8 Moments That Prove Stell Is The Comedian Of SB19

Stellvester "Comedian" Ajero

Tall, talented, good-looking, and funny? Is there anything that SB19’s Stell can’t do?

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Anyone familiar with Stell knows that the SB19 member is the full package. He’s a charmer with good looks. He is a beast on the dance floor and is even responsible for some of the group’s choreography. And his vocals are some of the best in all of P-pop. But when you think that Stell couldn’t get any better, you then realize he also has a top-tier sense of humor.

Aside from being a talented musician, Stell is also very funny with his quick wit and humor, often leading to some very memorable moments. If he isn’t slaying on stage, Stell is turning even the most mundane of moments funny with his comedic chops. In case the P-pop life doesn’t work out for him (and we highly doubt that), comedy seems like the perfect second career Stell can get into. Uplift your spirits in this round-up of some of Stell’s most hilarious moments.


@mixhisuson alam na naten anong mga pinapanuod ni stell #sb19 #sb19_stell #stellajero #fypシ ♬ WYAT (Where You At) – SB19

Just like us, Stell has memes that live rent-free in his mind. In his case, it’s Tulfo memes that he isn’t afraid to unleash on his members, often to their delight.


@kxnto.lala KAGULAT BEH 😭😭😭😭😭#SB19 #fyp #sb19_stell ♬ original sound 🌙 – K

Aside from that jumpscare we got from his scream, the transition to I Got You (I Feel Good) was pretty good. Josh was all of us with the way Stell made something so dumb so fun.


@sb19fanboi SB19 STELL TikTok Live(11/22/2022) #sb19 #sb19official #sb19_stell #fypシ゚viral #foryou #fyp ♬ WYAT (Where You At) – SB19

During the group’s visit to the US last year, Stell decided to go on TikTok live in one of their outings. Only it was Stell being possessed by the ghost of the American-English language who we were watching.


@cnetdotcom #Apple or #Android? #sb19 #pablo #ken #josh #justin #stell #wyat #tech #technology #iPhone #iOS ♬ original sound – CNET

When asked to choose between Apple or Android, you would expect a simple response. But since Stell’s brain cells operate on a different dimension of reality, he wasn’t just going to give a basic answer. Honestly, it’s a mood.


@babysam2corner Namiss ko si Junard! 🤣🤣🤣 #sb19 #sb19_stell #funny #witty #tiktokphilippines🇵🇭 #tiktokph ♬ original sound – Ms A – eipolapolpie205

Stell was more than kind enough to share with us how the members get inspiration for their hair color. Remind us to send entire rainbow colors worth of underwear to Stell soon. And as for what inspired Justin’s hair color, we’ll just let our imagination fill in the blanks.


@smithklinenetwork Ang brainy talaga ni Stell 😅 ❤ #fyp #mahalima #atin #sb19members #goupbysb19 #sb19funnymomentscompilation #bakitbaikawSB19 #sb19edits #bgyoandsb19#sb19official #sb19mapa #sb19xatin #sb19official #sb19_pablo #sb19_josh #sb19_justin #sb19_ken #sb19_stell #sb19 #wyattour #cebu #LearnItOnTikTok #viral #trending #deniselaurelandsb19 #worldtourofsb19 #sb19members #sb19innewyork #sb19kenvideos #sb19jistinbeingarichkid #sb19fansinothercountries #sb19koreanreaction @SB19 Official @jahdedios @PABLO @FELIP @Vester Ajero @joshcullens ♬ Leave the Door Open – Bruno Mars & Anderson .Paak & Silk Sonic

That pun right there was done by a man with a mind of a well, mastermind.


One thing about Stell is that even in when he does the most ordinary of activities, he will always make it fun. Take for example when the group unboxed some of their MAPA merch. From saying that the shirts have ginseng to getting the members to pull on the shirt for no reason, it was a riot.


@emstilldoinfine Breaking News: @stellajero16 nagtampo sa 3.1k viewers niya sa tiktoklive hahaha. labyu. #sb19_stell #Sb19 ♬ Stell_Tampo_kausapinyungwire – mess

The dog show moments between Stell and A’TIN will never fail to make us smile. Note to self, never get on Ate Chona’s bad side.

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