8 Travel Spots To Add To Your Bucket List Thanks To These Celebs and Creators

8 Travel Spots To Add To Your Bucket List, Thanks To These Celebs and Creators

Manifesting many travels this 2024. ✨

From Gabbi Garcia in Canada to Stell in Japan, celebs and creators got us bitten by the travel bug over the holidays. Add these places they visited to your own travel bucket list.

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It seemed like everyone was in Japan or South Korea over the holidays, and if you were bitten by the travel bug from seeing your social media feeds flooded with people spending their holidays overseas, just think of it this way: they’ve now given you so much inspo for your next trip abroad.

Whether you’re up for hiking on some massive red rocks in Utah like Kyle Echarri or spending a snowy day on a Canadian ice field like Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos, here are some places you may want to add to your 2024 travel bucket list to that aren’t just Instagram-worthy, but also offer amazing experiences and new adventures.


So many celebrities and creators went to Japan this holiday break. AC Bonifacio, Belle Mariano, Stell Ajero, and Bella Racelis, to name a few, spent the holidays exploring the cities and prefectures of Japan and having a grand time with all the food, sights, and culture of the country. Notable cities each of them dropped by include Tokyo (of course), Osaka, Hiroshima, and Kyoto. Whether you want to visit the famed Kimi no Na wa (Your Name) (2016) staircase in Tokyo, or max out your credit cards at Don Quijote, or drop by Osaka Castle, Japan is a tried-and-true destination for anyone who loves travel.


After Japan, creator Bella Racelis and her family also headed off to Seoul for a snowy escapade, dropping by the Myeong-dong Cathedral and the icy Cheongyang-gun County. Whether you’re a Hallyu stan or not, South Korea in any season is a fun travel destination with plenty of things to do. And if you are a Hallyu stan, here’s some good news: South Korea is launching a Hallyu visa program for aspiring performing artists, which will grant them a couple years stay immersing themselves in the arts and culture of the country. Learn more about it here.


Superstars Nadine Lustre and Kathryn Bernardo both recently jetted off to Thailand, albeit at different times. Nadine stopped by Pattaya in Chonburi to partake in the Wonderfruit Festival, an annual arts, music, nature, and culture festival in Thailand. Meanwhile, Kathryn embarked on a mouth-watering food trip in Bangkok, one of the best parts of any trip. Thailand’s rich culture, food, and sights to see are endlessly inviting to the aspiring traveler, and it’s a perfect destination for solo travelers, families, or barkadas. The best part? You don’t need a visa.


Andrea Brillantes embarked on a solo trip to Spain last year, and recently posted a vlog about her experience exploring cities in the European country. She documented her very relatable experience as a first-time female solo traveler diving headfirst into a completely different culture thousands of miles away from home and was truly reflective about her trip. From the mundane yet nerve-wracking acts of commuting in a different country to meeting new people, visiting cathedrals and watching a flamenco show, Andrea’s Spain trip makes us want to pack our bags and apply for a Schengen visa, stat.


Singer-actor Kyle Echarri spent the last leg of the year with his family in the States and gave us a glimpse of the gorgeous sights of Utah. The United States is easily a bucket-list entry for many people, but we often want to visit the well-known cities like Los Angeles or New York. Thankfully, these celebs and creators are letting us know that there are other travel-worthy places for all kinds of people. For instance, in Utah, Kyle shared snapshots of his trek to Angel’s Landing, a rock formation in Zion National Park. Angel’s landing is said to be one of the most intense and dangerous hikes in the United States, perfect for adventurous travelers and hikers.


Speaking of red rock, Arizona’s natural sights are also a sight to behold. The Barretto family spent their holidays in the States as well, and Claudia shared some scenic, sun-filled photos in shades of reds, oranges, and greens as she explored Sedona and its famous desert and rock formations.


With wide smiles and a breathtaking backdrop behind them, couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos warmed up the snow-capped mountains as they shared some holiday snapshots from the Athabasca Glacier in the Canadian Rocky Mountains. Who else could say they spent their Christmas on a glacier?


The well-traveled creator Ciara Gan also had a snowy holiday, hopping from one European country to the next. From Germany to Austria to the Czech Republic, she took in some beautiful architecture, explored numerous cities, and even visited the record store from 1995 film Before Sunrise. Talk about travel goals.

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