Braving For Her Purpose: Rhoda Campos-Aldanese Is Raring And Ready To Dominate As COO Of MEGA Global Licensing Inc.

Five wise women once said: “Girl power!”

Following the news of Suki Salvador as president of MEGA Global Licensing Inc., the subsidiary shakes things up once more with another power move, appointing Rhoda Campos-Aldanese as COO.

It’s been a big week so far for MEGA Global Licensing Inc. (MGLI), the subsidiary of AGC Power Holdings Corp. tasked to not only acquire international franchise and appropriate it to the lens of the Philippines, but also to champion the Filipino voice and talent on the global stage. On the heels of announcing Suki Salvador as the new President committed to steering the endeavor onwards and upwards, we meet the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who is raring and ready to shape MGLI to the dominant industry player it was born to be. With a stellar 20-year career to her name so far, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese is poised and primed to take the task ahead of her and run with it.

But more than just the know-how and experience, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese is equipped with the gift of foresight, a necessary component in the diverse and dynamic world of marketing in business. From the glowing acquisitions of her life’s calling, she has made a name for herself in the industry for trailblazing the growth, expansion, and elevation of some of the biggest brands in the retail. Ticking the boxes of triumph in managing menswear brands and developing private fashion and activewear for teens, operating in beauty, jewelry, and fashion, and most notably, working with such covetable brands as Chanel, Dior, Clarins, Estée Lauder, La Prairie, Lancôme, Montblanc, Piaget, Vacheron Constantin, Lanvin, and Christian Louboutin, and even co-founding a local cosmetics brand that is conscious and highly attuned to the needs of the Filipinos above everything, she really knows what it takes to not only survive, but thrive in a competitive market.

Not only is she focused on the acquisition of brands, but more importantly, there is a premium for storytelling that Rhoda Campos-Aldanese highlights and honors, which makes it truly special on every given opportunity and necessary for the soaring promise of MEGA Global Licensing Inc.

Braving Her Purpose

There is also a sense of discovery to her vocation, which she intends to bring to the table for MEGA Global Licensing Inc. and its brands such as NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines. As COO, her primary goal is to take media landscape to the next level by ensuring the value of international media titles to the Philippine context. “There is a need for a radical approach towards excellence in editorial to make sure they are tuned into the sensibilities and needs to provide the right and relevant information to their readers,” states Rhoda Campos-Aldanese of her approach to MEGA Global Licensing Inc., one that will debunk the perception of exclusivity and elitism by putting the reader first. “The currency now includes that of love, compassion, and helping the less fortunate.”

This isn’t just for mere lip service, because apart from the aforementioned beauty brand committed to diversity and inclusivity, she has also extended her passion to uplifting local talents and entrepreneurs, especially at a time when she co-founded an e-commerce platform for beauty and wellness that was anchored on products sourced from local materials and markets in an effort to champion Philippine agriculture. And now with MEGA Global Licensing Inc., Rhoda Campos-Aldanese intends to bigger, bolder, and braver with her purpose. To echo this big move, Chairman and CEO of MGLI, Archie Carrasco, asserts, “I have no doubt she is the right chief that will expand MGLI’s business portfolio to reignite the Philippine media.”

Make It Happen

In all her years in the business, Rhoda Campos-Aldanese has seen it all. But even with all that neatly tucked under her belt, she is still looking forward to learn more as COO MEGA Global Licensing Inc., especially through the initial lens of NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines. And with a penchant for guidance, she has this to offer to anyone with a dream and fiber of hard work to make things happen. “It’s all been anchored on your passion and your why. If you have both, you will stay committed. You will find that physical strength and stamina to bring together the necessary resources so your dream grows into what it needs to become,” she shares to the new generation. And with MGLI, she continues, “we will develop the necessary skills that will help us carry out our unique purpose.”

Energized by what is yet to come, the vision and mission commences. Now, it is time to make it happen.