Snoop Irene SnoRene Moments From Can't Buy Me Love

7 Times Snoop and Irene’s Dynamic In ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ Won Us Over

"Mama ko?"

All the moments between Snoop (Anthony Jennings) and Irene (Maris Racal) in ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’ make us think perhaps SnoRene should be endgame.

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There are some duos who are planned, others happen out of the blue. For Can’t Buy Me Love‘s Snoop and Irene, the duo are definitely the latter. Emerging favorite tandem SnoRene is making waves for their hilarious dynamic and comedic chemistry together—a chemistry that could bloom into, perhaps, a romance? The charmingly funny Snoop Manansala (Anthony Jennings) and spoiled but unexpectedly comedic Irene Tiu (Maris Racal), like many of the characters on Can’t Buy Me Love, started out with a rocky relationship that’s exacerbated by their vastly different upbringings and personalities, as well as the unfortunate situations they find themselves in.

But as the show goes on and they’re given more chances to interact, viewers can’t help but be drawn into the way they steal a scene, making for great laughs and a hope that their characters’ friendship or relationship can be developed further. They give classic comedy duo vibes who lowkey need their own spin-off series. Netflix Philippines’ TikTok bio even reads “in my sno-rene era ✨”. If you’d like to join the rest of us in our SnoRene era, check out some of their best moments tgoether below.


As the spunky, makulit, G-for-anything, loyal best friend to Donny Pangilinan’s Bingo, Snoop Manansala’s got a good heart. Under all that sarcasm and snark, he’s a sweet, kind guy. His first encounter with Irene had him tying himself to a rope and caught a falling Irene before she could seriously get hurt. Super Snoop to the rescue!


@netflixph the snoop and irene ship has sailed and I am on it 🔥 #ireneti u #CantBuyMeLove #CBML #MarisRacal #AnthonyJennings #Netflix #irenetiu ♬ original sound – Netflix Philippines

Invited back to the Tiu mansion, Snoop loads up on the food and spots the Tiu daughter, resting from all that’s happened to her. Dapper in his suit, Snoop cheerfully greets Irene and asks how she is, but Irene does not remember the man who saved her. This marks the start of their hilarious dynamic, and each actor plays into their role so well. Snoop’s commentary and choking with his mouth full of food was icing on the cake.


Maris popped off in this scene, and honestly, she’s so me. Stepping multiple times on mounds of poop could make anyone burst into tears and call for mommy. Another bonus is the continuation of the running gag that everyone assumes Snoop is up to no good when he’s just caught up in random Irene-related scenarios.


@netflixph nahulog na po si irene kay snoop. literal. #CantBuyMeLove #CBML #AnthonyJennings #MarisRacal #Netflix ♬ original sound – Netflix Philippines

Here they go again. An upset, drunk Irene just so happened to collapse right in front of Snoop, and kind, unfortunate man he is, tries to help her up, only to get puked on by a barely-conscious rich girl and mistaken as someone who ran her over. We totally understand why he calls her bad luck later on in the show.


@netflixph si snoop na ginawang masamang spirit si irene 💧 #Snorene #CantBuyMeLove #CBML #MarisRacal #AnthonyJennings #Netflix ♬ original sound – Netflix Philippines

Never a proper understanding between these two! Snoop brings an unconscious and hungover Irene back with him to let her rest, and even tries to keep her decent, but of course, it’s never that easy for SnoRene. She wakes up the most inopportune time and assumes he was touching her inappropriately (and the situation was honestly pretty easy to misconstrue!), leading her to run away from him and call him all sorts of names. Poor Snoop.


@netflixph change roles tayo for today. si snoop na rin po ay nahulog na kay irene 🏃🍌 #CBML #CantBuyMeLove #MarisRacal #AnthonyJennings #Netflix #Snorene ♬ original sound – Netflix Philippines

Irene and Snoop were very much giving Anne Curtis and Vice Ganda in this snippet from their exchange where Irene is trying to convince Snoop to let her help him out with his date. After once again literally bumping into each other and Irene chasing Snoop down and calling him names after dropping her egg tarts—but hey, at least this time she recognized him—the two once again fight, with Irene wanting to thank him and Snoop just wanting nothing more to do with her. Snoop uses the classic “mama mo” response, but Irene doesn’t get it and thinks it’s serious. Classic case of kanal vs. aircon humor fr.


@maritokrisracal Snoop to Irene: Tiu ka di ba? TIU-PEEEEEEH! 2POINTS KA NA SNOOP 💅😂😂😂 #marisracal #anthonyjennings #irenetiu #snoop #fyp ♬ original sound – maris racal clips

Whoever wrote this scene, they cooked. And so did Anthony and Maris, what with their acting and line delivery that made us eat up every second. “Tiu ka, ‘di ba? Tsupi!” and “Wala ka bang self-awareness?” will live rent free in our minds. We simply can’t get enough of these two on our screens.

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