Pushing The Stories Forward To The Digital Space, Suki Salvador Will Help You Build A Career In Publishing At The NYLON Manila Career Fair

Pushing Stories Forward To The Digital Space, Suki Salvador Will Help You Build A Career In Publishing At The NYLON Manila Career Fair

Always push the creative and narrative forward.

Ever dream of seeing your name as a byline on a magazine or website? Want to live out your passion and purpose? Suki Salvador has all the answers and more at the NYLON Manila Career Fair.

If there’s anything to pick up from the last few years, the most recent one being the most glaring, it is that while the mediums will change, there is always space for a good story. Sure, not all is lost, especially for those who continue to wax poetic on the romance print and television in traditional media, but one cannot deny the juggernaut of a force that is the digital realm dominating and challenging the very foundations of what we once we knew to be the only way. Such is the very quality of innovation, which is central to the ever so dynamic and vibrant landscape of media and publishing. Having carved out a glowing career from the ground up, the newly minted President of One Mega Group, Suki Salvador, is the realization of grit, grace, and most importantly, hard work.

While many people know him as a tireless creative, pursuing stories and slants in magazines, websites, and even advertising, Suki Salvador actually grew up wanting to be a doctor. Taking up biology in New York University, he knew deep down that while he had an interest for medicine (his obsession for Grey’s Anatomy will clue you in further), there was always something telling him that he his path lead somewhere else.

After moonlighting in fashion and theater, Suki Salvador carved a career in the photography studio of Raymund Isaac, and eventually, co-founded ICON magazine. This would lead him to the hustle of publishing, where he soon found his place in what is now One Mega Group, thriving in many roles such as art director, creative director, editor, and VP for content and creatives.


The Business Of Storytelling

With precision and passion, as well of his respect for rigor, he has built stories and braved many challenges, all of which prepared him for his greatest role yet, President of One Mega Group. Having pushed creatives and narratives over the years, the career of Suki Salvador takes a more encompassing scope as he steers the company’s standard of excellence into the future of media and publishing.

Carrying foresight and fortitude, the experience of Suki Salvador is invaluable, which is why it is quite the treat to have him enlighten our minds at the upcoming NYLON Manila Career Fair on August 6. In his talk titled, Careers In Publishing In The Digital World, the indefatigable leader aims to encourage a new generation of creatives of whatever discipline to not only dream of working in media, but most importantly, making it happen, especially lensed in the digital framework.

The world may not be what it once was, but it sure is a great time to be at the center of storytelling. So, if this is where you see yourself being your best self, then look no further, because the NYLON Manila Career Fair has all this and more. See you there, yes?