5 Things You Can Do To Prepare For That Eras Tour Movie Viewing Party

The cultural experience of the year arrives in the Philippines.

Bestie, wake up! Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie is showing in the Philippines beginning this October 13. It’s time to get ready.

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October 13, 2023 is not just a regular Friday. To Swifties around the world, it may as well be a global holiday, with the Eras Tour movie hitting cinemas in over 100 countries simultaneously. And yes, that includes the Philippines. SM Cinemas and Ayala Malls Cinemas will be screening the concert on screens around the country, with SM showing it on October 13-15, 19-22, 26-29, and November 2-5, and Ayala Malls having their showings on October 13-15 and 19-22.

Given the heartbreak of the Eras Tour skipping the Philippines and only hitting Singapore and Japan next year, the concert film is the chance for Pinoy Swifites to see Taylor’s massive tour if they weren’t able to secure tickets abroad. And given how both SM and Ayala Malls websites went down at the start of ticket selling, the hype is real. As we’re just a couple of weeks away from the concert’s screenings, here are a few things you can do so that you can live your best Swifite life at the cinema.


While it isn’t the actual concert, nothing is stopping you from making the mood feel like one. So, get those friendship bracelets ready and trade some with your fellow Swifties at the cinemas. That way, you still get to experience a core part of the tour even if you aren’t going to any show. Consider it a souvenir from the screening. Let that creativity fly and flex that TS knowledge with your bracelets.


Who says you can’t serve while watching in the cinema? Dust off that Eras Tour outfit you wanted to wear or execute that dream ‘fit and show out at the movies. If you’re watching the Eras Tour concert, might as well look the part and feel as if you’re right there at the stadium.


Ticket prices these days aren’t cheap. But prices for the Eras Tour concert are on another level with regular tickets going for 550 pesos and IMAX tickets setting you back 1000 pesos a piece. While they are significantly lower than the thousands you would have spent for an actual Eras Tour ticket, it’s still nothing to sneeze at. So, make sure to save up as you plan which weekend to watch the movie.


A key part of any Eras Tour show is the audience participation and fan chants, most of which were made by fans and ended up being adopted by the fandom. From the “1,2,3 let’s go bitch” at the start of Delicate to asking Taylor where she’s going during the first pre-chorus of Bejeweled, the show has a lot of cues for fans to participate in. So, brush up on the to-do moments and make the cinema feel even more like an actual show. While Taylor can’t hear you do them, we have a strong feeling she’ll love seeing her fans do them in the cinema. 


Eras Tour poster

For many, the Eras Tour showing in cinemas will be the best chance they get to watch the actual tour (aside from TikTok lives, of course). The whole point of Taylor bringing her tour to the movie house is for her fans to enjoy, have fun, and revel in a shared love. Play her songs, memorize the lyrics, and binge-listen her bridges. Whether you’re going with your Swiftie barkada to an organized viewing party or watching alone, it’s your time to let loose and experience the special event. No one is ruining the fun for us.

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