8 Hilarious Caroline and Bingo Moments From Can’t Buy Me Love

"Anak ng panty!"

DonBelle’s new romantic drama Can’t Buy Me Love is so far not disappointing when it comes to the bardagulan between wealthy socialite Caroline and an already stressed-out Bingo.

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At six episodes in so far, Can’t Buy Me Love is proving itself to be a primetime favorite, blending genres and telling a compelling narrative helmed by its superstar leads Belle Mariano and Donny Pangilinan. Can’t Buy Me Love tells the story of Caroline Tiu (Mariano), a wealthy heiress who finds herself in the middle of a dangerous plot, and Bingo Mariano (Pangilinan), a struggling young man who saves her and gets tangled up in the mess.

The series delves into crime, romance, family, and class disparities, putting fresh twists on classic tropes. Amongst the heart-racing and sad scenes, the comedy in the series is also a hit, largely owed to the dynamic between Caroline and Bingo, the stoic, sosyal heiress versus the working class and down-on-his luck young man. Here’s a few of our favorite comical moments from the show we can’t get enough of.


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Bingo, who’s already struggling with money and the health complications of his lola, gets hit with a new wave of stress when his and Caroline’s paths cross. The young man saves her from a kidnapping plot and from drowning, but now has to deal with someone whose life is so vastly different from his. This screaming scene is the epitome of “rich girl gets thrown to the wolves” and the way Mariano and Pangilinan commit to the bit is so funny to watch.


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Anak ng panty” indeed! After Caroline hails a cab to run some errands, she and Bingo reunite and he discovers the fare meter’s up to a whopping five thousand pesos. That’s enough for a trip to Boracay!


This one hit a little too close to home! From Caroline’s Taglish to Bingo’s hilariously snide remark that she stop spending so recklessly, these 6 seconds capture their banter-driven dynamic so well. There’s a reason it’s racked up over 2 million views and enticed people to watch the show!


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You know, we kind of get Caroline’s exasperation. Shingaling pa more. This kind of banter is truly amusing, as the characters and storylines are something new for the two actors. Mariano and Pangilinan do a great job at showing range.


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The shampoo chronicles are the driving comedic force behind this episode. While Caroline adjusts to temporarily living with less, shampoo is one thing she refuses to skimp out on. From the misunderstanding of what 20 means to trying to look for her shampoo at a sari-sari store, Caroline’s naivete and Bingo’s increasing stress and incredulity make for an entertaining narrative thread.


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Caroline’s already racked up a bit of a debt to Bingo, amounting to over 200,000. Bingo listing it down so accurately is not just funny, but alongside the serious exchange they had about how much money means to Bingo, it’s a glaring indication of how different their lives are. And the way bingo unlocks the phone with his cute smile is too wholesome for words.

The show does well to show these disparities both in comedic and serious light, nuancing the relationships and narrative within it. Can’t Buy Me Love is shaping up to prove itself able to balance genres and endear us to both Caroline and Bingo, making us want to see more of them, their relationship, and the whole story.


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Now, Bingo, what could you possibly be thinking? As Caroline starts with her makeover, Bingo’s mind clearly went to places, only to be let down by the result. The disappointment was palpable!


@netflixph in 200 characters, sino ang may sala sa pagka-late ni bingo? discuss. #CantBuyMeLove #CBML #BelleMariano #DonnyPangilinan #DonBelle #Netflix #Donbelleendgame #donbelleempire ♬ original sound – Netflix Philippines

Upon meeting again, Caroline and Bingo had a bit of a standoff as Bingo realizes that the vehicle that caused him to be late for his presentation was owned by Caroline. Angry and adamant, he scolds a confused Caroline—who immediately, hilariously, turns the tables.

You can watch more of Caroline and Bingo’s adventures on Netflix, iWantTFC, Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, Jeepney TV, TFC, A2Z, or TV5.

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