Bringing the House Down: 5 Reasons Why Filipinos Are The Best Concert Crowds

Best crowd? You bet.

There’s definitely a few reasons why so many artists praise the Philippines for being a great stop and Filipinos for being a great concert crowd!

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“Manila has a different energy.” “The Filipino fans are loud. They aren’t like other fans. They sing with us, interact with us.” “This may not be the biggest arena that we’ve been to, but definitely the loudest.” “Easily the loudest crowd we’ve played to in a very long time.” These are just a few of the praises sung by international artists about a Filipino crowd, namely from The Rose, ONE OK ROCK, ENHYPEN, and Kodaline.

Of course, it’s common practice for artists to praise the crowd they’re performing for everywhere. But something just hits different in the Philippines, and plenty of artists admit it. Do bigger crowds and bigger stadiums do better somewhere else? Sometimes. Are we the perfect crowd? Maybe not. But are we able to express our appreciation and enthusiasm in a way that artists are able to realize just how much we love them? Absolutely. So, here’s a few reasons why artists often say that they love the crowds and that they’ll definitely come back to the Philippines “soon” in almost every concert.


I dare you to scour through the internet to find a concert from an international artist where they don’t praise a Philippine crowd for having epic energy. Even fans from other countries who attend their faves’ concert here often admit that Filipino crowds are unlike anything they’ve experienced before. We’re loud, we’re proud, and we don’t care who hears.


Personally, we will never get tired of seeing the look of appreciation and awe on artists’ faces when a crowd—any crowd—sings their songs back to them beautifully. The Philippines is no exception, as Filipinos can sing songs like its their own. Must be all that karaoke. Whatever language the songs may be in, and whether it’s before the show with all the instrumental tracks (like at SEVENTEEN’s Be The Sun in Manila) or during, like with Sam Smith themself, it’s guaranteed that voices will fill that stadium like the artist got their own choir singing backup.


@nylonmanila This will never not be funny 😭😭😭 #READYTOBE_IN_BULACAN_D1 #TWICE_5TH_WORLD_TOUR #TWICE ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

No matter who you are or what you say—if we’re in that arena or stadium with you, you can bet we’ll be screaming and chanting our heads off. At festivals, even if we only came for one of the artists on there, we’ll still be cheering you on. If an artist says anything from “Are you ready?!” to “I want to try lechon,” we will scream and chant your name like it’s a performance of its own. Peak energy.


Listen up, Taylor Swift. Whether you come here for a show or not, we’ll be celebrating you and your music like a concert of our own. Whether it’s a show by Taylor Sheesh or in cinemas watching your Eras Tour film, we’ll prove how much we love the party that is the shared experience of music.

And also, for concerts, we hold little gatherings of our own. From getting ready together to giving away freebies and giveaways in the parking lot of a concert arena, or having our own afterparties after the show, there’s a good time beyond the concert itself. Remember when Louis Tomlinson was at Xylo?


@nylonmanila #SabrinaCarpenter on Manila (and the Philippines) making Nonsense go viral. 🇵🇭🥹✨#SabrinaCarpenterMNL #EmailsICantSendMNL ♬ original sound – NYLON Manila

From singing each note flawlessly to matching the energy of their performances, Filipino concert crowds are lively, passionate, and highly appreciative of the live show and artistry they witness . We love the live show experience—we don’t just stick to listening to the song on our phones. We will queue for hours to get tickets, get to concert venues way early, or keep mementos of each show. Plenty of crowds around the world are the same, of course, but there’s truly nothing like a Filipino concert audience.

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