4 Ways You Can Prepare For The Renaissance Film

Everybody on mute!

Move out the way! I’m with my girls and we all need space at the Renaissance Film this December.

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While Beyonce did not include any Asia dates for her RENAISSANCE World Tour (which might change next year), Queen Bey was kind enough to give the Beyhive what they wanted with the release of RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCE in cinemas beginning this December 1. Serving as both a concert film and a behind-the-scenes look at how Beyonce’s biggest tour of her career came to be, the movie has many a Beyhive excited, especially considering how the Philippines will be one of the first countries in Asia to experience the musical moment when it lands in the country at the start of the month. 

Dancing to Heated in the cinema? Talk about an early Christmas present. So, whether you already have your tickets or are thinking of watching, here are a few things you can do so that you can live your best life at the Renaissance. 



While Beyonce may not bring her RENAISSANCE World Tour to the Philippines, we get the next best thing with the film. So, why not serve a look as you watch it in the cinema? Grab that silver outfit, sequins, futuristic shades, and disco ball cowboy hat, and own that movie theater like the alien superstar that you are. Whether it is your own creation or a recreation of one of Beyonce’s many, many tour outfits, RENAISSANCE: A FILM BY BEYONCE is your chance to live your tour fantasy. No one’s stopping you. 



For those of you who aren’t in the know, during ENERGY, Beyonce sings “Look around, everybody on mute”. During the show, this serves as the moment for the entire stadium to bring their volume to a zero before Beyonce sings the next line. This quickly became a running challenge during the tour, with some stops doing better than others. It goes without saying then that the movie will be your chance to do the Mute Challenge, and, more importantly, do it right. Make Bey proud.



While prices for the RENAISSANCE film nowhere near as expensive as tickets to the actual tour, they’re still pretty pricey. Regular seats can go for 550 pesos, with IMAX costing you a hefty 1000 pesos. With a few weeks still left before it screens this December, you still have time to save up for a ticket (or multiple for repeat viewings) and maybe get popcorn on the side. And considering how we’re in the holiday season, you can think of this as your Christmas gift to yourself. Go ahead, you deserve it. 



While a debate has been made on proper theater etiquette and whether it’s okay to sing and/or dance at the cinema for concert movies, that shouldn’t matter. Beyonce has made it known that the RENAISSANCE album and the accompanying world tour is a safe space where people are free to let loose and have fun. So, whether you have the tour’s choreography memorized and are ready to do the choreo to COZY or just want to sit on your seat, just remember to enjoy the ride. Watching alone, with friends, or at an organized fan screening, the RENAISSANCE is for everyone. This is the closest we’ve gone to seeing Mother in concert, so make the most of it. 

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