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8 Of The Most Pinoy-Coded Moments From The Asia Artist Awards 2023

Let's go, Filos. 🇵🇭🫡

Besides being held in the Philippines, the Asia Artist Awards 2023 featured a few more things that made it distinctly Pinoy-coded in a variety of ways.

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Welcome to the Philippines, Hallyu stars! We have Monobloc chairs and truckloads of humor. At the Asia Artist Awards 2023, people couldn’t help but notice how the show was so very Pinoy—and they’ve got jokes about it.

To be Pinoy-coded in this sense means evoking a very distinct Filipino energy—like showing everyday staples in Filipino culture or making jokes only Filipinos (and apparently, Bang Chan) would understand. Some of them may be unfortunate or embarrassing to be associated with, but one thing that’s also Pinoy-coded is that we can find the humor in everything and make even ordinary situations something to smile about. Check out a few moments from the Asia Artist Awards 2023 that totally screamed “welcome to the Philippines!”


Monobloc plastic chairs can be found in every corner of the Philippines, from parties to classrooms—and a few found their way to the Asia Artist Awards. While not a unique Filipino thing, the very appearance of the distinct white chair added a very Pinoy touch to the show.


Actress Melai Cantiveros-Francisco was a beam of light at the awards show, and even Koreaboo reported about her funny artist interview in the middle of the show. People even mentioned that her interaction with host Wonyoung was giving “kanal vs. aircon humor,” what with Wonyoung’s poised, sweet hosting and “first honor and valedictorian” Melai’s hilarious responses and expressions.


A few fans have joked about the award show setup being reminiscent of a debut party, what with the draped tables and Tiffany chairs, with the debutante (Melai, of course) being the star of the show. Also—spot the monoblock chair.


Ryan Bang was a fun choice to have host the red carpet. His directing of the artists, combined with funny side comments, lit up the red carpet and made the artists, the press, and the red-carpet raffle winners crack a smile.


According to fans, streaming partner and platform Weverse had to release a statement to viewers abroad about network and connectivity issues causing problems for the livestream. Unfortunately, we are known for our slow Internet speeds and connectivity issues (especially in event spaces with plenty of people).


If there’s one thing a Filipino crowd can claim, it’s their energy. When they cheer, they cheer loud enough to shake the walls of a stadium, whether it’s because their fave is performing or they just popped up on screen. It’s no surprise Hallyu artists always hype up a Filipino crowd’s energy.


We’re not sure how it is in other countries, but here, chanting’s a big thing—an effort to hype and uplift performers and artists and bring up the energy. From “Melai” and “Kim Sejeong” to “Gento” and “BooSeokSoon,” the chants that picked up all across Philippine Arena were infectious and fun to do—and the artists appreciated it (they even joined in!).


Pinoy-coded might primarily mean circumstances or situations distinctly Filipino in an unfortunate or humorous way, but hey—we’re also taking it to mean the abundance of talent that’s helping Filipinos become a mainstay in global pop culture. What’s Pinoy-coded? Talent. And SB19, Chanty of LAPILLUS, HORI7ON, Ben&Ben, Melai, Kathryn Bernardo, and Daniel Padilla’s appearances at AAA proved so. And considering how most of them won awards too meant that Pinoy talent was well represented at the event.

Asia Artist Awards 2023 was presented by PULP Live World, StarNews Korea, TONZ Entertainment, and Smart Communications Inc.

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