sampung mga kerida - ten little mistresses

Sampung Mga Kerida: Prime Video Marks Its First Filipino Original Film

Too much love will kill you.

Staying true to its commitment of spotlighting local talents, Amazon Prime Video gives a first look into its first-ever Filipino original movie, Sampung Mga Kerida.

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Ever since its arrival on Philippine shores earlier this year, Amazon Prime Video has undoubtedly diversified the entertainment experience of Filipinos. Not only is it able to bring us our most anticipated shows like The Boys, the Invincible animated series, or its tentpole offering, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, it has also since housed Filipino content including the award-winning dramedy Big Night!, the festival darling Whether the Weather Is Fine, and Rod Singh’s all-new Drag Den. And as just recently announced, Prime Video furthers its commitment of not only providing foreign content, but also tapping into the power of the local creative community as it gives us a glimpse into Jun Lana’s star-studded Sampung Mga Kerida (Ten Little Mistresses), its first-ever Filipino original film.


On December 20, 2022, Prime Video finally gave a much-awaited first look into Sampung Mga Kerida. “Too much love can kill you? Mukhang ganun na nga,” reads Prime Video’s caption, hinting that the history-making movie packs a story that’s filled with murder, drama, and exciting scenes. And with a collection of colorful and over-the-top behind-the-scenes photos that include shots of Filipino entertainment heavyweights like Carmi Martin, John Arcilla, and Eugene Domingo, we know that we’re in for some unmissable, campy romp. 

Sampung Mga Kerida

At the helm of Sampung Mga Kerida is the veteran filmmaker and The IdeaFirst Company co-founder Jun Robles Lana (who previously directed Barber’s Tales, Bwakaw, and Die Beautiful). The murder-mystery comedy film follows the story of a widowed billionaire, Valentin Esposo, and his whopping ten mistresses who will stop at nothing to be his legal wife. But when the patriarch suddenly turns up dead, his paramours become prime suspects, racing to prove their innocence and find the real killer. 

Sampung Mga Kerida hews to a classic whodunnit premise that will remind you of an Agatha Christie novel (or adaptation) or the much recent Rian Johnson film series Knives Out. Yet what stands out, apart from its interesting plot, is its glorious cast that will surely make the experience even more chaotic and fun than it already is. It is top-billed by no less than industry greats John Arcilla and Eugene Domingo, as well as Pokwang, Carmi Martin, and Agot Isidro. The film also stars Christian Bables (a Jun Lana regular), Kris Bernal, Sharlene San Pedro, Adrianna So, Kate Alejandrino, Iana Bernardez, and Donna Cariaga.


This comes as another great news, especially after the premiere of the Filipino original drag-themed series Drag Den by Rod Singh, which is also available to stream on Prime Video. It’s also a testament to the mission of the streaming giant of focusing its efforts on localization and of giving a platform to Filipino storytellers.

Sampung Mga Kerida

“We really want to be an essential partner and a home for talent and the creative community,” says Erika North, who heads Amazon Studios’ Asia-Pacific Originals, in an interview. “You know, to be able to plug into their conversations and ambitions—we know creators in the region have a thirst to create stories—and to embark on originals and co-productions that they’ve never had the chance to engage in before. And our goal in the Philippines and across Southeast Asia is to harness that and take those stories not only for our local markets but to the world.”

Apart from Sampung Mga Kerida, Prime Video is also currently working on its first local scripted series on the service, Comedy Island Philippines, an off-the-wall situational improvisation comedy challenge show that will also star Filipino celebrities and comedians. Last September, Filipino filmmaker and head of Amazon Originals for the Philippines Quark Henares revealed that up to four Pinoy original movies would also be coming to the platform soon. 

You wouldn’t have to wait longer to watch the first-ever Prime Video original Filipino film as Sampung Mga Kerida hits the streaming platform on February 15, 2023 in the Philippines and more than 240 countries and territories worldwide. Follow Prime Video Philippines’ Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to get the latest scoop.

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