Team Jolly Goes To Japan: Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay’s 5 Cutest Travel Moments

Sofia and Allen take Japan.

Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay recently went to Japan together and clearly had a great time—strolling, eating, and smiling at each other all the while.

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If this loveteam pairing isn’t on your radar even with their adorable chemistry, their always-slayful OOTDs, and their youthful charisma, let their recent trip to Osaka, Japan might be the one to convince you of just how cute they are.

GMA Sparkle stars Sofia Pablo and Allen Ansay, dubbed Alfia or Team Jolly (a name they came up with themselves), are two of this generation’s up-and-coming young artists. Having started their pairing on social media over the pandemic, the two have went on to appear in GMA’s Prima Donna and star in their own projects such as Luv is: Caught in His Arms and In My Dreams. They’ve graced parties and red carpets together, looking very much like an emerging it-pairing that’ll sweep the industry with their charm and talent.

In their recent trip to Osaka, the two enjoyed all the tourist-y things and even got a little lost! From huge costume heads to ~fire~ ramen places, Team Jolly were able to showcase all the fun they had traveling together. NGL, we’re a little jealous!


minions 1 team jolly sofia pablo allen ansay

Instagram Story/itsmeallenansay

minions 2 team jolly sofia pablo allen ansay

Instagram Story/itsmeallenansay

Can you say adorable? Sofia and Allen decked themselves out in full Minion gear—sweaters, sweater vests, and giant Minion-head hats—at Universal Studios in Japan, where they met the banana-loving creatures themselves!


team jolly sofia pablo allen ansay food

Instagram Story/itsmeallenansay

Who goes to Japan and doesn’t go on a food trip? Team Jolly understood the assignment as they enjoyed Japanese food like ramen and takoyaki in the some of the best restaurants in Osaka. Not just that, but they also had some fun with the convenience store snacks, knick-knacks, and vending machines easily found in the cities.


No, not the Shawn Mendes song. The two actually lost their way for a bit in the city. And it’s perfectly understandable—Japanese transportation may be quick and efficient, but navigation isn’t easy! The pair was pictured trying to figure out the transit map with such a relatable and familiar posture. In the end, they decided to take a cab. We get it.


Get you someone who looks at you the way these two do. If you were there on the streets of Osaka, we can guarantee that you’d see Team Jolly taking selfies, snapping photos of each other, and taking in all the sights—lost in their own little world, and often in matching outfits. We just can’t get enough of the lovely, aesthetic photos that capture them smiling and having fun together. Also, take a look at their feeds to spot their super cute signature pose!


Kilig much? Sofia and Allen clearly made the best of their time in Osaka, and this edit (set to a romantic song) was sweet as it chronicled the days they spent exploring the city. Just from their snaps and clips, from eating on benches to chatting in transit, Team Jolly is clearly a pairing that’s built on good vibes and a genuine comfort with each other (Sofia said so herself!). No wonder they’ve built up such a following! We can’t wait to see where they take us next.

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