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6 Times Caroline and Irene Tiu from Can’t Buy Me Love Were Besties Off Camera

Director said "take five" but Belle and Maris heard "change lives"

When they’re not at each other’s throats on screen as Caroline and Irene Tiu on ‘Can’t Buy Me Love’, Belle Mariano and Maris Racal are total besties.

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Beyond the slapping, hair-pulling, name-calling and general catfights between Caroline Tiu (Belle Mariano) and Irene Tiu (Maris Racal), the two are still sisters, and even more so when the director yells “cut!”.

Can’t Buy Me Love features the tumultuous relationships among the Tiu family, one of which involves Caroline and Irene—sisters with totally different dispositions, attitudes, and personalities. But there’s no denying that they’re both strong, intelligent women—just like their portrayers. Belle and Maris have worked together before, for ad campaigns or ASAP appearances, but Can’t Buy Me Love allowed them to work even closer together, and allowed us to see how that’s going. As praise for the two actresses and their characters’ growth grows as more episodes of the series airs, let’s have a look at what they’re like off-camera. Spoiler alert: no hair-pulling here.


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Is this why our order is taking so long? Kidding aside, Belle and Maris clearly had a lot of fun in the Shi Wei Tan restaurant kitchen set, messing around and even handling live crabs. What would Auntie Cathy say?


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It-girl energy multiplied by the power of three! Behind the scenes of ASAP Natin ‘To, where they promoted Can’t Buy Me Love, Belle, Maris, and Chie Filomeno, who plays Caroline’s best friend Jersey, filmed their version of the viral Tube Girl trend and went viral themselves.


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Even though Caroline’s visit to Irene in the hospital still showed how rocky their relationship was, there were signs of warmth there. After all, they still are sisters. But after the cameras stopped rolling, you can bet Belle and Maris whipped out their phones to film fun little TikToks, both looking like stunners even as Maris is still in her hospital garb.



Tiu Family✨❤️

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It’s so refreshing to see smiles on this family’s faces, for real. The Tiu family’s relationship in Can’t Buy Me Love has never been great, to say the least, particularly when it comes to Caroline, but between takes, they clearly don’t treat each other like their characters do.


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Who doesn’t love random check-ins from our favorite stars on the set of their projects? It’s easy to miss sometimes, but Instagram Stories, like this one from Maris, give us a glimpse into how actors really are with each other no matter how their relationship onscreen is like. And it’s nice to see them have some goofy fun between takes on set where the vibes for the show are often so dramatic and tense.


belle mariano maris racal

When you start dressing like each other, that’s when you know you’re besties. Even on a casual day at work, the two actresses find the cutest ways to show off their friendship as they navigate a day in muted greens and comfy shoes. BRB—we’ll be shopping their looks online. Maybe we can join the friendship.

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