6 Moments When Filipino Fans Won At NIKI’s Manila Concert

Soul moved, emotions stirred, voices strained.

If NIKI says Manila is special, then it’s special.

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If NIKI’s first solo concert in Manila selling out in minutes was any indication, the Indonesian superstar was in for a warm welcome for her return to the Philippines. After serving as a main highlight of Head in the Clouds Manila last year, NIKI recently made her latest trip to the country as part of the Nicole World Tour. Right off the bat, the singer-songwriter was in for a special moment as she played at MOA Arena to the first sold-out headline arena show of her career.

But in as much as NIKI was in for a magical night, her Filipino fans also eagerly waited for months to see the songstress. At around an hour and thirty minutes long, the concert was admittedly shorter than we’d preferred, but it was still nothing but mutual love inside the arena as NIKI filled the space with her hits and deep cuts while Filipino fans sang her relatable lyrics back and felt their feels. It was a moment, to say the least. Whether you’re nursing that FOMO or trying to get over PCD, here are a few highlights from the night that had NIKI’s Filipino fans winning in life.  


You really are that crowd when NIKI decides to pull out a deep cut. Around halfway through the show, the musician shared that she was going to play a track that she rarely includes in the setlist because of how many Filipino fans ask her to play it and that the Manila crowd is a special one. She then proceeded to belt out Take A Chance With Me while strumming her guitar, all to the delight of the crowd. Even if she wrote the track when she was 15 about her first crush, it still hits hard to this day.


There’s just something so beautiful about seeing NIKI perform Oceans & Engines, one of the most emotional tracks she’s ever made, while MOA Arena lights up in a sea of white and blue lights. The feels were dialed up to an 11.   


Selene, Autumn, Anaheim, Around, Backburner, and more, it was nothing but bops and bangers at NIKI’s Manila concert. She played those favorites for her Filipino fans, and we couldn’t be happier. Excuse us as we listen to the setlist on Spotify to relieve the moment.  


BRB, just replaying the moment of NIKI singing Lose on the piano to a captivated crowd of thousands who also sang it back to her. While the song is called Lose, this was a win for us.


The Filipino concert crowd strikes again. The hype and energy of Pinoy fans were real, as seen by their enthusiasm for singing Backburner. NIKI even complimented how loud the crowd was during the show, as she should.


NIKI knew exactly what she was doing having High School in Jakarta, lowkey, and Every Summertime close out the show. It gave triple threat, all while she and her band looked so cute in their school uniforms.


Niki Zefanya who? We only know Niki Anonas. In the lead-up to NIKI’s concert, fans were already hyped for the show with a fan event that included, among other things, a special performance from Niki Anonas. We just know fans were living when she performed High School in Manila.

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