All Hail The Superior! FELIP Enters His Rockstar Era With ‘Rocksta’

Roar! Rise!

Entering a new chapter of his P-pop soloist career, FELIP is in full rockstar mode as he makes a blazing comeback with Rocksta.

Ever since SB19’s main dance and lead vocalist, Ken Suson, became the first member of the P-pop kings to go solo as FELIP in 2021, lives have been changed as the local pop culture scene beholds the coming of a fresh and promising soloist that embodies musical talent, swag, and style all in one persona. This year, following a blazing momentum, FELIP enters a new fiery chapter of his career and goes on full rockstar mode with his latest comeback single, Rocksta. And by the looks of his newly released music video that overflows with sizzling edge, FELIP is more than ready to take on his new era. 

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After the 23-second teaser came out days ago that signaled FELIP’s much-awaited return, we were treated to a full music video yesterday, January 19, that saw the singer-rapper in his peak trap music glory. And we know that not only does FELIP nail the sick beats and rhythms because if there’s anything that Palayo and Bulan have taught us, it’s that FELIP never disappoints when it comes to quality music productions.

FELIP Rocksta art

And that’s on full display with Rocksta. Rendered in sleek and sharp monochrome, the new music video sees FELIP rocking that new hairstyle while vibing with a black-clad and heavenly synchronized dance troupe in SUPERIOR SON ‘fits. Add to that FELIP’s strikingly deep voice, the banger beats, and Jay Joseph Roncesvalles’ fire choreography and you’re in for some headbanging hip-hop greatness.

The visuals, which are complete with statement shots like a burning microphone, blindfolded backups, FELIP in mask and painted black, somehow give off vibes as that of rappers Kendrick Lamar or Tyler the Creator’s music videos. “When I wrote the song ‘ROCKSTA’ I’ve always imagined the music video to be like this,” FELIP, a proud Bisdak artist, shares in his Instagram post. “Thank you to everyone who helped me put this together and of course to our A’TIN and my sisiws who never failed to support me – being a ROCKSTA is a mindset – now, roar! Rise!”

On January 13, a day after his birthday, FELIP also unveiled the timeline for the release of his debut EP COM • PLEX of which Rocksta will be a part. Under Warner Music Philippines, COM • PLEX comes out on February 3 and is a six-track offering that’s mostly composed of hip-hop tracks with some R&B and trap music influences. FELIP’s latest endeavor looks to take the listeners “on a journey beyond the blinding lights of the stage and into his psyche as an artist.” As described on FELIP’s Youtube channel, his first-ever EP aims to inspire others to “embrace their complexities” that make them one-of-a-kind.

Revel in FELIP’s rockstar era as ‘Rocksta’ now streams on all music platforms.

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