Highlights Of Bruno Major’s Manila Concert That Gave Best Performer Core


Three years later and it was worth the wait seeing Bruno Major live and performing all his sentimental bops.

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Emotional, nostalgic, and calming: The best adjectives to define Bruno Major’s music. His ability to convey emotions through his sentimental and deep songs, which address themes of love, heartbreak, and emotional experiences, is what listeners love him for. The British singer-songwriter, whose fans had been waiting for his return for five years, came back to Manila for his concert, Tour of the Planet Earth 2023, to captivate his fans with outstanding vocals and performance, soulful melodies, and flawless poetry. 

Widely recognized for the songs Nothing, Easily, and The Most Beautiful Thing, Bruno Major initially won our hearts during his Philippine debut at Karpos Live in 2018, and ever since then, we have become complete suckers for his live performances. He was slated to perform at the Wanderland Music & Arts Festival 2020, but the event was later postponed. 

Now that he had finally returned, the New Frontier Theater was brimming with pleasure and joy from concert-goers with the successful production that sold out thousands of tickets. If you missed the show and your curiosity is kicking in, here are some of Bruno Major’s performance highlights you wish you had witnessed.

A Stunning Opening Number

Bruno Major never ceases to amaze his fans with the perfect opener, The Show Must Go On. Using his soothing voice, a guitar, and the help of the band, he connected with his audience through this heartfelt track. Even though he informed us that he was sick and couldn’t speak the morning of the event, he still delivered us the best opening number.

Here’s To The “Nothing” Enthusiasts

“Tracksuits and red wines, movies for two,” the moment Bruno Major sang the opening lines of Nothing, the crowd did not think twice about cheering for excitement as they sang together with him. He highlighted how it was unexpected and surprising for him when Nothing went viral and was adored by many out of all his songs, and after being unable to play the music live as it was released during the pandemic, he finally got to perform it during the show.

The Art Of Instrumental Solos

What’s a Bruno Major concert without his guitar and piano solos? With nearly every song he performed with the constancy of energy from the start to the encore, he delivered high-caliber instrumental solos that left the audience members in fascination.

A Show-Stopping Double Encore

For his last song, Bruno Major might have ended all situationships with We Were Never Really Friends. A show-stopping performance with powerful guitar strums, and heartbreaking lyrics, Bruno Major closed his show with a loud bang and a little prick in our hearts. 

The crowd yelled for one last song just as we started to believe Bruno Major actually left, but he didn’t let the Manila crowd down and returned to the stage with his band to perform the well-known song Easily.

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