Filipino Fans Proved That We Have the Best Concert Crowds During Kodaline’s Return to Manila

It was a moment, to say the least.

Here’s the thing about Filipino concert crowds, artists don’t serenade us—we sing to them.

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No matter how old or young you may be, Kodaline won’t just ring a bell—they’ll tug at your heartstrings, even if you’re just hearing them on the radio for the first time. If you allow their music in, it could heal a broken heart. Imagine hearing them serenade you live?

Since Wanderland 2018, it’s been five years since Kodaline’s last visit to Manila. The palpable excitement for their comeback was clear in the sold-out, jam-packed Filinvest Tent. And just when I thought Kodaline would be serenading the crowd, we were the ones singing to the band—and Kodaline loved it. In case you’re feeling FOMO, here’s what went down. These were the moments when Filipino fans proved that we have the best concert crowds during Kodaline’s return to Manila.

Ten Seconds and We Were Already Wildin’

It only took ten seconds to understand why we boast one of the best concert crowds. Last night, as Kodaline stepped onto the stage, the crowd went wild. The tent erupted into a symphony of chants and screams that could be heard from miles away. It wasn’t just about giving them a warm welcome, but the fact that they also opened the night with a fan fave, Wherever You Are.

Ocean of Lights

A beautiful sight to behold, every Filipino concert crowd transforms into an ocean of lights during slow songs, and last night was no exception. As Kodaline began singing The One, there was no need to ask – every phone was swaying, creating a breathtaking sea of lights. This moment perfectly encapsulates the emotional connection between Filipino fans and artists.

“Manila, That’s Beautiful”

One of the most heartwarming moments for Filipino concert crowds is when artists openly express admiration. Over the years, performers have paused mid-performance to listen to the passionate voices of Filipino fans, never hesitating to compliment our singing skills. Last night, during High Hopes, Kodaline paused to say, “Manila, that’s some beautiful singing.” Well, it’s been a day and I’m definitely still kilig.

The Best Crowd

Kodaline complimented the crowd not once, but twice. As the night drew to a close, Steve said, “You guys are one of the best crowds we’ve ever played for.” I’ve been to a couple of concerts over the years, and this was one of the most genuine compliments I’ve ever heard. I’ve never been prouder to be part of something.

No Words, Just High Hopes (and Encore)

Kodaline had originally planned to wrap with Love Will Set You Free, but the Filipino fans had one specific song in mind—All I Want. As everyone passionately sang the entire song acapella, the band couldn’t resist the heartfelt request and graciously granted it. This moment is a testament to the undeniable energy and unconditional love that fans bring to every concert. It’s no wonder why every artist and collective falls head over heels for our concert crowds.

Surprise! They Have A Message for Every Filipino Fan

Before their concert, we had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to chat with Vinny May, the drummer of Kodaline. As it turns out, they’re not just looking forward to eating Filipino food—they have a message for fans as well. “Thank you so much for all the support. The Philippines has always been one of the most welcoming places. The people are great, the food is great, and the weather is always nice. We’re grateful that you’re allowing us to perform here over the years. It’s incredible being back. I hope you guys have as much fun as we do,” he shared.

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