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Everything You Need To Know About K-pop Meets P-pop Reality Series, ‘Dream Maker’

This will be interesting.

ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment are on the hunt for the next global pop group. And upcoming reality series Dream Maker will help them do just that.

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What do One Direction, ENHYPEN, TWICE, and MNL48 all have in common? They were groups who were formed through reality TV shows. The past decade has seen a flurry of reality survival shows pop up to form the next big group. And given the accomplishments of the groups listed at the beginning of this paragraph, it’s not that hard to see why. Some of today’s biggest pop groups, whether it be K-pop or P-pop, came from reality shows.

And ABS-CBN is looking to catch that spark once more with their upcoming boy group reality show. But this won’t be any ordinary show. Instead, the company partnered with MLD Entertainment, the label of Momoland and Lapillus, to work on a global pop group unlike any other. Enter Dream Maker.


A couple of months ago, ABS-CBN, MLD Entertainment, and KAMP Korea announced a partnership to form a new all-boy group with global ambitions. This group would harness the raw talents of young Filipino boys looking to make their dreams come true and combine them with Korea’s famous trainee system. All of this will be filmed for a TV show in the form of Dream Maker. The program will follow sixty-two trainees, called Dream Chasers on the show, who passed the initial auditions earlier this year as they work and compete to make it to the end and potentially be part of a new boy group.

As the weeks go on, the contestants, aged between 13-22, will be whittled down until the final seven remain. Those seven members won’t debut yet though. Instead, they’ll be flown to Korea where they will undergo further training. Once they’re ready, they’ll make their debut before doing their promotions across the world. The title of Dream Maker is an apt one, because if they make it to the end, they might just achieve their dream of becoming a K-pop star. Also ,the school uniforms they’re wearing are giving Produce vibes which should tell you where this competition is heading.


Throughout the competition, the trainees will be coached and judged by a series of Korean and Filipino mentors. On the Korean side, six professionals from the K-pop industry will be on the panel. They are Thunder, the former rapper of MBLAQ and Sandara Park’s brother who most likely will be their rap mentor, Bae Wan-Hee, the producer behind hits like Bboom Bboom and HIT YA!, and Bae Yoon-Jung, the noted dancer, choreographer, Produce 101 dance mentor.

Now, for anyone who’s seen Produce 101 or knows of her, Bae Yoon-Jung is no slouch when it comes to teaching. She has been known to make people cry with her harsh critiques. She has a reputation for being a talented but tough mentor. Out of all the Korean judges of the show, Bae Yoon-Jung will definitely be the one to watch out for, especially with how she interacts with the Filipino contestants as their dance teacher.

Rounding out the list are Seo Won Jin, a former composer at YG Entertainment’s THEBLACKLABEL who has worked with stars like Zion.T and BLACKPINK, HIT YA! producer Bullseye!, and special guest mentor K-pop idol Jea, Brown Eyed Girls’ leader, and main vocalist.


On the Filipino side, three A-list Filipino musicians, who also happen to have started like Dream Maker’s contestants on a reality show before making it big, will mentor them. There’s OPM diva Angeline Quinto, seasoned performer Darren Espanto, and Now United member Bailey Mae. Overall, the Korean and Filipino mentors are a good mix of the best of Korean and Filipino pop. The powers of the country’s biggest entertainment company and one of Korea’s more notable K-pop companies are coming together. Kim Chiu and Ryan Bang, who also got their start on a reality series, will serve as the show’s hosts.

See who makes it to the end and potentially become the next big pop idol when Dream Maker premieres on November 19 and 20 on the Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Live, and A2Z.

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