Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Details

What You Need To Know About The Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Coronation Night

All the glitters are gold.

The 2022 Miss Universe Philippines Coronation Night looks to be an exciting night filled with gowns, glamour, and grace.

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If Americans have the Super Bowl, then the Philippines has Miss Universe. Many people treat the pageant scene as a national sport and tune in with bated breath whenever a new season rolls by. And among all the pageants in the country, few get as much attention as Miss Universe Philippines.

Over the past months, candidates from around the country have competed in challenges to showcase their beauty, grace, charms, and personality for the chance to be crowned as the next Miss Universe Philippines and even snatch the title of Miss Universe 2022.

The road for some contestants wasn’t easy, but we are now near the end. And it won’t be just another coronation night as Miss Universe Philippines national director Shamcey Supsup has stated that this will be their biggest pageant, promising “maraming pasabog.” And from what we’ve seen, it looks like they are going all out. As we count down the days until April 30, here is what you need to know about the 2022 Miss Universe Philippines coronation night.


32 queens are set to compete to be the next Miss Universe Philippines with last year’s winner Beatrice Luigi Gomez in attendance to pass her title. But Bea won’t be the only winner gracing the coronation night, because three past Miss Universe winners will serve as hosts for the night. Pia Wurtzbach (2015), Iris Mittenaere (2016), and Demi-Leigh Tebow (2017) are all set to bless us with their grace and beauty, and maybe even a funny joke or two. And if this holy trifecta wasn’t enough, there’s also the fact that current reigning Miss Universe Harnaaz Sandhu will also be there as a special guest. Now that’s what you call a winner’s circle.


The 2022 Miss Universe Philippines Coronation Night will be held at the SM Mall of Asia Arena on April 30 at 7:00 PM. For those itching to watch a new winner get crowned, the organization has provided many ways for people to catch the show. For starters, you can get an up-close experience by watching the coronation night at the MOA Arena. You can get your tickets here and they range in price from 950 – 13,500 pesos. If you can’t make it to MOA Arena, you can also watch it online for free. You can catch the livestream on ABS-CBN Entertainment’s YouTube channel, iWant TFC, and TFC at 7:00 PM. And for those who want to relive the night all over again, you can catch the broadcast replay on GMA at 9 AM, May 1.


One of the most exciting parts about naming a new Miss Universe is the crown she will receive. And this year, there’s a new crown ready to be perched on top of the new winner’s head. Made by local jeweler Jewelmer, the new crown is called La Mer en Majeste, which translates to “The Sea in Majesty.” As the name suggests, the crown takes inspiration from the sea. Revealed during the MUPH 2022 Gala Night, the crown is shorter than previous crowns and shies away from the red, blue, and yellow color scheme of the past. Instead, it has a striking gold, white, and crème color palette.

What stands out most though for the new crown is its use of Golden South Sea Pearls, 17 to be exact. “Shaped by the movement of the tides and colored by the rays of the sun, each golden South Sea pearl is a miracle–a symbol of purity, so rare that it was hailed as the Philippines’ National Gem. This exquisite crown is an homage to the majesty, the sea, for she is the queen of the elements,” said Jewelmer in a statement. Considering how a single pearl can set you back hundreds of thousands of pesos, this new crown is not cheap. But only the best crowns for the best queens as they say.


It’s not just gowns, walks, and Q&A answers to look forward to during coronation night. The show will also featured a series of musical performances. Announced artists for the night are Bamboo, Sam Concepcion, Francisco Martin, Morissette, JM Bales, and Arthur Nery. Mini-concert mixed with a beauty pageant? We love to see it.  


10 esteemed guests are set to serve as judges in the 2022 Miss Universe Philippines Coronation Night. But as any veteran pageant viewer can tell you, there have been those head-scratching moments where certain queens advance to the next round while others don’t. And for those who have ever felt like this, you have a say in who makes it forward.

Miss Universe Philippines partnered with Lazada to be the 11th judge of the night. All you have to do is download the Lazada app and send in your votes. Fan votes will be included in the official scores that determine the Top 10, 5, and grand winner. Do note though that voting is not free. One vote = one peso and you can vote in the following packages, 1 vote, 5 votes, 10 votes, 50 votes, and 95 votes. So, if you want to help your pick take home the crown, scrounge up some spare change.


Before we reach coronation night on April 30, there are a few events avid pageant fans may want to take note off in the lead up to the big night. First, there’s the National Costume presentation, which is happening this April 26, 8 PM live on TikTok Philippines’ TikTok account. And second, on April 27 at 7 PM is the Preliminary Competition at The Cove Manila. The top 32 contestants are set to participate in swimsuit and evening gown presentations. Marco Gumabao and Beatrice Luigi Gomez serving as hosts of the night. EZ Mil, Anji Salvacion, Yheen & Yuki, and Gabriel Umali are all set to perform during the event as well. For 1800 pesos, you can buy a ticket to watch all this live at The Cove. Luckily for those with tighter budgets, you can catch the preliminaries live on kumu and for free.

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BINI Sheena’s ZOOM Challenge Cover Was So Good Even Jessi Had To Stan

Talent recognizing talent.

As the main dancer of BINI, it’s no secret that Sheena can bust a move. So much so that even K-pop star Jessi had no choice but to stan.

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Despite what some may say, being a P-pop idol is more than just good looks. It takes grit, hard work, and most importantly, talent to succeed in the industry. When you see young P-pop idols take to the stage and perform just as good as the best of them, that is because they have had months if not years of training to hone their talents to impress no matter what stage they are on. So, it’s no wonder then that a few P-pop idols have built followings on TikTok thanks to their slick dance moves and seeming mastery of whichever new song is making the rounds on the platform.

And just recently, BINI’s very own Sheena scored herself an uber viral TikTok hit when she did the ZOOM challenge to Jessi’s new song. And her cover was so good that the K-pop star herself saw it and had to share it to her followers.


@10382aaaabc ? #zoomchallenge #챌린지크리에이터 ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

Released just this last April 13, ZOOM is Jessi’s latest hit that has been making the waves around the internet. Cold Blooded was that baddie song we needed for 2021 and she hit it out of the park again with ZOOM. Showcasing both Jessi’s rap and versatile singing voice, ZOOM is all about feeling your best self. When we first heard the song, we could already tell the track, especially it’s LSS-inducing chorus, was primed for TikTok virality. And true enough, it has.

If you’ve been on TikTok these past few days, then you may have come across someone who has done the ZOOM Challenge or used the song as a sound for a video. As of this writing, the official ZOOM sound has been used over 815,000 times and counting while #zoomchallenge has over three billion views. The ZOOM Challenge has already brought us some viral videos, including one where Jessi dances with the watermelon squad AKA Soobin and Yeonjun from TXT.


@bini_sheena #zoomchallenge #zoominzoomoutchallenge ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

BINI’s Sheena was one of the many who tried their hand at the challenge. The girl group’s bunso is no stranger to posting dance covers on her TikTok, but her ZOOM cover really zoomed across TikTok. Dressed in all-black with matching shades, Sheena killed it and with the help of the Body Zoom effect, it looked as if she was 6 ft. tall even though she’s only 5’4”. As of this writing, the video has over 52 million views, 6.7 million likes, and 25,300 comments. The video also currently sits as the second most like video using the ZOOM sound. And among the millions who have seen and liked the cover is Jessi herself who commented on the post. “So smooth girl,” she wrote followed by three fire emojis. Jessi even shared it on her IG stories to her 10 million followers. BINI’s main dancer did that!

Sheena wasn’t the only member of BINI who did the ZOOM Challenge. Colet and Mikha posted one too and they’re worth the watch. This actually isn’t the first time BINI has been recognized by global stars. They posted a group cover of NIKI’s Every Summertime on TikTok which got the seal of approval from 88rising themselves. Once again, let us all say it, Sana All!

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anji salvacion dalampasigan mv

Anji Salvacion Has Us Longing For Home In The Music Video For Dalampasigan

"Maghihintay pa rin sa 'yo mahal ko."

With a simple yet meaningful music video, Anji Salvacion’s Dalampasigan takes us on an emotional journey of love, loss, and remembering.

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Growing up, we would always have those favorite places that we love to visit whenever we get the chance to. With fond memories connected, these places serve as reminders of good times. But for others, the reasons can go much deeper. Some associate certain places with childhood memories, people, or events. The place means so much to us because of the special compartment it holds in our hearts and how it helped shape us as a person. No matter where you go in life, you’ll never forget that place and even find yourself back there someday.

For Anji Salvacion, that special place is her hometown of Siargao, where she holds memories with her father. Doing what she does best, Anji decided to pen her feelings about all that into a song and the result is Dalampasigan, an earnest and heartfelt ode to her roots and hope of seeing her father again.


Originally written and composed during her stint on the most recent celebrity edition of Pinoy Big Brother, Dalampasigan was part of a fundraising campaign for the victims of Typhoon Odette. Anji wrote the song for Siargao and her family, both because she is from there and how the island was badly damaged during the storm. Following her stay on the show, Anji released the song officially and serves as her first single since.

With just a guitar and band production to back her up, Anji Salvacion tugged on the heartstrings of many with her track of family, home, and hope. Her moving voice portrays the story of a young woman hopeful that the little girl inside her will finally be happy with the dream of reuniting her with father who sadly has been missing for years now. Using the metaphor of the dalampasigan or seashore, Anji sees the place as where she comes back to seek comfort in.

No matter where you go, those special memories of your hometown and family will always be there to anchor you. And eventually, going back to where it all started will always be worth it. With the recently released music video for the song, Anji and her team visualized this message in a simple yet touching way.


Directed by Kashka, the music video starts off with Anji in her bed writing while baby photos of her adorn the wall, which is a nice callback to her roots. From there, the video splits into two storylines. The first is just Anji alone by the seaside dressed in all white. The other is her going on dates with her love interest, played Jhamil Villanueva, around the seaside.

Wonderfully shot, the scenes are graceful and effortless with Anji looking beautiful yet having this natural glow around her. The song and the music video aren’t just about being in love. It’s also about longing and reminiscing for someone. Jhamil’s character isn’t just a love interest, but can also serve as that person we hold dearly in our lives, whether it be family or friends. Anji and Jhamil are having a good time by the beach and sharing loving moments. And in the shots of Anji walking alone by the beach, we see that she’s looking back on the good times he had with him, or people who she holds close to her heart.


The dalampasigan will always be there as a place of solace and deliver the nostalgic vibe. The sound of the waves landing on the sandy shores, the smell of the open sea, the feeling of your feet touching the sand. It is a place of healing with beautiful memories of home and family. More importantly, for Anji Salvacion, it’s not all gloom and doom. It ends with the rays of the sunset touching Anji’s skin as she looks towards the sea, hopeful of better days ahead. You’re waiting for that person to be back and still have the faith.

Anji Salvacion wrote this song from a special place in her heart, as evidenced by the heartfelt letter she wrote after the release of the music video, so it’s little surprise that the track has resonated with many. It made us reminisce on our childhood memories and has us hopeful Anji will someday find that closure she’s been looking for. If you want to see more of Anji, you can catch her perform at the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 Preliminaries on April 27 while her very first digital concert will be on April 30.

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billie eilish hayley williams coachella 2022

Billie Eilish Brought Out Hayley Williams At Coachella And We’re Not Okay

That's what you get when you stan women who support women.

We never meant to brag, but only Billie Eilish can make Hayley Williams sing Misery Business after so long.

Just when you thought that Coachella 2022 would run out of surprises, Billie Eilish decided to bring out a very special guest for her second weekend set. All was well. Billie was doing her usual thing, blowing the house down for the crowd. But when someone pulled up two empty chairs to the stage and she took the other, she asked, “Oh, look! An empty seat. Who’s that for?”

It was Paramore front woman Hayley Williams. In. The. Flesh. Of course, the orange hair was brought back to life, too. The best part? Billie Eilish was the only person who was able to make Hayley sing their hit song Misery Business since 2018. She announced it in one of their concerts that it was the last time the band was going to perform it due to the fact that it had slut-shaming lyrics.

Can we also talk about how it was Hayley Williams’ first Coachella performance ever? An absolute crime knowing how she’s one of the most brilliant performers with an explosive stage presence even after all these years. Remember when we used to head bang to all of Paramore’s songs all the way back in 2006?

The duo also performed Billie Eilish’s song, Happier Than Ever at Coachella 2022 and the only thought in our heads right now is how Hayley Williams has not aged a day? It’s the crossover we didn’t realized we needed—a lifestyle, a cultural reset. That’s what you get when you stan women who support other women.

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Hello, Vogue Philippines: Bea Valdes Charges Forward As Editor-In-Chief


Ahead of its launch across print, digital, and social media, Vogue Philippines finally names its editorial team, starting things off strong with the appointment of Bea Valdes as Editor-in-Chief.

The burning question can finally be answered: Bea Valdes is leading the editorial of Vogue Philippines as its newly minted Editor-in-Chief.

Ever since the announcement of the arrival of Vogue Philippines has been announced, one of the more consistent inquiries has always been about the leader and team that will comprise the Filipino edition of the luminary global media brand. Over the course of many social media engagements and real life conversations made in hushed tones, many names were floated. And after a thorough search since, the perfect fit has been found in Bea Valdes, the renowned international accessories designer and creative force championing Filipino craft and responsible fashion. Through her well-storied lens, as well as of a lifetime of experience in the industry, expect Vogue Philippines to carve its place in the realm of modern-day publishing with its distinct point-of-view.

“The values and the resolve of our community have been tested on an unprecedented global and local scale. The reshaping and recalibrating of our choices facilitate a continuing dialogue with our collective futures,” says Bea Valdes of her vision for VOGUE Philippines. “Vogue’s values of inclusivity, diversity, sustainability, and respect for our natural environment remain critical at this time. My vision for Vogue Philippines is to lead the industry with purpose, leaning into our Filipino values of optimism, bayanihan and empathy through our stories, we celebrate craft and creativity, empowering our community and urging our Filipino culture forward.”

The Perfect Fit

“Our core values of excellence and innovation, which we have upheld as a publishing company for the last 30 years take center stage at Vogue Philippines. Purposeful, modern and artfully done, we will put the Filipino craft side by side with the rest of the world monthly through Vogue Philippines and daily on Vogue.ph,” details Suki Salvador, President of Mega Global Licensing Inc., the subsidiary responsible for the international franchises of AGC Power Holdings Corp. Connected to the pillars of values that have held the tradition of storytelling and style in the Philippine context for many decades, Bea Valdes is focused on bringing out the best in what the country and its creatives have to offer.

No stranger to the world of fashion, media, and publishing, Bea Valdes has toiled in the pursuit of her passion, which has gained the attention and nod of the world over since. Rooted in the Philippines, she has a degree in Creative Writing from the University of the Philippines and Interior Design at the Inchbald School of Design in London to her name. From here, her intricate and inspired work has graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, CNN, The Financial Times, TIME, and in a very auspicious sense, Vogue. Firm on the spirit and skill of Filipino artisanship, she has inadvertently helped shine a light to the local industry, not just for her own wares but of everyone involved in the compelling creative scene in the country.

Over the years, she has also addressed and advocated for circular economy and slow fashion, through this and of her body of work, Bea Valdes has earned nods as one of the Ten Young Outstanding Young Individuals in 2010 and recently, an inclusion in the list of Tatler Asia’s Most Influential.

All Eyes On Vogue Philippines

At the helm of Vogue Philippines, Bea Valdes will be leading a team of industry veteran and creative personalities tasked to define its identity in the tapestry of Vogue titles, and most importantly, bring the uniquely Filipino vision to life. “We have appointed individuals who each share the same purpose of Vogue Philippines, which is to uplift Philippine fashion and discover emerging talents who will shape the future of the industry,” says Archie Carrasco, Chairman and CEO of MEGA Global Licensing, Inc. An assemblage of women leading the charge in fashion, media, and publishing, joining Bea Valdes at Vogue Philippines is Pam Quiñones (Fashion Director), Trina Epilepsia-Boutain (Digital Editor), and Rhoda Campos-Aldanese (Publisher). Carrasco underscores that with the editorial team, everyone has “a deep understanding and appreciation of local and international fashion and seeks to speak to every generation.”

Set to launch in September 2022, an all-too important month in fashion (across print, digital, and social media no less), all eyes will be on the introduction of Vogue Philippines. And while there is a lot to live up to, as set by the history and influence of Vogue, the Filipino edition is taking on the challenge head on. As it stands, it is all but ready to shake things up and strike a pose, vogue.


he's into her season 2 episode 1

He’s Into Her Season 2 Episode One Recap And Review: Trouble In Paradise

Happy weeksary babybabe.

In the season premiere of He’s Into Her season two, we find Max and Deib happily in love. Well, for probably around a week that is.

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When we left off season one of He’s Into Her, we saw that Max and Deib make their relationship official. But that doesn’t mean we ended things drama-free though. And with the premiere of season two finally here, we see that Max, Deib, and many of the characters aren’t out of the woods yet. A lot happened during the premiere, so let’s break it down.

He's into Her S2


Entitled Rude Awakenings, episode one begins with a short recap of Max and Deib’s love story. Picking up roughly a week after the events of season one, we see TagSen celebrate their weeksary. But based on Max’s monologue about love, it looks like theirs isn’t as smooth sailing as they would like it to be. In school, they reunite with the friendship group and get updated on the goings on among them. Naih and Lee are still together while Michiko is worried that Tob has been ignoring all her calls and texts.

Ysay and Migs are team #ThirdParty while Lorde reveals that he’s courting Khloe. This is actually a nice acknowledgment of this bubbling fourth love team considering their lack of screen time last season. And of course, Kim is still there, hopeful that Deib will fall back in love with her. She is joined by her besties Khloe and our first new character of the season, Karlie, played by Rajo Serrano.



Later in class, after a poignant message on elections and history, their teacher assigns them their batch’s time capsule. Along with this, he also gives them a project to interview different members of batch ’97. In a cruel twist of faith, Max has to interview Tita Macy and is groupmates with Kim while Deib has to interview Max’s dad.

In The Barb, Max and Deib fret over the giant elephant in the room, which is how to tell Max’s dad that they’re dating. We also see the first cracks in the other couples’ relationships. Michiko is worried that Tob is ignoring her. Ysay and Lee, meanwhile, have a passionate discussion on the arts, something that Naih can’t relate to.


That evening, we see Deib and his mom talk at the hospital. We also get our first look at JC Alcantara’s character of M. Deib’s brother is improving, but Deib is still bent on finding who shot him, much to the dismay of his mom. Deib’s investigation has stalled though since his contact, who goes by the name Aguila, ghosted him. But in arguably the first gag of the season, Aguila is actually alive but in a coma in the same hospital after suffering a mysterious accident.


The drama doesn’t end for TagSen though as Max visits his tito and lola at Randall’s apartment. There, Max reunites with Randall and we meet for the first time his father and sister, Zell, played by Reich Alim. What starts out as an already awkward dinner turns south real quick as Zell asks uncomfortable yet much-needed questions to Max about why she decided to date Deib despite their past. Randall comes to Max’s defense. But clearly, the hatchet hasn’t been buried. Randall is still not over Max and is not happy where their relationship has ended up.


The next day, we find the Benison gang at The Barb when Elle makes her dramatic entrance, as now played by BINI’s Mikha Lim. The two half-sisters share an emotional hug and agree to help bring their family together. But while one relationship is trying to get fixed, another maybe permanently broken as Michiko and the rest discover that Tob and his family hightailed it out of their penthouse condo with Tob’s family being accused of stealing billions in the news. Even though Elle and Max are on good terms, that doesn’t extend to their parents. Elle’s mom still doesn’t like him with the honestly understandable reason of how Max reminds her of the dad’s cheating past.


And in the climax ending of the episode, Elle accidentally spills the tea to her dad that Max and Deib are dating. It leads to a heated confrontation at the lobby of Elle’s condo, which also so happens to be the same condo that Randall’s family lives in. The episode ends with Max’s dad telling her to no longer see Deib. While the whole situation is frustrating, it hurts even more knowing that all parties are right in someway. Max and Deib should have not kept their relationship a secret for that long while Max’s dad shouldn’t be so closed off with their relationship. Young love can get so complicated.


Even though this was the season premiere, the show didn’t waste time into kicking things into high gear. In a span of 45 minutes, the episode managed to hint at the many potential storylines of the new season without feeling too bloated. What the episode in particular does well is ground Max and Deib’s relationship away from the fantasy and into reality.

Watching Zell confront Max at the dinner table felt awkward, but that’s how it’s meant to be. Maybe Zell could have read the room better, but what she said was valid. Zell and Max’s dad bring up important conversations of what it means to change and dealing with one’s past. Yes, we want to root for TagSen, but you just can’t sweep under the rug that fallout bullying and abuse has on people. This is why the episode was called Rude Awakening, because Max and Deib’s enemies to lovers arc comes with baggage. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the series deals with this development. This isn’t the friendliest episode for newcomers, but in terms of catching up on plotlines and potentially starting new ones, it does a good job.

DonBelle Faces Highs and Lows of Young in 'He's Into Her Season 2' |  Starmometer

Donny Pangilinan and Belle Mariano have been taking notes from their past roles together, because the chemistry Max and Deib exhibit this go around is strong. The switch in how they look at and talk to each other from season one to two is noticeable and in a good way. The rest of the cast do a fine job while we would like to see more of the new cast before we pass judgement. But this is just the first episode and there are many questions that have yet to be answered. So far, it’s a good start to the season, one that promises to be just as dramatic and kilig-inducing as before.  

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The Round-Up: The Best New Bangers Of The Week

Thanks Coachella for the new music.

BGYO is having the best time while Angela Ken reminisces on her high school days in this round-up of the best bangers of the week.

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Another week has passed which means another week of music industry moves. Among the newsmakers that happened in the past week, Kendrick Lamar announced that he was dropping his new album this year. Speaking of new album, SEVENTEEN announced that their latest, Face The Sun, will drop in late May. It was also revealed that K-pop girl group aespa are set to perform at Coachella during week two. In the concert scene, SB19 and Calista are both set to have concerts soon. For SB19, it will be on April 23 while Calista’s is on April 26. Finally, BINI announced that the name of their anticipated summer single, Pit-A-Pat, and it’s giving us major Da Coconut Nut vibes.

And let’s not forget all the new music that came our way this week. Here is just a sampling of some of the best new bangers that you should be aware of that may be destined for your playlist.


Following the global smash that was STAY, The Kid LAROI is back with new music with the release of his new song Thousand Miles. Heartbreak and love take center stage in his new track as the artists laments how he’s bad at love and relationships who enters usually ends on a sour note. Sad boi hours indeed.


He’s Into Her, the song, was a solid serve from BGYO. So, when it was announced that the group were coming back to sing the theme song for the second season of the show, we were curious to see how they would do. Luckily, they did not disappoint with Best Time, an upbeat pop song about young love and living your best life. We’re having the best time listening to the song and even happier that season two of He’s Into Her is finally here.


Among all the performances that went down during Coachella week one, 88rising arguably had one of the best. Their super talent showcase was everything we wanted and then some from history making sets to surprise reunions that shook the internet. But among it all, several 88rising artists performed new music the label was kind enough to compile them in an EP for us to enjoy. The three new bangers include Best Lover by BIBI, froyo by BIBI, Rich Brian, and Warren Hue, and T by Hikaru Utada and Warren Hue.


Shanti Dope is out with another new banger with the drop of Maya. The hard-hitting and confidence boosting anthem will get you pumped for the day and feel like you can take on any challenge life throws at you.


Now this is a collab we can get behind. Alt queens PinkPanthress and WILLOW team up for the first time for a new banger called Where you are. It features PinkPanthress’ unique pop sound mixed in with WILLOW’s strong voice. Despite the contrast with how they both sound, both women kill it and it works surprisingly well together.


Nostalgia is the central theme of Angela Ken’s latest release, Dagdag Na Alaala. In the track, she takes listeners back to your high school days and teenage friendships. It serves an ode to Angela’s memories in high school and the special bond she’s built with her friends from that time of her life and reminisce on just how special high school friendships can be.


Recently, BamBam made history as the first Asian artist to perform during an NBA halftime show. And his history-making streak continues with the release of the track Wheels Up. Release in partnership with the Golden State Warrios, Wheels Up features a hip-hop sound and stadium-sized energy as BamBam raps and sings about taking on life’s challenges with confidence. It’s the kind of track you want to listen to if you want to feel invincible.  


There so many people in this world that it sometimes amazes us that people can find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with. This is what TJ Monterde’s new song, Walong Bilyon, is all about. Taking reference from how there are almost eight billion people in the world, the love song finding and appreciating that special someone. And it’s all told through TJ’s immaculate voice.


During Coachella week one, quite a few musicians performed new songs for the first time, and that included Megan Thee Stallion when she performed a song called Plan B during her headline set. Well, she graciously dropped the official version of the track for us to stream in full. The song sees Megan go hard on an ex that isn’t doing it for her anymore. Plan B reminisces of 90s rap especially during the reign of Lil Kim. If anything, the song shows that Megan still has it in the bag and is one of the best female MCs in the game right now.  


If you’re on the lookout for some hugot songs this summer, we suggest you check out jikamarie’s new track aking buwan. The stone cold banger was written by jikamarie along with her fans on a livestream and reminds of the love songs from decades past in the best way possible. Prepare to be moved and swayed in this dreamy love song.


Rod Deniel puts a twist on the classic kundiman in his new song Kundiman. The swaying five-minute track sees the musician court a girl he likes but it looks like she doesn’t reciprocate those same feelings. To mend that, Rob decides to sing her a kundiman to convince her to like him. If someone like Rod Deniel sang to us like this, we may just change our minds.

3:33 – LESHA

Earlier this year, Lesha debuted a new look with her blonde locks. And now, she has a new record label as the newest artists under CARELESS. To celebrate, she dropped a new song called 3:33 that’s primed to let your inner bad b*tch out. If this track is any indication, Lesha’s in good hands.


While actors going into music can be a bit cringey, Krystal Brimner is actually a pro in the music scene. She played the titular role in the musical Annie and used to be in a girl group called A.S.K. with AC Bonifacio and Sheena Belarmino. And recently, she made her music debut with the release of her track, Let Me Be Me. The groovy pop-dance song is meant to represent Gen Z’s youthfulness, eagerness, independence, and courage to experience life at its fullest and learn from their own mistakes.


If ratio could be turned into an emoji, it would probably be the fire emoji because of how hard it goes. Rapping over a simple beat, Dotty and Zae absolutely demolish their verses with icy bars that narrate their life stories.  


There’s nothing like listening to a wholesome love song that makes you feel good inside. Take for example Paolo Sandejas’ new track HIDE & SEEK. In the song, the singer-songwriter shares his relief of finding that special someone after a long search and all the emotions associated with it.

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coachella outfit 2022

Bretman Rock, Bella Poarch, And These Filipino Stars Took Over Coachella Weekend

The Patron Saint of Coachella, Vanessa Hudgens, is back.

Pipino reppin!

After oh so long, Coachella is back and bigger with lots of surprises you didn’t see coming. Cue in K-Pop queens 2NE1 making a surprise performance and Billie Eilish bringing out Hayley Williams to sing Misery Business. Who would’ve thought that icons from the late 2000s would be the biggest headliners out of everyone? It wasn’t just the music icons that were present, Coachella 2022 was filled with stunning Y2K looks that were worn by our fave Filipino stars that took over the desert this weekend. Scroll down to see everyone from Bella Poarch to Vanessa Hudgens.

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bretman rock coachella outfit fashion

Everybody say, Bretchella! Out of all the looks that Bretman Rock slayed at Coachella 2022, this was by far the boldest one that he wore. The bleached Diesel look from day one and all pink sparkly Y2K ‘fit from day two may have been cute, but Bretman’s day three Ottolinger head-to-toe slime green look was hard to miss. A hoodie that doubled as capelet, utility bag turned top and Coperni mini bag is probably one of Da Baddest’s best looks.


bella poarch coachella outfit

We are now entering Bella Poarch‘s Spice Girl era. Her day two and three looks were darker, graphic, and more daring like her usual style, but Bella’s day one outfit still lives in our heads rent-free. It was giving Malibu Barbie, but on steroids—the good kind, of course. The fur bra and leg warmers were the icing on the cake.


Filipina supermodel Kelsey Merritt nailed the classic Coachella look all weekend. Knee high boots, crochet all day, and denim cut-offs. It might be a good time to bring ’em back!


Kiana V’s Euphoria High moment at Coachella 2022 had us weak on the knees for season three. Ironically, her cut-out top and black leather pants was in contrast to the all white outfit she wore previously that gave off low-key Cassie vibes.


Safe to say that Beabadoobee slayed the boots house down quite literally this Coachella weekend. We’re definitely here for her new era, especially in that immaculate corset top and her performance that gave us ~emotional damage.~


A wise philosopher once said, “thicc thighs save lives,” and they’re absolutely right. Kehlani’s Filipina DJ (also known as Micah Mahinay) wearing nothing but a blue bikini and micro mini skirt while flaunting her morena complexion just gave us all the feels.


vanessa hudgens coachella outfit

What would Coachella even be without the presence of the Patron Saint herself? The desert just got even hotter when Vanessa Hudgens showed up and proved to everyone why she remains the undefeated queen of looks at the music festival. From boho to rave outfits, the Fil-Am actress was obviously the standout of the show. Because let’s be real, what would we do without Queen V?


Filipino streamer Valkyrae bared it all just in time for Coachella 2022 and we’re not complaining. Now, where do we buy those crochet pants? RIP tan lines, but we’d do anything for the ‘Gram.


Raissa Gerona, the Filipina HBIC of fashion brand REVOLVE’s marketing team channeled style icons like Britney Spears with her Y2K denim look, and Rihanna with her naked dress. A total stunner.


When we grow up, we wanna be like Nicole Scherzinger. The Filipina singer sure knows how to switch it up from looking like a living Bratz doll to her sultry Western outfit. The million dollar question remains: how on earth does this lady not age?

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SB19 Araneta Concert

SB19’s Araneta Concert Was A Special Reunion Between The Boys And A’TIN

Donuts weren't the only sweet thing at the concert.

The live concert of SB19 in Araneta was worth the wait and A’TIN got their money’s worth from live performances to shipping moments.

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Over the past couple of years, SB19 has held a series of concerts and performances that entertained audiences around the world. But because of the pandemic, all these performances were held sans live audience. And while these performances were still exceptional, it didn’t feel the same as compared to having a live audience to cheer on the group. Anyone who’s been to a live gig or concert knows that the crowd can enhance the concert experience. This is why with country under Alert Level 1, live concerts with an audience are back and we couldn’t be happier.

The recent PPOP CON concert was the first time that SB19 performed live in front of full audience in a while. (Their anniversary concert was played to a hybrid audience.) Despite the delays that were beyond anyone’s control, the concert in Araneta Coliseum for Dunkin’ Donuts felt like a long-awaited reunion between SB19 and A’TIN. Anyone who is familiar with A’TIN knows that the fandom will do the most for the boys, regardless of where they are and those in attendance made sure to get the most out of the moment. From the performances to fan interactions, here are our favorite moments from the concert.


Watching a concert that has a live audience just hits different. Fans get excited to watch their faves live while the artist feeds off of the energy of the crowd. This much was true for SB19 and A’TIN. If the blue ocean wasn’t obvious enough, the people were excited, from front row to gen ad. And by the time Josh started dancing at the beginning, it was non-stop energy from start to finish. The relationship between SB19 and A’TIN is something special. From cheering along, to singing with the group, calling on their individual fan houses, and inventive costumes and signs, the energy was palpable. And it’s a level of love that also extends to people outside the fandom. Even exams couldn’t stop A’TIN from going.



If you buy a ticket to an SB19 concert, know that you will be getting your money’s worth. As soon as they came on stage, the group gave 100% energy all throughout. In the words of Bob The Drag Queen, “why y’all gagging?” They powered through a set that included fan favorites like Go Up, Alab, Mana, and Bazinga. The group showcased the new routines they debuted during PPOP CON and they still hit just as hard. But our favorite performance of the night was when they sang MAPA and they asked A’TIN to sing along with them. It was a surreal moment.  


@ayahhkendra A’tin nyo mala boss na HAHAHHA kyot?✊?@officialsb19 #sb19xatin #sb19_stell #sb19_ken #sb19_josh #sb19_justin #sb19_pablo #dunkinsb19concert #ayahhkendra #sb19official ♬ original sound – Ayahhkendra_?

It’s clear that SB19 loves their fans, so much so that they’re willing to do a lot of things for them. The fan service and moments we got was much appreciated. When fans asked for the volume to be up, they obliged. When they asked the group to sit in the center during the Q&A so others could see better, they did. Even when the audience screamed for them to show off their cute charms, (basically do aegyo), SB19 did it with a mix of delight and doubt. And to that fan who asked the group when their next comeback is, you’re doing God’s work.


Whenever SB19 is going to perform, it’s expected at this point that the boys serve looks. And they did not disappoint with their most concert. First donning brown fits before changing to a black and orange color scheme to resemble Dunkin’ Donuts, SB19 came prepared in the looks department. Stell’s penchant for wearing sleeveless shirts is starting to get dangerous while Josh in that see-through orange top? Well now. But what we most love about their looks is how they aren’t afraid to break gender stereotypes. SB19 has done this many times in the past and this go around, it came in the form of Pablo wearing a skirt. He ate that fit up and showed us that men can wear skirts, period.


@jowannaaa19 di ko kineri to! takang taka yarn? hahahahahaa pashneya!! #foryoupage #ddconsb19 #fyp #sb19_pablo #sb19_stell #stelljun #pabtell #sb19 #sb19xdunkinph ♬ original sound – jowannaaa_

Like with many pop groups, SB19 has ships between the members as anointed by the fandom. And someone must have smashed a champagne bottle because the ships set sail during the concert. First, there was that short but sweet moment between Stell and Josh before Stell called on his house. Then, we got a JoshTin moment when Josh said that we would protect Justin among the members if he were a face mask. A shot of Pablo being in the frame while Stell was talking gave us a StellJun moment. And props to Junard for recognizing why all the fans were screaming in that moment. Finally, because SB19 loves feeding their fans, we also got that much-awaited JoKen moment with Josh and Ken sharing a hug on stage.

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Adie Tahanan MV Blythe

Adie And Andrea Brillantes Are Wholesome Couple Goals In The Tahanan Music Video

Oh, aking tahanan.

In the music video for Tahanan, Adie and Andrea Brillantes play a couple who lovingly find their safe space in each other.

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They say that home is where the heart is and that your home isn’t just limited to a location. At this point in time, we know that it can also mean person where you feel comfortable and safe around. Here, as long as you are with that special someone, your world is complete, but in some stroke of romance, you feel invincible. This is the feeling that breakthrough musician Adie latched on to when he penned his hit single Tahanan. The musician exploded onto the scene in 2021 when Paraluman became one of the biggest OPM hits of the year. He followed that up with the equally moving Tahanan that found a massive audience thanks to its lyrics of finding your home in that special someone. And we finally have the music video for the track that hits all in the right spots with a little help from Andrea Brillantes.


Adie has stood out as part of the new generation of OPM stars who pen tracks that just do something to you in the emotions department and Tahanan is no exception. Released in December 2021, it is a love song that plays on the song’s title of finding that home. Instead of focusing on a location or physical object, the band-driven track is about finding that home with that person you love. As Adie memorable sings in the chorus: “Bumabagal and ikot ng mundo/Kapag ika’y nariyan, oh, aking tahanan,” you really can’t help but swoon.

If this is the kind of music that soundtracks your life, then truly you must love to love. Adie really did it again with Tahanan so when we learned that a music video was coming for the track, we were curious to see how it would translate the song’s lovely vibes. But the music video didn’t disappoint as he and Gen Z superstar Andrea Brillantes gave us all the kilig we need and more.


Directed by Kris Crazin, the music video starts of with Adie waking up in bed before making his way down to the kitchen. There, we see his love interest, played by Andrea Brillantes, cooking breakfast. Even though Blythe’s character is Adie’s special someone, this might not be one of her strongest suits considering that she tried cooking, um, oil. Though, according to Kris Cazin, the scene was intentional and is actually just water. Questionable cooking skills aside, the two go on to enjoy a lovely meal of bread and hotdogs together.

Afterwards, in arguably the most aesthetic scene of the video, Adie and Blythe are on a date on a boat where he is fishing and Blythe is reading a book, playfully trying to get his attention. Interestingly, during the scenes set in the house, Adie is wearing blue while Blythe is in white. But during their day out, Blythe is the one in blue while Aide is wearing a brown polo with white stripes. We see you with that color swap.


After their time in the lake, the two then enjoy a fancy picnic where they enjoy each other’s company under the shade. The rest of the music video is them at home just going about their day and having fun. It then wraps up with close ups of both of them as they lip sync the final lines, both holding loving smiles, and sealing things with a kiss.



The entire Tahanan music video is beautifully shot with cinematography that captures the love radiating from the couple. Even though this is the first time Adie and Blythe have worked together, the two have great chemistry and radiate that feeling of being in love. The way they look and act around each other in the music video is so sweet. We wouldn’t be mad at all if they teamed up again in the future.


While technically not a whole lot happens in the music video, that’s the whole point. At its core, it is about finding that genuine love and comfort in that person you consider your home. In Adie’s case, that’s Blythe’s character. From simple dates by the lake to just chilling at home, the Tahanan video showcases how life is meaningful as long as you are with that special someone. You don’t have to do too much to be happy. It’s a kind of relationship that many couples wish to emulate and be in that point where being with that one person is alright with you. The vibes were on-point and make us wish we were in that kind of relationship IRL.

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