KWON EUNBI Invites You To A Refreshing Adventure With The Flash

A stunning comeback.

Fun fact, if Kwon Eunbi were to visit the Philippines, she says that she would love to visit the San Agustin Cathedral.

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From her time as the leader of the beloved girl group IZ*ONE to now a solo act, KWON EUNBI has been enthusiastically working to establish herself as a force in the K-pop scene. And while EUNBI’s 10th anniversary in the industry is nearing, it’s just the start for the Woollim Entertainment singer as she continues to carve her own path as a solo act.

Four months after closing her journey in the group, EUNBI opened a new chapter as she made her solo debut. Her first album, OPEN, released in August 2021, serves as a fresh start and a signal that she is ready to reveal different versions and sides of herself. Through her debut album, she “opens the door” to a different, bizarre world, inviting listeners to join her on this exciting new journey.

Fast forward two years and EUNBI now boasts four solo albums in her discography: OPEN, Color, Lethality, and The Flash, continuously displaying her musical prowess and unique worldview. The year 2023 has been particularly busy for EUNBI, as she takes on the role of the new DJ for Young Street radio and graces stages at joint concerts such as the Waterbomb festival. And to top it all off, EUNBI won her first-ever solo music show win since her solo debut, and it’s with The Flash — definitely a notable year for the singer.

While we are eagerly anticipating her full-length album, EUNBI wants us to savor the present moment and enjoy her latest songs from her recently released summer single album, The Flash, Comet, and Beautiful Night. The title track is a pop dance anthem with an up-tempo rhythm and captivating melodies. Merging elements of mythology, particularly the story of Persephone, with a contemporary twist, EUNBI’s bold vocals and dynamic performance make The Flash a song that you will enjoy listening to during these hot days. Following EUNBI’s comeback, we had the opportunity to sit down with the singer where she opened up about her new music, learning to play the electric guitar, her Filipino fans, and more. 

Hi, KWON EUNBI! Congratulations on the release of your first single album, The Flash! Tell us how your 2023 has been so far. What are your thoughts on finally releasing new music? 

I am back with a summer single after 10 months. Thanks for your love, and I am happily promoting!

Please tell us more about The Flash. How did you decide to release this particular album after Lethality

The title song, The Flash, is an up-tempo song that expresses the moment of falling in love with each other like a game. It’s been a while since I released an album after Lethality, so I was excited and nervous at the same time.

What was the most fun and challenging part of preparing this album?

There was a performance with ribbon rope in The Flash title song choreography, but the rope was twisted and couldn’t be released! Since it was hard to practice rope and I made a lot of mistakes, I think I had a fun time throughout the practice. 

What are the things that you’ve learned from the past that you were able to apply to this comeback, to your career as a soloist?

This time, I studied expressions and eyes a lot when I filmed the music video or did music shows with the thought of expressing the lyrics with my facial expressions.

Last year, you said that you wanted to play an electric guitar. How is it going so far? Were you able to learn to play one?

Yes! I am learning how to play the guitar little by little, and I also showed an electric guitar at my solo concert! The fans loved it so much that it reminded me of happy memories. 

You wear different hats: you’re a singer, dancer, musical actress, DJ, and more. How do you continue to improve yourself and these areas?

I want to be an artist who has various colors in the future. I want to show a lot of things through various activities.

Kwon Eunbi The Flash Album

In an interview, you said that when you debuted as a solo artist, you found it boring working and doing things alone. Now that it’s been almost two years, has anything changed or improved? Are you now comfortable with working on your own? Do you feel confident as an artist now, or do you feel that you still need to improve something? 

Since it’s already my fourth album, I think I’m used to it now. I often think, “How can I?” when I feel alone. These days, I have been having fun playing board games with my teachers during my break time. I’m sure of myself, but I still feel like I’m lacking a lot and I need to improve. I’m going to continue to learn what I’m lacking or need improvement.

Is there anything you’d like to visit in the Philippines? Also, your fans in Manila have been waiting for you to come! Do you have any messages for them?

I want to go to San Agustin Cathedral, Boracay, and Cebu! Hello to my fans in Manila. I missed you! I hope you have a cool and fresh summer with The Flash! Please look forward to my future activities!

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