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Rei Germar On Cutting Her Hair: “I’m Letting Go Of People’s Expectations Of Me”

What better way to celebrate growth on your birthday by giving yourself a haircut?

One thing about the content creator and young entrepreneur? She finally knows what she deserves after being in the industry for almost five years. And if she cuts you off? There’s a huge reason why.

If you’re always on the lookout for your next shopping budol, chances are, you might have heard of content creator, vlogger, and entrepreneur Rei Germar. She started quite young in the industry, and has since done a lot of things outside of vlogging such as collaborating with local and international fashion and beauty brands, as well as opening her own businesses. Known for her unfiltered reviews and recommendations that most fans and casuals have been enjoying, Rei acknowledges the responsibility of staying true to her audience. This time, Rei Germar gets even more personal and in control, beginning with her hair.

So, when she turned 25 recently, Rei Germar had to commemorate her age of enlightenment by doing a photoshoot that showed her growth as a person. Aside from her stunning real-life Bratz theme, which was realized in the makeup (we’re obsessing over the frosted eyelids!), the clothes, and the set (which mirrored the bedrooms from the actual series!), Rei cut her hair mid-shoot and for a powerful reason at that.

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Rei knows what she wants, and is not afraid to speak it, so even her captions on Instagram were on point. “Here’s to cutting off things we don’t deserve,” she wrote, which accompanied the image of her holding a portion of semi-chopped hair, sporting outfits that had cut-outs, sheer fabrics, and delicate laces that emulated vulnerability.

“My friends know how hard the past few weeks (have been) for me. Like I’ve been questioning myself, more of like, life purpose. ‘Di ko alam kung quarter-life crisis nga ba ‘to dahil I’m 25,” Rei Germar shares in her birthday vlog upon doing the first snip of her hair. “But it felt like I was letting go of people’s expectations from me, I was letting go of like, the pressure I’m putting on my own shoulders.”

Rei Germar birthday shoot 25 haircut
Rei Germar birthday shoot 25 haircut

Rei Germar also said that after being so used to her long hair for three years, she was ready to give herself the big chop. “You know kasi, I feel like the past few years I’ve been really concerned with what people are expecting from me. I realized it consumed me to the point na na-burn out na ‘ko.” Being 25 gives you a major life epiphany in one way or another, and Rei did not hold back. “Exciting siya, parang liberating ‘yung feeling na I have come to realize that it’s okay. It’s okay if I prioritize myself this time.”

Acceptance is never easy, but Rei Germar knows that the opinions of the people around her is something beyond her control. On assumptions, she says, “Kung anong gusto mong isipin about me, isipin mo na. My peace of mind na ngayon eh, ‘yun na ‘yung priority ko. So, whatever you want to think about me, just think it. But I’m thankful for family and friends na kino-correct ako, ’cause that’s how I grow and learn.”

The top three life lessons from Rei? “It’s never too late to save up. Prioritize yourself. Time is running so fast, so don’t take advantage, do things that you love. Like, don’t give a f*ck what other people think as long as you don’t step on anyone.” And as Rei Germar cut her hair, so did she cut off everything else that wasn’t meant for her.

You can watch Rei Germar’s birthday confessions vlog below:







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