5 Reasons Why We’re Hyped For SB19’s PAGTATAG! Era

A'TIN staying well fed this year.

New music, album, and world tour? SB19 is giving it all to us in their PAGTATAG! era.

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After spending the first half of 2023 focused on their solo activities and other personal projects, SB19 is back to shake the industry once more with their impending comeback. And they got the ball rolling explosively with the drop of their PAGTATAG! trailer. The over five-minute long visual set the groundwork for the group’s new era that looks like it won’t be taking any prisoners. With their first single of the era set to drop this May 19, we lay down a few reasons why you need to pay attention to the P-pop kings’ latest musical project.  


It goes without saying that a new SB19 era means new music. But it will be exciting to see what new flavors and sounds the group delivers this time. After giving us disco pop with WYAT, SB19 will be exploring new genres and music styles for their comeback. It’s been over two years since we last got an EP from SB19, so PAGTATAG!, which drops on June 9, couldn’t come at a better time. The six-track EP may just be their most sonically adventurous release yet, and we can’t wait for it. The group isn’t afraid to mix up their music style so expect them to give us variety while retaining that signature sound we all know and love.


It needs to be said more about how SB19 consistently eats in the outfits department. Whether at an award show, music video shoot, or performance, the group knows how to serve a look. And going by the comeback trailer, we’re in for more visual treats. When they strutted out of the explosion in their gold and white ‘fits, it was a foreshadowing of how this era was going to give. Hello, new looks for the moodboard.


For those who felt that SB19’s world tour last year was a little too short, or just wanted to see them on stage again, you got your wish. Not only are we getting a new EP this June, but the month will also be the start of their newest world tour. The PAGTATAG! World Tour kicks off on June 24-25 at the Araneta Coliseum with stops in more cities around the country. The boys will then tour across the US and Canada in July and August. And with a tease of more shows to be announced, this tour is shaping up to be their biggest to date. 


SB19 are true creatives. Not only are they hands-on with their music, but also with multiple aspects of their career. From their music videos, choreography, and merch, the members have a say in it all. So, a new era means even more thought-out visuals to enjoy. Pablo and Justin serving as creative directors of the cinematic comeback trailer alongside Xi-Anne Avanceña show how deep they’re into it. We can’t wait to see what they’re cooking up.


When SB19 releases new songs, they aren’t just bops that we add to the playlist. They’re works that have a story to tell. Nearly every SB19 track and album have a deeper meaning behind it, and PAGTATAG! looks to continue that trend as the comeback trailer kicks things off with a tale of humans trying to save the last plant in the world. Their new EP will continue the story of the Ikalawang Yugto trilogy, and you can bet that there will be lessons and other nuggets of wisdom to take from it.

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