All The Times SB19 Dominated In Their Solo Moments

No weak link here.

Even in their individual endeavors, SB19 proves that their talent, creativity, and passion are on another level.

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The kings of P-pop that they are, SB19 has comparably achieved the most milestones in their career as a boy group and has contributed a lot to the growth of the Pinoy pop genre. They have been consistently pushing the envelope, raising the standard of the local music scene, and help make Filipino talent known, appreciated and celebrated worldwide. But while Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin have been achieving historic feats left and right, the boys have also had the time to shine on their own in their respective solo engagements. Below are some of these special moments that spotlight SB19’s individual flair.


The first member to launch a solo project, SB19’s lead vocalist and main dancer Ken shows his versatility as FELIP. Flexing his creative muscle, Ken defied expectations when he released his era-defining tracks Palayo and Bulan in 2021 and 2022, respectively. From exploring his sensual, R&B side in the former to foregrounding Filipino folklore and history in the latter, Ken’s passion for creating genre-defying music is front and center. 

Even his music videos pulsate with artistic vigor that makes Ken one of the most exciting P-Pop acts today. Add to that how Ken, who has his own merch brand called Superior Son, always kills it in the style department with sleek looks that matches his music’s hard-hitting beats. This 2023, Ken enters his rockstar era with his soon-to-be-released debut EP COM•PLEX that for sure will be another highlight to his already vibrant soloist journey. Meanwhile, you can revel in FELIP’s MV for his latest track Rocksta that just fires on all cylinders.


We all know the stunning capabilities of SB19’s main rapper, vocalist, and leader Pablo. Just the fact that he’s written and even mastered some of the SB19 smash-hit songs like What?, MAPA, Bazinga, and recently, Nyebe, could explain to you the immense artistry that Pablo possesses. So, when La Luna came out early last year, his first-ever solo music project that he wrote, performed and produced, Pablo’s unstoppable spirit and power were unleashed. Encouraging all listeners to embrace their imperfections and taking control of one’s life, La Luna soars to some glorious heights with Pablo masterfully hitting those bars with blazing passion and unmatched energy. He’s called the pinuno for a reason.


Give him a microphone and the dance floor and for sure, Stell will do wonders with both. If you’ve been following Stell’s journey online, his enchanting covers, casual show of swag, and that heart-rending collab song, then you’d know that it’s already a given for SB19’s main vocalist, lead dancer, and main choreographer to ace both vocal and dance performances. Yet still, when Stell took to the Disney+ stage last year for A Night of Wonder to sing Elton John’s Circle of Life, his rendition was so majestic, he became a Disney prince of his own. It was a clear proof that whatever the musical style is and however high the notes are, Stell will always effortlessly shine.


In SB19’s Be In The Zone concert last 2021, the group’s lead rapper and lead dancer Josh dedicated his fiery performance of One Direction’s Drag Me Down especially for those who don’t believe in him. And it’s a fitting statement because really, nobody can stop Josh from conquering the stage and impressing us all with his charisma and talent.

If anything, his BITZ set only shows how he can own any music and infuse it with his own style and flavor, just like the way he incorporated a sonically unique and lyrically powerful rap sequence in his rendition of Drag Me Down. Josh also made his first solo collab project early last year when he worked with his cousins Ace (Ocho the Bullet) and Camille (Carrot Mayor) for the R&B track, Sofa. And once again, Josh imbibes his star rapper vibe and kills the beats so smoothly it’s therapeutic. Will we be seeing a debut solo single from Josh soon? Fingers crossed!


He might be SB19’s bunso, but Justin has proven his mettle through the years not just as a singer, dancer, performer, and entrepreneur, but also as SB19’s creative director. From their music videos to concerts, Justin has shown his visionary side, which helped SB19 reach their fullest potential in terms of producing original and quality visual storytelling. He’s also done a collaboration with fellow Pinoy artist Alex Bruce in the past, starring in the latter’s Yakap music video.

And recently, Justin, who’s also fondly called by A’TIN as their hardworking and independent “pure boy,” took on his biggest solo endeavor yet as one of the ambassadors of one of the largest supermarket chains in the country. With an uplifting theme, “Nasa Iyo Ang Panalo,” Justin radiates a victorious energy in his one-minute spot that although short, somehow still gives you goosebumps. In his vlog, Justin expresses his kilig, gratitude, and even disbelief that he’s able to be part of this special campaign. From a solo commercial feature to a solo album? Well, we’re all patiently waiting.

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