5 Times BINI Showed That There Was No One Like Them In P-pop

They always know how to make us feel good.

From giving us bangers to breaking barriers, no one is doing it quite like the nation’s girl group, BINI.

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The Philippines has a relatively rich history when it comes to girl groups. Everyone and their mother knows the Sexbomb Girls, Asia’s reported best-selling girl group for 11 consecutive years. And over the last few years, a new generation of girl groups have taken up the mantle of P-pop excellence as they bring the genre to new heights and introduce more people to the culture. The new era of P-pop girl groups isn’t lacking in terms of talent, charisma, and music. But few do it like BINI.

Ever since their debut in 2021, these girls have been marching to the beat of their own drum as they showcase the modern binibini. The music? Slaps. Performances? Eats. And their memes? Saved in our folder. If you think a P-pop idol wouldn’t do it, BINI proves otherwise. Let’s take a look at a few BINI moments we can’t believe are real.


@bini_macolet where can u see an idol that reads out loud an au about them while their fans are watching 😭😭 btw, kudos to the author of that au kahit ang sakit nung nangyari sa kwento and mas dama pa kasi si maloi yung nagbabasa 😭💔 #bini #biniph #maloi #bini_maloi #ppop #au #biniau #alternateuniverse #pov ♬ original sound – bini_macolet

Whether you purposely looked for it or not, you’ve probably come across at least one Alternate Universe (AU) story on social media once before. But when you’re BINI, you don’t just become the star of AUs, you read them, too. That’s what Maloi did during one of her livestreams where she actively asked and searched for AUs starring her and the other members, which she then proceeded to read aloud and felt her feels. We love a relatable queen.  


@onlyforbini di ko alam kung saan ako maiinggit, sa 1k na bigay ni Maloi or sa "mag ingat ka" 😩 (credits to @/mikhapink on twitter) #bini #biniph #binimaloi #ppop #maloiricalde ♬ original sound – stan BINI_PH ♡ – #BINI_Karera OUT NOW

Shoutout video? This BLOOM went the extra mile and asked Maloi for money for their ride home. And as the generous queen that she is, the P-pop idol gave the fan 1k pesos. That “mag-ingat ka” felt so motherly. Who else would give their fans pamasahe? And even if it might have supposedly been staged, the fact that Maloi agreed to do it makes us stan harder.


Mother Maloi strikes again, as she should. One of the best fan gifts ever received by a celebrity, Maloi shared on a kumu live that a BLOOM gave her a rice cooker as a gift. See, this is what you call a practical fan who knows that Maloi would probably have more use out of a rice cooker than a drawing or a card.


@itsbellashii Reply to @shznyyx JayWonist &lt3 #bini #biniph #bini_sheena #ppop #kpop #engene #enhypen #fyp ♬ Future Perfect (Pass the MIC) – ENHYPEN

Most fans would want to trade or give their photocards of their fave idols to other fans. But when it comes to BINI, fans are giving the P-pop idols photocards of their faves as seen in this moment where a fan gave Sheena a Jake and Jungwon photocard, much to her delight. When was the last time you saw fans give idol photocards to other idols?


@bini_lat istg this is my fav vid of them😭 #BINI #biniph #ppop #girlgroup #gta ♬ original sound – Gwen's GF

Sure, your P-pop idols are talented. But can they moonlight as GTA characters? It’s actually iconic when you think how good they are at doing the GTA walk. Low-key they auditioned to be NPCs for GTA 6 as they effortlessly glided in their white t-shirts and jeans. Top 5 funniest things BINI has ever done.


BINI isn’t the only P-pop group to have shown support for the LGBTQIA+ community. But it was such a breakthrough to see one of the biggest girl groups in the country post, hold, and wave the Pride flag as they performed at a school event that celebrated the community during Pride month. It probably brought comfort to their LGBTQIA+ fans seeing BINI do this. The group is showing how accepting the modern binibini is as well as how P-pop shouldn’t shy away from these topics.

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