This Newly-Opened Museum In Makati Is Pop Culture Heaven

Calling all pop culture obsessed.

The Omniverse Museum allows you to fangirl or fanboy to your heart’s content in all things geeky and pop culture.

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Once relegated to friendship circles and certain corners of the internet, fandom and geek culture have permeated mainstream pop culture. Whether it be DC, Marvel, Stars Wars, Game of Thrones, anime, and more, fangirling or fanboying over these things will not get you a side eye, but a potential friend who wants to talk about what’s hot in pop culture. And speaking of geeking out, a recently opened museum in Makati makes room to do just that. A door to the multiverse has opened with the Omniverse Museum.


Omniverse Museum is a museum located at Japan Tower in Glorietta. Opening its doors this March, the museum is a whopping 3500 square meter space filled with all kinds of collections, displays, and memorabilia from some of the top IPs of the globe. From Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Game of Thrones, anime, manga, horror movies, and everything in between, the first and biggest sci-fi pop culture museum in the country has it all. Imagine pop culture icons like Iron Man’s suits and the Batmobile, but in real life. True to its name, the museum has over 20 rooms that serve as mini doorways into a multiverse of pop culture properties to fawn over.

What stands out about the Omniverse Museum is that most thousands of pieces of items on display are not recreations, but part of the private collection of owner Ryan Sison. Most of what you’ll see inside was used on the actual set of the movie or show. Aside from the different collections, the museum also houses several interactive displays and educational installations for guests to try. Activities guests can do are often tied to the room they’re in, ensuring that there is always something new and fun to do in every corner of the museum.

Geeking out for hours while learning new things? Sounds like a deal. Oh, and by the way, you can also reserve a space at the museum for your private parties. The Omniverse Museum is open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 12 PM – 9 PM. You can book your pass here.

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