6 Maris Racal Performances That Are The Definition Of Scene-Stealer

Her acting roles are lethal.

Whether it be the main role or a side character, you know Maris Racal is going to give what needs to be given.

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Ever since people first got to know Maris Racal in PBB, it was clear that there was a spark in her that made her destined for bigger things. And in the years since, she has delivered on that hype in a multitude of fields, especially when it comes to acting. In the dozens of acting projects Maris has taken on, the multi-talented star has proven to be a natural in front of the camera. 

Not just a meme queen and P-pop star, Maris doesn’t disappoint in the acting department. Whether it be a comedy, drama, or horror, she’s given us performances that have people talking for all the right reasons. Here are some of her scene-stealing roles from film and TV.


It’s a testament to Maris’ acting abilities that she’s able to stand out in the all-star cast of Can’t Buy Me Love. As the unapologetically mean-spirited baddie Irene Tiu, Maris relishes in the role as she gives us a rich socialite who doesn’t come off as cringe. The evil stepsister archetype in telesryes has been done to death by this point, but Maris makes the villainess fresh and exciting. There’s a reason why Maris’ kontrabida role has been going viral and got netizens raving. 


Here Comes The Groom follows two families, who, after crashing into each other under a solar eclipse, switch bodies with one another. And that includes Blesilda, played by Maris Racal. In the film, Blesilda is a devout Roman Catholic who holds her rosary and Bible close to her chest. But she switches bodies with Awra’s kontesera trainer Whitney. For most of the movie, Maris embodies Whitney’s kabogera and fierce attitude to a T as she brings to life Whitney’s joy of being in an actual girl’s body with a real family. Remember the “si nena ay baby pa” trend earlier this year? Yup, it came from this movie and specifically, Maris’ character. 


In this series from Antoinette Jadaoine, Angelica Panganiban plays Doctora Kara Teo, a sex guru who hosts a no-holds-barred midnight sex advice talk show called The Kangks Show. However, as her ratings plummet, a new upstart rises in the form of Maris Racal’s Cassandra, the host of a provocative sultry TikTok show called Kan *toot* Kalimot. As you can expect, their rivalry goes to some heated places. The show is arguably Maris’ most adult project to date, but she takes on the challenge head-on with the unapologetic youthfulness of Cassandra. Not to mention how she can hold her own with Angelica Panganiban. 


While many may remember 2016’s Vince & Kath & James as the film that helped launch Julia Barretto and Joshua Garcia into superstardom, let’s not sleep on the fact that Maris Racal gave a strong performance in the film as well as Vince and Kath’s bestie, Maxine. While she didn’t have a lead role, Maris made sure to make the most of her scene-stealing screen time.  


It’s a shame that Pamilya Ko ended its run early due to the one-two punch of the COVID-19 pandemic and the denial of ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal, especially since Maris ate nearly every scene she had. In the series, she played the feisty yet loving Peachy Mabunga, who was not afraid to fight for the people she loved and the things she believed in. Her confrontation scene with the Irma Adlawan is already a highlight in itself. 


For her 5th and final appearance on Ipaglaban Mo, Maris saved the best for last. In the episode entitled Kakampi, Maris plays Maya, an immigrant living in Canada who has a close relationship with her special needs cousin Tin (Mary Joy Apostol). Sadly, Tin receives harsh treatment from her stepmother and half-siblings as Maya is away. When she discovers how badly mistreated Tin is, Maya files a petition to become her cousin’s legal guardian. Maris came in hard in this episode with a mix of anger and vulnerable emotion. She brought to life Maya’s stalwart defense of Tin as she made sure she would no longer be hurt by her stepfamily. 

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