suki salvador mega global licensing inc mgli president

The Story Continues: Suki Salvador Is Set To Take MEGA Global Licensing Inc. To Greater Heights As Its President

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With a wealth of experience and a distinct point-of-view to his name, Suki Salvador continues the relentless pursuit of passion and purpose with his appointment as the new president of MEGA Global Licensing Inc.

It is very easy to get lost in the pursuit of passion. However, even with all its dazzling details and compelling stories, success doesn’t come easy, that much we all know and have been through the wringer of. With the wealth of experience to his name, Suki Salvador understands this predicament very well. In the work that he deals with on the daily, one that interfaces with the intersection of creativity and commerce, comprehension and consideration is necessary, which he has been accorded with over the years from his longstanding tenure as creative director of MEGA and his storied ascension as president of One Mega Group. Today, the story of his purpose continues as he assumes the role of president for Mega Global Licensing Inc.

suki salvador mega global licensing inc mgli president

While vision and a sharp business acumen is imperative, one other ingredient is essential to make things extraordinary—curiosity. “I would observe the way people spoke, the way people behaved, and the way they reacted to certain situations. This led me to the conclusion that we are all very different, but it also taught me that we are all equally important. I understood the importance of including everyone despite our varied differences,” he shares, shedding more light into the compass that has steered the decisions he has made in his career. It is this sense of wonder, which parlayed a special interest into a thriving career, that makes Suki Salvador a perfect fit for the big moves Mega Global Licensing is set to take with the publishing of two dynamic international brands: NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines.

“There is an element of discovery that is inherent to NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines,” explains Suki Salvador. And it is very same insight and innovation that he intends to guide him in this new journey.

Hello World

For the uninitiated, Mega Global Licensing Inc. (trading as MGLI) is a subsidiary of AGC Power Holdings Corp. is an expansion of the legacy of One Mega Group, which of course has been ushered into the modern age by CEO and Chairman, Archie Carrasco. Navigating through the digital age, as well as of the pandemic, AGC Power Holdings Corp. sought to diversify its lens and encourage people to foster the love for reading by acquiring international franchises meant to champion the Filipino voice and talent on the global stage.

Through its impactful storytelling that is focused on creativity, captivating visuals, and engagement in modern technology, MGLI as operated by AGC Power Holdings Corp. is committed to address the shift through digital content consumption. With its foundation of over 30 years experience in print and digital publishing, the full-service publisher of NYLON Manila and soon, the latest addition to the biggest and most influential media brand in the world, VOGUE Philippines is already eyeing bigger moves with sights set on continuously expanding its portfolio to further strengthen presence in the publishing industry.

“NYLON Manila and VOGUE Philippines are just two of the many international brands we are bringing into the local market,” says Archie Carrasco of the enduring endeavor. “Suki brings his 15 years of experience in publishing from One Mega Group (OMG) to ensure the success of the operations of all the media brands under MEGA Global Licensing.” 

Onwards And Upwards

With Suki Salvador at the helm of Mega Global Licensing Inc. the goal is to platform the best of what the Philippines has to offer. “Through excellent media platforms, we will be able to discover new talents and products which I hope our audience will purchase and consume. It is my goal for our audience to buy from the Philippines,” he says of his audience-first plans. “MGLI through VOGUE Philippines and NYLON Manila will release daily content that is purposeful, intentional, and beautiful, but more importantly, it will be about content that you actually like. Our content will not be nebulous nor will it be difficult to comprehend. It will be accessible with ease. As a leader, I’ve made it my mission to include everyone and to remove the velvet ropes that separate people. I want to accord everyone an opportunity to be the first in line.”

Cumulatively, one of the pillars that holds up Mega Global Licensing Inc. through the leadership of Suki Salvador is a continuous vocation to discover and hone local talent by introducing Filipinos to a wider audience locally, and of course, the international stage. For NYLON Manila, which is the go-to source for big, bold, brave, and pop culture-obsessed, there is a lot to look forward to such as fanzines, printed annuals, and engagements such as music festivals, parties, and talks. Meanwhile, VOGUE Philippines is set to re-imagine Filipino fashion with its thrust to uplift the country’s rich culture, diversity, and creative talent.

“This moment is an opportune time to open and re-open businesses and to put the Filipino craft side by side with the rest of the world,” asserts Suki Salvador through his appointment as president of Mega Global Licensing Inc. While expectations are usually met with caution, there is a lot to look forward to. And just as it has pledged to work towards, all that there is left to do is to keep reading, because from here on out, it’s onwards and upwards.