Meet The Top Five Trainees Of P-pop Reality Show, Top Class

New P-pop boy group incoming.

From thirty trainees to the top five, P-pop reality TV series Top Class has finally revealed the five trainees set to form the next big P-pop group.

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As P-pop continues to rise in the country, Top Class, a collaboration between TV5, Cignal Entertainment, Kumu, and Cornerstone Entertainment, helped fill in a void that was lacking, that of a reality P-pop TV series that documented the potential formation of a new P-pop group. Like with K-pop and C-pop reality shows of the similar concept, Top Class followed trainees as they participated in weeks of challenges and classes in order to fulfill their P-pop dreams. And after 10 weeks of competition, the show has finally reached its end and formed the members of what may just become the next big thing in P-pop.


Held live last August 20, the Top Class: Rise To P-Pop Stardom finale saw the top twelve trainees come together for the last time as they performed their hearts out to secure a spot in the final lineup. Only five trainees could make it to the end, so the boys made sure to leave everything on the stage with their performances. The twelve were split into two groups of six and prepared two performances, the first was a stage collab with P-pop groups VXON and 1st.One. The second was their P-pop take on two Gary V classics, Hataw Na and Sa Yahweh Ang Sayaw.

In the end, the P-pop showdown culminated with the top five being determined by their overall scores, 50% from judges, and 50% from fan votes on kumu. And after following the boys for weeks as they danced, sang, learned, and grew, Jascel Valencia, Jeff Cabrera Jr., Lex Reyes, Dean Villareal, and Gilly Guzman were all named the final five.


Because they won the show, they each won a 500,000 pesos cash prize, they also got a three year contract with Cornerstone Entertainment and kumu. Speaking of, they also received an exclusive streaming contract with the platform. The top five trainees also take home 50,000 pesos worth of gadgets from realme. And the biggest prize of them all, the top five trainees will pursue further intensive training with the opportunity of debuting as a group. Given the skills and potential these boys have shown in the past month though, don’t be surprised if you’ll see these boys debut sooner rather than later.

Also, don’t sleep on the other trainees who didn’t make it to the end. As we’ve seen over the years, these boys can be scouted and picked up by other companies, train more, and also debut as a P-pop idol down the line. In essence, this show may just have introduced to us the next generation of P-pop stars. Congratulations to Jascel, Jeff, Lex, Dean, and Gilly. We’re looking forward to your official graduation as you become certified P-pop idols.

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