hobbies to try in 2024

Bye, Boredom! 10 Pastimes You Might Consider Picking Up In 2024

New year, new hobby.

If you find yourself running out of TV shows and movies to marathon (or perhaps looking to break free from the screen), we’ve compiled a list of hobbies to try for the year.

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Have you ever found yourself with that much-needed break, only to realize you no longer have hobbies or pastimes that resonate with you? Personally, I’ve maxed out on weekend shenanigans, from wild parties to late-night adventures. Now, my weekends feel stuck in this never-ending binge of TV marathons and endless scrolling through social media.

But hey, adulting doesn’t have to be a synonym for being stuck in a snoozefest. Whether you’re itching for a burst of creativity, a thrilling physical challenge, or a cool way to kick back, say sayonara to the boring routines because this year is your massive playground of potential.

If you’re running low on TV shows (or maybe looking to ditch the screen for a bit), we’ve put together a lineup of some serious pastimes for 2024. These aren’t just your run-of-the-mill activities—they’re the kind that promise an escape from the ordinary and bring exciting opportunities for personal growth.

Anything Crafts and Art

I heard someone say on TikTok that you don’t have to be good at your hobbies; all you need is to have fun. Rediscover hands-on creativity with a resurgence of DIY crafts. Whether it’s crocheting, clay art, or paint by numbers—or even trying to learn an instrument—unleash your artistic side and turn your free time into something unique. Not only does it provide a sense of accomplishment, but it also offers a welcome break from screen time. After all, who needs perfect when you can have perfectly imperfect fun?

Calling Chef Ramsay

It’s time to call Gordon Ramsay for a gastronomic adventure right from the heart of your home kitchen. With an abundance of cooking classes, recipe books, and food delivery at your fingertips, channel your inner chef by diving into the world of gourmet cooking.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a kitchen newbie, now is the best time to experiment with exotic flavors and turn your humble home-cooked meals into masterpieces. Of course, don’t forget to share your culinary creations with your loved ones—I mean, if you’re confident enough that it wouldn’t cause poisoning.

Digital Detox

Even though the whole world fits right into your phone, peep into a digital detox. Your best bet, whenever you finally catch a break from the hustle and bustle, is to ditch the screens, swipe away from the socials, and seriously serve those constant notifications a timeout to recharge your mind and reconnect with what truly matters.

Take a breather from the picture-perfect feeds and immerse yourself in real-life experiences, whether it’s a walk, a weekend with your family, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee without the need to take a selfie.

Experience Escape Rooms

This weekend, try the ultimate thrill-fest of escape rooms! With themes surrounding suspense, detective work, and asylums, imagine yourself decoding cryptic clues—all against the clock. They’re the answer to your usual boredom, injecting a dose of excitement into your downtime.

Whether you’re plotting the great escape with family, friends, or coworkers, get ready to flex those problem-solving muscles, communicate like a pro, and create memories that’ll have you talking about that epic experience for weeks to come.

Fun and Fit

Break a sweat without leaving your living room by following fitness activities online. Speaking of online, social media platforms might pressure you into a routine, but you can stay active without Chloe Ting’s workout plan. Whether it’s a 5-minute morning stretch, walking while doing the dishes, or a few jumping jacks, say goodbye to traditional workouts and hello to effective exercises to stay active. Again, you don’t need this to become a part of your routine when you can start with these as your pastime—progress is better than no progress, after all.

Green Thumbs and Gardening

Embrace the green thumb in you and start an eco-friendly garden. Whether you have a small balcony or a spacious backyard, growing your own flowers, herbs, and little pots of plants can be a rewarding and sustainable hobby. Then someday, maybe you no longer have to grocery shop for produce as you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor—literally.

Mindful Meditation

In the grind of daily life, taking time for mindful meditation can provide a safe space for your mind. Explore exercises through meditation apps and practice combining concentration with awareness.

While finding the one that resonates with your inner calm, complement this mindfulness meditation with the melody of morning musings through journaling. Don’t judge your thoughts, though—it’s a reflective practice that allows you to recognize your biggest blessings, regain focus, and reorganize thoughts to avoid being a scatterbrain throughout the day.

Pop a Podcast Channel

Whenever we’re sharing stories or diving deep into those heart-to-heart talks, at some point, we told people ‘we should start a podcast!’ Well, the real question is, ‘why not?‘ After listening to these channels of celebrities and content creators, maybe 2024 is the year for your inner storyteller to shine.

Whether you have personal anecdotes, a niche interest, or enriching experiences, by starting a podcast, you have the chance to contribute meaningfully to a specific community or address topics that might be overlooked in mainstream media. Now, isn’t that the coolest?

Quick Quests Near Metro Manila

Whenever you’re in need of fresh air, take advantage of the 2-3 hour rides outside of Metro Manila. From North to South and everywhere in between, you have the beaches in Batangas, historical landmarks in Laguna, and ATV adventures in Zambales for a quick quest over the weekends. Yes, let’s not forget the youthful and cozy corners Rizal has to offer. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, or simply going out on a drive, stay active and reconnect with nature while discovering hidden gems in the great outdoors.

Self Care Sundays

Sundays often offer a sanctuary for self-care. Whether you’re a student with a never ending to-do list or an adult navigating the demands of a 9-5 routine, it’s essential to reclaim Sundays for yourself.

Embracing the Gen Z grindset mindset makes it seem counterintuitive to pause on a ‘rest day,’ but it’s the perfect time to recharge for another week of girl bossing. While you can party the night before, go out on a trip over the weekend or whatnot, make a steadfast commitment to your self-care Sundays. It doesn’t have to be big—start by exfoliating, take your everything shower, and put on a face mask. Now, don’t forget to hydrate and actually rest.

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