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Niana Guerrero Has A New Viral Dance Trend That’s Got Everyone Busting A Move, Including TXT

She's collecting these idols like the Infinity Stones.

In another sana all moment from Niana Guerrero, the social media superstar has a new viral trend that even TXT can’t get enough of.

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Dance prodigy and young social media icon, Niana Guerrero has been doing it all and then some. Since she was 11 years old, Niana’s dance trends and challenges have usually gone viral, as in the global kind. After all, there’s a reason why she’s the most followed creator on TikTok from the Philippines with over 29.6 million followers and counting. Not only has Niana joined on the latest dance trends to remarkable success, but she also has started some of her own, which have gone on to achieve global attention. That command of her audience and reach was on recent display when even 4th gen K-pop boy group TXT caught wind of Niana’s latest viral dance challenge.


@nianaguerrero you know the vibes ? ( dc: me ) #onewithnatalia #fyp ♬ Give It Up – Niana Guerrero

Even though the year has just started, Niana already got herself a viral dance trend. On January 16, she posted a TikTok of her and her younger sister Natalia doing an original dance to Give It Up by KC & The Sunshine Band. The fun and lighthearted nature of the song combined with the relatively easy and simple dance steps made for a trend that was ripe for virality. And sure enough, it did. As of this writing, Niana’s sound has been used over 140,00 thousand times and counting and has seen both regular users and celebs groove out to the song. In fact, it became so popular that even TXT had to join in on the trend.


@txt.bighitent #brothervibes (dc : @nianaguerrero ♬ Give It Up – Niana Guerrero

Posted on January 28, the video featured Yeonjun and Hueningkai doing the dance. It made for a particularly wholesome and brotherly moment with the youngest and eldest of the group doing the dance. The fact that they posted this the day after Niana’s 16th birthday was the sweet icing on the cake. And the best part about it was that they even tagged and gave credit Niana in the caption, something you don’t always see in these kinds of videos. Given how TXT has been posting A-tier content on their TikTok page in the past few months, we weren’t 100% shocked to see them hop on a Niana Guerrero dance trend. But we love to see it regardless. And if you’re wondering, yes, Niana did see the video and she had the best reaction to it.

This isn’t the first time Niana Guerrero has been recognized by some of the biggest K-pop stars in the world, far from it. Some idols have even done her dance choreos such as ENHYPEN’s Jay and Sunghoon. We would say we are surprised by all of this, but it’s Niana Guerrero we’re talking about, so what else can you expect when you’re talent is on an international level. Here’s to more international stars doing Niana’s dance challenges. BTS, baka naman?

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