Herstory! The Filipinas Just Won Their First Game At The Women’s World Cup


The Filipinas prove once again that they are never to be underestimated as seen in their first win at the FIFA Women’s World Cup.

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Heading into the FIFA Women’s World Cup, the Philippine Women’s National Football Team, collectively known as the Filipinas, was already making history. As the first team from the Philippines to ever compete at a World Cup, the Filipinas already secured their spot in the football history books. But the team was aiming for the presence to make an impact. They weren’t just going to show up and bow out, these Filipinas wanted to prove that they deserved their spot at the World Cup. And that they did when they broke through all kinds of barriers to secure their first win in the championship.


Heading into their second match of the competition, the Filipinas were shaking off their first-match jitters following their first loss. Recharged and reenergized, the national team was ready for more, though, they admittedly had their work cut out for them. The Filipinas went up against New Zealand, who is a co-host team of the current Women’s World Cup and ranked World No. 26.

The Kiwis were also fresh from their 1-0 win against Norway and were hoping to be the first team in Group A to make it to the next round. But the Filipinas said, “Not so fast” as the energy at the Wellington Regional Stadium was palpable. The start of the match saw New Zealand play aggressively as they vied for a goal. But the Filipinas proved tenacious and played a strong defense to guard against the home team.


It was during the 23-minute mark that proved to be the opening the Filipinas needed. Plays from Angela Beard and Sara Eggesvik had the ball near New Zealand’s net. It was then a godly header from Sarina Bolden that landed the Filipinas not only their first goal of the competition but the first World Cup goal for the Philippines. The game was 1-0, but it wasn’t over yet as New Zealand looked for redemption in the second half. But their strong offense wasn’t enough for the Filipinas’ impressive defense, with particular props going to goalkeeper Olivia McDaniel and her game-winning saves, for which she was awarded Player of the Game. New Zealand’s goals that were discarded by the referees led to the final score of 1-0.

And just like that, the Filipinas, who are ranked World No. 46, secured their first win of the World Cup, and to no less than a co-host team, and secured another page for themselves in the books. Needless to say, that was a historic game and another W the team can add to their long list. The Filipinas’ next match will be on July 30, 3 PM, against World No. 12 Norway as the national team will vie for another breakthrough upset to move on to the next round.

Congratulations ladies! Go show your support for our team by cheering them on in their next match. And you might even want to cop their jersey kits from adidas.

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