keep it shut and got violently fragged in the end. Hope he’s learned his lesson.


Sharlene San Pedro is a strong gamer because even when faced with judgment, at times about her single blessedness, she still powers through the game and remains patient—or at least she tries to be.


Not only does Sharlene San Pedro do gaming to entertain us, she also does it for other causes, including charitable ones. Like in Garena Call of Duty: Mobile’s first-ever charity livestream in 2020 where Sharlene, together with other creators, helped raise 3000 dollars for the Lingkod Kapamilya Foundation. Giving us all another reason why Sharlene San Pedro is a gamer and content creator worth stanning.

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