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It’s Time To Raise A Toast To The Holiday We Love The Most With These Christmas-Ready Drinks

Drink up, responsibly, of course.

Whether you like to chug a beer or swig a holiday swirl, then get into the swing of the season’s merrymaking with these drink choices. But if you prefer the alcohol-free counterpart, that’s perfectly fine. You can always give ‘em as a gift.

At this point, your holiday social calendar is likely filling up with long-awaited get-togethers, merrymaking over meals and drinks, and intimate parties. Sure, the festivities are still scaled down, with some still considering hybrid or even virtual versions, but with the glimmer of what is relatively normal, the swing of the season as we know it now is in full effect. It is Christmas after all, and if there is anything the Filipinos love more, it has to be that, which we culturally start celebrating once the ber months roll by. This being something we really, truly enjoy, nothing is going to stop us from going all out. Festooning every nook and cranny with decors? Yes. Preparing a spread unlike no other? Mmmmm, yes. Bringing together family in both the traditional and chosen way? Heck yes.   

Now, is it really a Filipino holiday without all that, especially a feast of food, drinks, and company? Not really, which is why we can confidently say, there is nothing like Christmas in the Philippines. Think about it, no matter how hard you try in these social situations, did you end leaving later than you intended? The answer is most likely yes, with the good stuff in both hands belying the multiple attempts of “I have to go” you’ve said. Whether tingling with inebriation, warm with the sensible swirl of spirits, or sober with alcohol-free counterparts, the drink becomes central, more so when the night stretches on. Or you know, happy hour.

Whether it is a holiday cocktail (or the guilt-free mocktail), an ice-cold bottle of beer, or servings of the finer liquor on the rocks, the perfect drink exists—as defined by you, of course.

A Word Of Caution

Now, serving drinks at a holiday party is one thing, but since you’re already feeling fun, fizzy, and festive, you can also give it as a gift. From the wisdom of wine, the bottles of bubbly, and the mood-making mixes, there is a lot to consider and choose from, extending the intention of happy hour.

Here, we rounded up some of the standards to get your holiday drink on. But this doesn’t go without a warning. While it is time to celebrate, don’t forget to be extremely mindful of the excess: know your limits and always drink responsibly.

Remember, you make things fun, nothing else. Now that we’re raising a glass to, cheers!


Looking to make your holiday drink menu a little bit more extra? Then perch a Heineken 5-Liter Keg on the table or rent the 8-Liter Keg with Blade Machine (aka The Draught Kit), which you can order through Through the e-commerce platform that intends for a hassle-free, reliable, and quick delivery service of all your favorite alcoholic beverages, distilled spirits, and mixers, you can access their star of the holiday season in the Heineken selections. Oh, and the best part? Your orders arrive at your doorstep cold.

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A staple at any Christmas party or your stash at home, Johnnie Walker just keeps on walking. This time, however, it is striding alongside James Reid, who films a celebration with him giving out what else, but a bottle of Johnnie Walker. In the short video, James Reid details how defies expectations and pursues his passion for music. “I hope this Christmas season, and even beyond that, this video encourages people to remember, celebrate, and raise a glass to those who have stood by them and to those who continue to keep walking with them,” he says of this collaboration with the 200-year Scotch Whiskey brand, which is set to expand into a 45-minute live performance to premiere on the Johnnie Walker YouTube page.


For those who prefer a bolder flavor in their drink of choice during the holidays, they’ve always found a welcome home in the House of Rémy Martin. Compelling as the heritage brand already is, they are bursting into the season with a lot more exuberance and charm with their intricately illustrated signature sets. Perfect to serve at home or to give as presents, each coffret comes with a golden key (in this case, a QR Code), that unlocks the trove to more fascinating content related to the French cognac of choice. From the fruity swirl of the Rémy Martin VSOP, the spicy blend of the Rémy Martin Club, and the indulgent Rémy Martin XO, all the odysseys are lined up just in time for the festivities. Now, all that is left to do is to choose your adventure.


Heroing the distinct and delicate flavors of the Philippines in a truthfully exquisite blend, Santa Ana Gin is definitely one to liven up the holiday drinks spread, guaranteed. With its bright and bold burst of ylang-ylang, alpinia, calamansi, and dalandan swirled with traditional gin botanicals, it is memorable at every lingering sip. And let’s not forget that it is housed in a beautiful bottle that harkens back to the glint, grace, and glamour of 1920s Manila. Inspired by the luscious classic, but given a contemporary spin, Santa Ana Gin glides into the holidays with its drink of choice, The French 75, the recipe of which you can access on their website.


If you are looking for a quaint space to collect your thoughts or while your night away in Poblacion with a drink or two, then you’re in luck, because Run Rabbit Run is open once again. The speakeasy may have mellowed out in the past two years, surviving on its signature delivery sets and collaborations, but now it is raring and ready to welcome you its homey interiors. If that is a little too out of your way for your holiday drink session, then the Run Rabbit Run pop-up in SM Aura is probably more accessible. And if you are still wary of setting out in the great outdoors, as it is understandable to do so, then their festive boxes of craft cocktails and local treats are up your alley. A reward for yourself or a gift, look no further, because this rabbit hole has got you covered.