Let’s Talk About How SB19 Lowkey Had The Most Iconic Comeback At AAA 2023


From their collaboration with &TEAM to their multiple wins, SB19 came back stronger than ever at Asia Artist Awards 2023.

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The past month wasn’t easy for SB19 and their fans, A’TIN. After their anniversary celebration in October, rumors began swirling that the group was encountering legal troubles with the use of their name from their previous management. Those rumors turned into apprehension as they canceled international tour dates and the SB19 name was nowhere to be seen in their recent festival appearances. However, this hurdle seemed to have been cleared after 1Z Entertainment released a statement confirming that the company and the group’s previous management came to an agreement regarding the use of the SB19 name and anything associated with it. 

Asia Artist Awards 2023 served as their first public event since the announcement. After weeks of uncertainty, they were attending one of the biggest events of their career. It was a big deal for SB19, to say the least. Not only were they attending a major Korean awards show, but they were also doing so as a guest and performer. And yet again, SB19 proved why they are the indisputable P-pop Kings with the way they devoured their way through the awards show. 


As one of the most anticipated guests at AAA 2023, SB19 showed up and showed out in Francis Libiran suits that made them look all kinds of dapper. They also got the show started right as one of the first performers of the event. SB19, who also wore Francis Libiran for their performance, had a lot of expectations to meet, which they did, and then some. They took to the stage to perform a medley of their hits, with a highlight being the hit sensation that is GENTO

Taking things up a notch, the boys broke the internet with their fire performance thanks to their collab stage with &TEAM, who joined SB19 during GENTO. It gave Asian excellence the way SB19 and &TEAM tore that choreography up in their matching white fits. SB19 proudly repped P-pop and OPM to the world with a stage presence that has no bounds. They even had K-pop groups like Stray Kids and NewJeans hyped (we see you Minji doing the choreo). And we also love how their backup dancers were in the crowd, which made the performance even more epic. 


SB19 didn’t just attend the 8th Asia Artist Awards to perform, but they also took home not one, but two awards. First, they won AAA Hot Trend alongside NewJeans, Lim Young Woong, Ahn Hyo Seop, and Lee Junho. “This is such a big milestone, not just for SB19, but for every Filipino out there,” said Josh during the group’s speech. 

Then, later that evening, they bagged AAA Best Artist (Singer category) with ITZY, AKMU, THE BOYZ, IVE, AND LE SSERAFIM. Amazing company if we do say so ourselves. “Napalaking bagay po ito para sa amin at siyempre para sa buong community ng Filipino music… We are very happy and honored to represent and showcase the Filipino music all around the world,” proudly shared Stell. 

SB19 was one of a few Filipino personalities who took home awards too, like Kathryn Bernardo, HORI7ON, and Melai Cantiveros, so it was an all-around good night for Filipino talent on the global stage. And speaking of Filipino talent, SB19 was more than willing to cheer for the other local stars, such as their reaction to Melai’s hilarious acceptance speech for winning AAA Best Actor and collaborating with HORI7ON for a TikTok video.

Overall, it was an amazing appearance for SB19, who once again proved that life’s challenges can never diminish who they are. They came in hard at AAA 2023 and went home as winners, literally and figuratively. 

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