SB19 Strike Gold As They Show How It’s Done In ‘GENTO’

"Marumi, marumi, marumi, ewww, kadiri."

Clever wordplay, an eccentric music video, and delivering a message on transformational change? SB19 did that with GENTO.

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There are some new gold prospectors in town, and their name is SB19. After being kick-ass secret agents and time-traveling disco kings, SB19 is back again as their PAGTATAG! era official kicks into high gear. And starting things off for our P-pop kings is their first single, GENTO. Using the Caviteño word for ganito, which means like this in English, GENTO sees the boys go bold in a release that goes for the gold.


In the lead-up to the release of GENTO, SB19 teased that their new era would see them experiment with their signature sound to give fans a new flavor of their musicality. And sure enough, they weren’t lying with GENTO serving a mix of pop and hip-hop bravado with an EDM dance break to top it all off. The song places SB19’s talent and confidence into the spotlight, highlighting their strength and versatility as a group.


Taking inspiration from transformational change, the song implores the listener to enter the world with conviction and gusto knowing that incremental and everyday acts lead to success. Even the little, simplest acts can bring about triumphs, a fitting message for this era.

The bars from Pablo, Josh, and Ken are hot enough to melt the gold bars they dug up while Justin and Stell come in with their echoing vocals. GENTO also demonstrated their strong pen game. With their catchy wordplay, such as effortlessly weaving ganito, ginto, bento, and gento into the lyrics, GENTO has that playfulness while also delivering the empowering message SB19 is known to give. It signals their growth as a group, after years of refinement—just like gold as well.

And speaking of fun, that can be mined all over the song’s music video. Directed by Kerbs Balagtas, the song naturally has the boys own the camera with their moves and charisma. But as we shift from their pambahay looks to mine workers who have drip, they also added a few eccentric scenes. From Stell stepping into the mine in just his shorts and robe, Justin being leashed by his golden retriever, Chimi, Pablo, Ken, Josh, and Justin losing their eyebrows, and that ending, SB19 didn’t take themselves too seriously with their sense of humor. 


The artistry on display here is impeccable with how thought out each aspect of the release is. The looks were giving, the visuals ate, the choreography during the chorus has us hyped to see it in person, and the song itself is catchy. SB19 gave us cinema if you think about it. They operate on a different level. GENTO sets the path for the group’s upcoming new EP, which is dropping in June, and offers the promise of new sounds and unexplored genres. After years in the game, SB19 is ready to go to its next chapter with PAGTATAG! and do so with the certainty that a group like theirs has earned.


The gold rush is set to continue, as aside from a new single and EP next month, the group is also set to kick off their world tour at the Araneta Coliseum on June 24 and 25 and will have multiple stops in cities across the Philippines, United States, and Canada. Ticket selling will begin on May 21 at noon through TicketNet outlets nationwide or through

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